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  1. Arnold Ainsworth is still around fan wise. He's been supporting them for all of the 75 years goes away on Travellers Rest Supporters Club busses with us.
  2. Are you wanting to do it via laptop/computer or phone? Give me a message on here I'll see if I can help
  3. https://www.totalrl.com/match-of-my-years-part-2-when-workington-made-history/
  4. Something to keep you ticking over
  5. Barrow will as its conference premier and they'll need someone up to replace Bury
  6. There connecting board members from their homes and Chris from his so they need to be able to access it via streaming. Facebook only allows that if they're all in the same room.
  7. Their having technical issues a tweet has said
  8. I think that's the biggest thing tho payments of players. Without any gate receipts ect
  9. Thanks so much! I definitely need you to put on forum that you've spoke to a players mrs and although we are deeply deeply grateful for the thought of donations to the players we are very humbled but would love the money pooled together to be used to buy supplies for people who are isolated and are in great need especially elderly and as schools are closing, families who highly depend on free school meals. Bern asked to put this on
  10. My mind was firmly made up and I told you in the previous statements.
  11. Terrible news but let's hope we are all well and ready for the restart of the season whenever it may be. Scary times ahead.
  12. As I said pal I didn't see it was just what someone said on the bus either a fist or a gouge.
  13. Was at Wuk this morning so fingers crossed. Miller is out for a month and a half to two months.
  14. Spoke to him this morning and he has no idea of what happened. Where I was sat it looked like either a straight fist or a gouge attempt. Nigel came on with a towel and water dabbing around his eyes and next thing he's off. The worst part of it was that the referee let Sheffield have a tackle before stopping play for treatment. The lines man Child was stood a matter of feet away from it and didn't even signal anything to the referee.
  15. Let's not get away from the fact Marcus is precaution at the moment. Elliot is really unlucky with the leg. Hanley was running rings around Sheffield yesterday till he went off.
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