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  1. https://www.timesandstar.co.uk/news/23008920.workington-town-boosted-five-upcoming-stars-2023/
  2. Hope the updates come across for everyone the London media hadn’t a clue who the Town lot were it wasn’t great in that sense
  3. Left last night at 1800 arrived 0800. National rail eh. UTT ️
  4. Going down with the Derwent Park supporters Friday evening UTT just had word that BBC Radio Cumbria will not be covering the game. Please follow the twitter updates at those without twitter head over to Town home and away fans on Facebook where there’ll be regular updates. UTT ️
  5. Hi Peter there’s a fair few better commentators infront of me within the ratings mate so probably not pal I’ll update the Twitter and Facebook though for fans if you are on Facebook go to Town fans home and away pal
  6. Going down with the Derwent Park supporters Friday evening UTT
  7. Make your own luck marra. Yes we haven’t been able to consolidate but look at barrow won 13 games in 2 season in CH when they came down with Rochdale... they’ve won more than that now with investment and good off the field stuff. Where’s Donnats marquee been this year? The fan zone is good but in comparison probably doesn’t fetch half as much.
  8. Big respect to all of those players yesterday gave a good account of themselves and weren’t out enthused by any stretch and didn’t stop until the hooter went. Travellers rest made or very enjoyable with plenty of refreshments and old games. It certainly didn’t feel like a club on its rear yesterday. UTT ️
  9. If I get another crack hopefully you’ll enjoy it a bit better only had Batley at home this year
  10. We completed better and had more possession in key areas just couldn’t get over there the line. According to the stats. The worrying thing is Barrow and Widnes exploited the kicks to the posts or in-behind well. Basic that your FB keeps the line as one that then doesn’t happen
  11. Feel free to come do the job for me.
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