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  1. Think its against London away next week the bans start . That's our luck this season
  2. We seen a very good team today and what I can't understand Is the foul language towards Josh Charnley and other Leigh Players from a few Town supporters on the popular side . There is little kids in the crowd . Who shouldn't be hearing this type of language. This isn't the first time this as happened this season . Don't know what the stewards are doing but they are certainly not stopping it . And this isn't just me saying this there is quite a few Town supporters embarrassed by there actions . It needs addressed .
  3. Looks like he as no answer to that . THMS.
  4. If anybody wants to know the reasons behind some decisions. Chris as already said his door is always open if people want to talk rugby matters . So stop trying to stir things up on the forum . And go and ask Chris .
  5. All this about signing players on before we knew what league we we in . Is stupid talk . Do you not think if it was that easy the club wouldn't have done it . Players are not going to sign if they don't know what league we would be in . Also at that time some of the previous board packed up and left Chris high and dry saying he had no money to spend and couldn't sign anybody . Noing the predicament Town had with money issues . Chris saves the club money by sleeping in the office for months rather than him sleeping in the Hall Park hotel . Right from the start when we got promoted He said it was a year ahead of schedule. . Then He trys to work with a squad in the championship . With players who had only just come from the amateur game . L1 was a step up but the championship . We all knew it was going to be hard . Then the Blue knights were formed and raised money for team building fantastic news and good of them . But how hard do you think it would be to get players to travel halfway through a season to the bottom team without them asking for the earth . Let's put it this way . Match day prices .Town are one of the cheapest grounds to get into . How many supporters would twine or not even attend if they had to pay the entrance fee of say your Leigh Featherstone Bradford Widnes etc So stop knocking the Coach and the board .We all knew at the start it wasn't going to be easy . So come on UTT .
  6. Before you slag people off who run the club . Get the facts right before you blame people .. This was not the Towns fault that they didn't get there passports stamped .
  7. Great ideas, but the one big question is where is the money coming from to run these teams .Reserve. A . B what ever you want to call them .It's ok saying they did years ago ,But times have changed .and clubs are struggling to run one team . Look at the attendances of most clubs they a dropped . Unless you have a sugar daddy pumping in money it's very difficult to run one team never mind two ..
  8. From A Town supporter .Hope your player makes a full recovery .he's a very good player .He gave us loads of problems off loading before his injury . . From WTRLFC TAKE CARE AND HOPE ITS NOT LONG BEFORE YOUR BACK PLAYING .
  9. Some nerve to do that .I thought he had passed it .then it hit the London player and came back to him, As DocH said above
  10. Really Sad News one of the best players I've ever seen . RIP .
  11. Think the supporters bus goes down the M6
  12. It's the on line tickets bought for the Halifax game you CANNOT USE for this weekends game against Dewsbury . The scanning machine won't recognise them
  13. Correction to the above post .THE ONLY TICKETS YOU CAN USE from last weeks cancelled game . FOR THIS SUNDAYS MATCH AGAINST Dewsbury Are the PAPER TICKETS purchased in the Club Shop. The E TICKETS BOUGHT ON LINE CANNOT BE USED . . Sorry for giving out wrong information .
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