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  1. Only thing they could maybe do is enhance the unicorn image for little ones. Hoodies, cups. Other than that fully agree with the above
  2. Who knows. We've only just got mild confirmation we've a sport to go back to in 2021. If they're full time in a part time league as they were going to be could they be dispensated on our Salary Cap?
  3. Moimoi and Dawson need replacing now. As our friends up the road are showing us you can't have to many forwards
  4. He's been an absolute pleasure to watch.
  5. Have to agree he's been brilliant to us has Moimoi but he'll be 41 by the time we start again.
  6. Good news was showing some great potential.
  7. Run rings round us in the 1895 cup match at Leigh. Scored 1 could've had 5. Brilliant player.
  8. They'd beaten Carcassonne apparently. Good luck to them. Who'd have thought Gavin Henson and Rangi Chase together
  9. From 2021 onwards the dual registration system will be scraped!
  10. I seem to recall Thorman saying in the ourleague app there's 20 so far. There's another due tonight as well.
  11. Couldn't agree more looking forward to seeing who these next signings will be.
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