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  1. Great idea I actually said to my wife last night Town are missing an opportunity here to get some income .
  2. How can the BOD see how the future will go regarding the New Stadium . When the new council members cant even agree among themselves over issues , the Conservative are trying along with Labour to oust the Independents ,who won the election . Total shambles .
  3. Ive watched a few of the old Teams matches ,and I said the same comment .We had some really good players .and at the time you didnt realise how good we were . . I enjoyed the Warrington away game, the week after we were trounced by Saints at home .
  4. Its good how Gary gets people from other clubs to come on our podcast and also them giving up there time coming on it . It just goes to show what the Rugby league community is like. Sticking together helping each other out . I also thought that getting people from local clubs like Peter Gilmore on can only be good for the local professional clubs .in that they feel they are apart of the progression of there local team .keep the good work up Gary . UTT
  5. I watched the top two teams in the German League playing football .with no crowd this week . It was so boring to watch .and with no atmosphere. I was struggling to keep watching .Today the same conditions I watched Australian Rugby league matches . There was no comparison , entertainment value was 100% better . Full blooded, hard, fast . Compared to them footballers . How people have been saying they need a football fix is beyond me . Take a look at Rugby . Then you will know what a fix is . Then when Rugby starts up again you might start following a game ,that should get more coverage and recognition it deserves .
  6. Another great podcast . .Best entertainment on Sundays .
  7. Its on the Town website . Buck Jonty Oggy.. Chris Thorman and the chief executiveof the RL John Dutton
  8. Very good , Full marks to Gary ,cant be easy keeping it going for over 1hour . And its great to see the Coach and players committed to Town . Great to here the Guests that come on the podcast also . Keep the good work up Gary much appreciated .
  9. Its men like George ,that clubs exist. Really sad news . Condolences to all his family and mate Les RIP
  10. Brilliant video's of Towns Lancashire cup highlights . then when that was finished 92 /93 season highlights two hours of sheer enjoyment UTT.
  11. Brilliant . Could listen to korky all day . Very funny when he said he done a dummy when an attacker was running at him . So it looked the other way round and he didnt have to tackle . What a great team he played in . Thats when I fell in love with Rugby . Them Lancashire cup finals, Brilliant .
  12. Who is next to the physio ,it just says Andy.
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