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  1. could well be.. probably be Matty Henson or one of the re signings
  2. Newcastle at yam and Widnes away to open with. Could be any kind of result. Haven put 66 on Widnes at home... UTT.
  3. On the above just what I'd been told. Good luck to them regardless.
  4. They're "full time" as in operating 5 days a week but they only want that as they want the players to train the other days at the club rather than their own local gyms. Hence why a lot have moved on. Work 12 hrs travel to the club do 2hrs gym work then go back yam.
  5. Newcastle to be around 6-9
  6. https://anchor.fm/callum-linford/episodes/Off-season-special-e1a10hb Here's a podcast special with Rhys Clarke.
  7. Caused us all kinds of problems at Thunder whenever he played against us.
  8. Hendo also at Keighley as head of Rugby.
  9. Heard he was going to W/Haven. My guess would be Alex Clegg.. guess we soon see
  10. If it's right what I have heard this morning we will be a hell of a back line next season.
  11. Ohh no. I have been doing the match reports on a freelance role this season. I've also got the final so hopefully it'll be the last one in League One for the club.
  12. It was me that put the report in and myself that checked 4 times that the attendance given was correct.
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