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  1. Anyones guess with the amount of injuries both sides have, Leeds have Walker Broadbent Sutcliffe Hurrell Gale Mellor Prior Oledski all injured (only Prior out of that list is not out for the season) And Martin banned I know Hudds have a similar amount out
  2. He took a pay cut to join Leeds. Warrington offered him a big contract.
  3. I think saying Covid isn’t an issue is as bad as saying covid is the only issue. The postponement of games will be a big effect, why buy a ticket if you don’t know until a day before if its going ahead? I think one of the worst bits of marketing in the last few years was ‘every minute matters’ what that did was play down the fact that going to a RL match can and often is still highly entertaining even if it’s a ‘dead rubber’ and that’s down to the nature of the game and the althetes involved, it’s not a game that can be played half hearted. Also the TV schedule is all over the place which doesn’t help with continuity. Having said the above I do think the way forward is s more balanced League structure, 14 will be better as we can just do the straight home and away thing meaning those marquee games (saints wigan etc) are more of an event. And if it does go to 2 leagues of 10 it should mean that the games are more competitive throughout the season, but im not sure what the proposed format is?
  4. They still can, however we won’t make the playoffs now, i think were done, oledski done for the season is s huge blow
  5. Leeds had enough chances in that game a complete lack of composure let us down, Cas well deserved winners they took every chance they had, and no surprise looked the fresher side
  6. Personally on the pitch wise I think the early noughties was where the action on the pitch was at it’s best
  7. I was more thinking of detail, to try and get to the bottom of what people think is wrong
  8. Ive actually thought for quite a while that a SL 1 and SL2 might be a good idea I’d like to see us go with that and stick with it. there should be at least 2 weekend breaks during the season for internationals. We need to get more exposure on TV both traditional and modern media (streaming, YouTube etc) We have got to get the players more widely known in the sporting landscape they are our biggest asset
  9. So to turn the thread around, what do those that are disillusioned want to see happen?
  10. Oh and just to add I don’t think we should forget that RL is still a fantastic sport to watch.
  11. Can I be the odd one out and say that I’m more invested in the sport than ever! Don’t know if its not being allowed to go to games but over the lockdowns etc it made me realise how much the sport meant to me and how it shapes a lit if who i am. the WC news has deflated me, but listening to Dutton speak I’m actually thinking they didn’t have a choice and hopefully this time next year we’ll be looking forward to a great tournament and be in the middle of a more settled season. the game does have big issues to over come but I don’t think i can remember a year where this hasn’t been the case.
  12. Jamaica definitely need a few games after the great work they've put into building the brand
  13. Id guess you’d probably not call Oledski pathetic to his face?
  14. Looks like it's postponed till next year I'm absolutely livid to be honest, at the ARLC NRL and NZRL that is, there's one thing I hate (and I don't use that word very often) and that's bullies
  15. I don't know if that's true across the board of all RL clubs, I think most would have realised it wouldn't be back to normal crowds until at least next year. You've also got to remember the other financial impacts of Covid, how many staff will still be on furlough. maybe those staff are part of the marketing teams, maybe those staff have been made redundant, how many sponsors pulled the money, marketing and pushing the games costs money and time. There are a whole load of issues for the sport to come out of this pandemic in a healthy state. Of course some of it is the games doing, Im not sure the games being called of is the games fault though, they are following the protocols set by the government and we simply do not have the funds to create bubbles and things like that. We are simply at a int where we need to try and finish this season as credibly as possible and have a real push for the start of next season.
  16. Of course it's contextual, our season started with no crowds, restricted crowds then no restrictions but cancelled games due to covid. Even in a few months time all that has to be factored into the attendances, take Season Tickets for example, there was obviously going to be a drop in sales when people didn't have a clue how many games they would be able to attend or when, pay per game tickets, not knowing whether the game will actually go ahead will obviously affect walk ups. You can't just say well look football is getting good attendances so the Sport of RL is all wrong, it's far too much of a simplistic view. As Ive stated this is not a head burying exercise, we have to do more to get crowds in but just dismissing the huge impact the Covid situation has had on the sport could just eat to making rash decisions about the sport and trying to fix things that aren't broken - despite what is said on here the game is still highly entertaining and we still have some of the best athletes in any sport taking the field every week.
  17. The difference is their season (the football) is starting after the restrictions, we have had restrictions or no crowds for pretty much a season and a half, its not an excuse it's an explanation and has to be figured into the reasons for poor crowds at present. Does the game need to do more to attract fans 100% yes has the Pandemic had an impact on the crowds now 100% yes, they aren't mutually exclusive.
  18. I don't think people are as obsessed with watching the stands as many on this forum, changing the design of Headingley and adding a lot of cost just so the cameras face the south stand would be madness, the corporate facilities at Headingley bring in a lot of revenue, the south stand gets plenty of camera coverage during the the game. the North Stand will look fine when crowds get back to something like, and it is clearly the Covid issue that's affecting crowds. Take Fridays game against Castleford, who knows it might get cancelled, this makes it difficult for the club to overly promote the game and equally if not more so why would supporters buy tickets or plan early of there's a chance it might not go ahead. Next year is the real test and unfortunately the World Cup could (still could) have had a massive boost in crowds next year.
  19. Agar was asked about it and made a point of saying it wasn’t the reason they lost, what would you want him to say. As I said VR getting decisions wrong is quite rare, its bound to get talked about
  20. Ok so we shouldn’t discuss the talking points of the game? As far as i recall it was the inly contentious VR call in the game. You’ll notice I (and I don’t think anyone else on here) has said it’s the reason Leeds lost
  21. It was incorrect, there was an angle that clearly showed he didn’t get the ball down. It was a talking point in a great game, it didn’t stop me enjoying it even though it went against my team, you’re post is just hyperbole
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