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  1. Not a bad side they were shown on the BBC last weekend. Great to get a home draw though .hope all the injuries clear up ..with not many matches in the league . A good run in the cup is what we need .UTT
  2. Good luck to Walsh . at least he had a go in the Semi Pro ranks . Even though it didnt work out . And alot of the Try's wern't entirely all his fault . How many games did he play alongside a recognised centre . There was many a time when he was faced with a two man overlap running at him . So hopefully our wingers this season are not faced with the same problem . So in the end his confidence was shot at ,which affected his whole game. Especially under the high ball . . Hope he starts to enjoy his rugby again in the amateur game .and thanks for giving it ago .
  3. Cant do out about anybody who doesnt want to play for Town . Just lets focus on the ones that do . . All them Players Penky Hopkins and if rumours are true Tickle . Sign for Rochdale . At the end of the season they will have to rebuild .because they will be to old . Where Town with all the youngsters .will be in a far better position .
  4. Whitehaven split is 70% 30% in favour of the Jam . £17 is a bit steep thats Championship prices .but they were always £1 more than the Town in League 1 . .
  5. Still a lot of work to be done down at DP ,But reading the article in the T&S you would think everything.as been done . There is now wire mesh where the speedway boards were on the Popular side that needs painted , All the speedway safety boards around the track have been removed .a lot of them were either hanging off or rotten . along the track in front of the popular side, and the Town end bend still needs a lot of cleaning up .The pitch is now higher than the speedway track, drainage channels have been dug out all round the pitch ,so now rain water doesn't run directly onto it from the track , but although its beneficial to the pitch . the area still needs a lot of work , to look decent for the start of the season .But there is only so much the FEW volunteers can do . So anybody with any spare time , you know where to go .UTT
  6. Removal of the speedway track . Thats a joke . Its took the volunteers months with two barrow's and shovels to finish the job off . Because the firm that was doing it left the job.
  7. Sorry about that Pal. but we both have the same thoughts about what this Lad can fetch to the team. Totally agree with your comments .
  8. Sorry Sticklebricks while I was writing my topic you had posted yours .
  9. Welcome Alex .if Town get there kicking game spot on into the corners . With your height I can see you becoming a crowd favourite with the amount of tries you will get . UTT
  10. Hope you enjoy yourself at Town Hanley .and become as good as Billy Patterson was at loose forward
  11. Cheers and the same to you . Hope 2020 is a fantastic season on the pitch , and we get promoted , UTT
  12. Whats the Dates of the pre season matches . Cant call them friendlies . Ike Southward memorial cup .at Whitehaven .and Barrow away wont be friendly . Local derby's no way . Cant wait though UTT
  13. One of the best goal kickers in RL if not the best . Tackles well above his weight . And we always play better when he his in the team . Keep it going Carl . UTT
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