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  1. I think we will hear loads of rumours. its the start of the silly season
  2. Its good to see local lads do well whoever they play for , Well done Whitehaven hope we join you ,
  3. Vendetta all over it, against the Labour Party . I wonder what excuse they will come out with next . Maybe we are a bit thick to have understood how good an idea it really was . SORRY ! .
  4. I have attached a recent letter to this post from Sue Hayman ,about the fiasco of the New Stadium . Scroll down there is two parts of it Sue Hayman Letter.pdf
  5. silverfox


    Its all Iff's, What If that happens , What If this happens , Who knows what the future holds , We could get promoted , We could have a team full of locals who turn out to be A brilliant Team .A Sugar Daddy might come along . the list could go on and on , But at the end of the day if you haven't got any Aspirations the club will just die . So get behind the lads and see where it leads to . UTT FOREVER .
  6. silverfox


    To play as long as he as ,in the position he plays ,not taking a backward step just shows what a great pro He as been . Hope he stays in the game in some form , and he enjoys the next part of his career , Its well deserved . All the best Olly
  7. The Independents or Incompetents as they should be called , when they cancelled the Stadium plans they said they couldn't go ahead with it .Bcause if it went #### up, the public would have to pay for it in council tax for years . Well you are still putting it up as announced ,you cant even sort out the bins . So now Newcastle get the RLWC , the reason is, its got fantastic facilities ,York are adding 500 more seats to the new Stadium from the original plans before its even opened . And what do our idiots do ,make West Cumbria a laughing stock with no ambition . UNBELIEVEABLE
  8. That depends on the RL, who knows what structure they will come out with next . I would much prefer it if the Super League and Championship had more teams in them . making it two leagues , just look at the fixtures now ,how can it make it a level playing field when you play some teams throughout the season 3 times ,you could be unlucky to draw Saints or Wigan while another team could draw say HKR or London , I know someone will say London beat Saints twice this season ,but the league table doesn't lie . There talking about fetching a Canadian team into L1 , They stop teams having a reserve team , So out is possible .
  9. Give credit where its due ,If Whitehaven do win the league which looks likely . Good look to them ,its not long ago that most of them were playing for Town and we were singing there names from the terracing . . We have just to concentrate on ourselves and hope we get promoted . For a long time now people have been saying that the amateur scene in Cumbria is in decline . well if Town did go up . and we watched a better standard of Rugby .maybe it would ignite lads, wanting to get into playing .A lot of junior teams cant raise a team some weeks, so the matches are cancelled. this cannot carry on for the future of Rugby League . So what I would like to see in the future is all THREE teams in a higher division to keep the rivalry going between the Clubs . Come on Town you can do it ,UTT
  10. I thought Penky had his best game for a while, when he's on the front foot the whole team respond . Jamie is an handful and so elusive , Carl is as good as any kicker in the game , I could say positives about all the team from yesterdays game , But one stands out week in week out Danny Tickle . Ex Super league player who hasn't just come for a easy life . who doesn't think he his better than any of his team mates .who needs an operation on his hand, but still puts a shift in . A true Professional . Also well done Blain two great try's and nearly a third . Good luck Lads get in the playoffs and on our day we can beat any of the other Teams .
  11. All Super League teams will have a reserve team next season , If money from Sky was shared out better, maybe the lower leagues teams could do the same . Players want to play. As it is now , the Super League Clubs send there players out on season long loans ,or dual reg So there getting game time somewhere , but in the lower leagues players often don't get a game ,so go back to the amateur clubs . or drift away from the game . So something needs done to stop this trend carrying on .
  12. Length 100m, plus 6m Dead Ball area, x Width 64m with 3m run off
  13. Hope it doesn't stop raining . Since it was seeded a few weeks ago , The same few volunteers have put in a lot of time and effort going down to the ground 2/3 times a day, 7 days a week, in this dry spell to water the Pitch , even after watching Town play on BP ,we were right over to DP moving the sprinkler system over to do another part of the Pitch ,If it hadn't been watered as often, you wouldn't be looking at pictures of the Pitch as above . So I think the Sprinkler team are due a well earned rest . keep raining for a few days at least !. UTT
  14. So sad to see Don has handed in His resignation at Workington Reds . Only known Him a few months ,From coming round to DP most Days to get any info, on the latest of the New Stadium and how the Reds and Town can work together. But in that time you could see how passionate He was to the Reds and the New Stadium project , and with the position He held at BP, He new that the only way forward was to build the Stadium . And this wasn't only for the Reds but Town also . Now He can just go down and watch the team without any Stress and enjoy the match . So all those so called idiots who have done the shouting about staying at BP , Have a go at what Don has done for the club . Then you might realise ,the wrong decision was made in not going ahead with the New Stadium . Hope your health improves ,and in 4 years the Independents lose the election ,and your dream comes true .
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