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  1. They are due early this week, we were informed originally w/b 13th with a small possibility earlier but they are further delayed unfortunately.
  2. Hi all we will be doing a Facebook live webcast on Sunday at 3pm with Chris Thorman so please tune in.
  3. Think you may have misunderstood what the offer was, it was discuss to what the person felt were the deficiencies in the club in relation to a couple of points made. Not to run into the detail of each of the situations you have mentioned and to see if l could help and take on board any feedback, as l will with your comments. Our social media channels often have the information you mention but we appreciate that not everyone uses those channels, also all of our support staff that work in these areas are volunteers so any shortfalls aren't deliberate or intended. Graeme
  4. We can sign amateur or academy players or anyone who has not previously had a professional contract in 2019/20/21. If we do acquire a player it will be announced through the official club channels. Graeme
  5. Hi town2018. Thanks for your concern. Please email graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com With your feedback on what we're doing / not doing. More than happy to take your feedback and discuss. Graeme Director Workington Town RLFC
  6. Please support this day as much as you can in support of two much missed poeple. Kevin Gartland and Kevin Lever. £1.50 of all pre purchased tickets will go to the fundraising efforts. https://www.tickettailor.com/events/town/567526 Up the Town
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1491778311162356&id=369647290042136 You can still get tickets but you cannot pay on the gate and the guidance is there for a reason so I'd suggest advising them to secure tickets as they're only a few limited Town end places left. Thank you.
  8. http://www.townrlfc.com/article/631/ticketing-guide---summary-for-sunday
  9. You can now select your own combination. Put in the notes in the cart section your preferred option. www.townshop.co.uk #ourtown
  10. There is no live Facebook chat today, but next weeks a pre Christmas corker!
  11. All beers are in stock, the 4 packs are selling well so if you want them act fast. www.townshop.co.uk Thanks #ourtown
  12. We are delighted to add Billy's Grin and Ike PA to our legends drinks collection. They join Boxer's Best and Tom's Tipple in an excellent 4 pack set of beers. Order now, collection only from Derwent Park from Friday next week. https://www.townshop.co.uk/ #ourtown
  13. http://www.townrlfc.com/article/588/-joint-statement-on-allerdale-sports-village-project-consultation
  14. Blain Marwood http://www.townrlfc.com/article/587/fans-favourite-blain-remains-at-town
  15. If you haven't already please can you all do these 5 simple steps to help Workington Town RLFC recieve more funding! http://www.townrlfc.com/article/577/5--is-the-magic-number--5-simple-ways-of-helping-your-club
  16. Great to see Perry back too. #ourtown
  17. Great work by our media team. Welcome back on board Marcus... #ourtown
  18. There is still some availability on these items. Don't miss out https://www.townshop.co.uk/product-page/2-for-10-workington-town-face-masks Stay safe Get ya fyace cuvvered eh #ourtown
  19. https://www.townshop.co.uk/product-page/2-for-10-workington-town-face-masks There is also an option for just purchasing one item. Please select delivery of £1.50 on the drop down delivery options for UK based delivery. Stay safe #ourtown
  20. Terrible news and everyone at the club sends their best wishes to Ged and the whole family at this time.
  21. Fantastic evening and night for some Superbly hosted by Workington CC and lots of big hits and fun, a tied game and good to see so many wonderful supporters having fun and supporting the event. Thank you Up the Town #ourtown #onetown
  22. http://www.townrlfc.com/article/572/season-ticket-holders-update
  23. http://www.townrlfc.com/article/570/official-statement #ourtown
  24. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/extra/zzFnRM7GYs/Indomitables Our very own Gus Risman who was Tour captain. Excellent piece of work. #ourgus
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