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  1. Ok - it’s easy saying this after the game & you know the attendance. I put that on at 6.40 & it looked quiet that’s all. Didn’t say it wasn’t bouncing. Both sets of fans made a decent racket.
  2. I was there tonight. Stood on open side for full game. Town & Haven fans were singing songs & enjoying the match all game until about minute 65 then a decent group of haven & a smaller group of town were lashing drink & really offering each other out. I left on 79 cos didn’t want dragged into that but wouldn’t be surprised if something went on after the match. There wasn’t a single copper there all night & I only saw about 10 stewards in the full ground. Unfortunately times have changed & I think both clubs need to engage & think about stewarding/policing in future derbies. UTT.
  3. I know the bar will empty out soon but not a great crowd here so far. Come on town !!!!
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    Is the rule not back that a 1st yr pro can return to his amateur team for game time or is covid still stopping it? Hopefully only that if there is a rumour floating round.
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    So hard to watch when you care so much. Looks like a bad one for Curtis too
  6. How was the ban broken down then as towns Twitter says Caine got a 2 & a 1 match ban intimating two offences to me ? Was it two ban worthy incidents in the same tackle?
  7. Town announced its provisionally on too. I still think it’ll get called off personally.
  8. I hate listening to bbc radio Cumbria’s commentators when we’re playing bad/getting whipped. Everything the co com says gets my back up.
  9. I would think skybet still will this week mate just won’t be up yet .
  10. Just looked online it’s for a late hit on the passer. Thunder player also been sat down for two games for the same offence. That’s two players banned for town already this season for late hits.
  11. Evan was at the ptb when the fight kicked off. Maybe something happened there? Getting tiresome tho & it’s only game week 2
  12. Does anyone know the attendance at all pls? It’s not given in today’s league express. I thought it looked decent considering 99% town fans.
  13. I’m also full of optimism & I liked the quote about the level of facility we will hopefully end up with. I just think on the bigger forward thing it’s as simple as saying I would rather have an 18 stone prop running at the oppo rather than a 16 stone but no one is doubting the skill , heart & effort of what we already have. UTT.
  14. You say we have a willingness to show loyalty to the team that got us promoted like it’s our chosen strategy but it’s a case of beggars can’t be choosers to some degree. I have faith in the promoted squad ,the togetherness they’ve created & also the coaching staff but as we & haven know we can’t just go pick up 6-8 new players from outside the county that are proven champ level because we either just get knocked back for clubs closer to where they’re based or we have to throw big money around which isn’t possible for that many players so we have what we hold & have to try & build it up gradually all on the knife edge of trying to stay in the league. Not easy but we’ll give it a good go
  15. The idea is folk can still come to rugby then watch the big PL football match afterwards either in the bar or at home. Think a few we’re staying away in favour of football especially if utd/Liverpool etc were on.
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