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  1. Great game, and a great day in Ealing despite the downpour. I don't get to every game, maybe 5 a season but that was definitely the biggest away support I've seen, felt like a proper event. As for the game, I think a draw was fair and then a LMS knock on decided it. Saints were better on the whole, but their full-back had an absolute stinker which evened it out. He gifted us the first try, then knocked on twice in the tackle when returning deep kicks. Thompson was awesome, amazing workrate, but the rest of the Saints pack didn't really impact the game. And check out Morgan's second try on the highlights, he seemed to just run at Fages from 15m out and force him over the line.
  2. Cas can't be that bad all game surely, I think Leeds will regret the missed chances
  3. London - I'm talking about Gelling. But fwiw, Escare would be a weird signing too unless Walker is badly injured
  4. Would be a signing that completely contradicts the club's strategy for the past few years. I'd be very surprised.
  5. Can only repeat the above from a London perspective, really great day all round. Wakefield were a little limited in attack, big runners and then Brough launch a high kick. But they still scored enough to win most matches I guess. For us, Abdull was superb. Chose the right option every time and I was also impressed by Fozzard at hooker. Battye a well deserved MOM though. Good to see the stadium busy, overheard a Wakefield fan say he prefers it to the Giants where a big stadium is a quarter full, and I think that sums it up.
  6. Amazing effort, was really chuffed at the end. But fair play to Rowley, he gets a lot of stick but spoke really well. As good as Matt Davis is (Bienek isn't), why a bigger club hasn't taken Walker is beyond me. Really delighted for him and a few others who deserve a crack at SL. I think I've been to 5 matches this season, and as someone said above, am really delighted for those fans who are there each week. Also worth noting that Butler, Lovell, Dixon, Walker, Davies and Hindmarsh are all London academy graduates. As is Caton-Brown!
  7. That London squad is very weak. Toronto -10 is the bet of the weekend.
  8. Toulouse were poor, Ford was trying to be a maverick too often, some really weird kicks which on the whole didn't pay off. But their big problem was go forward, I honestly don't know who their props were, none made any impact. London's outside backs had more grunt than Toulouse. London played well, completed at a high level but didn't have to do anything special. Matt Davis was great yet again, a real shame he's going to Warrington. Dixon came off and had his arm in a sling btw, so I doubt he'll be fit for next weekend.
  9. But who would they play? They don't have an academy or anything, right? I can't see how they could make their team significantly weaker.
  10. There are so many free weekends that exist, if they had league fixtures on the QF weekend but not the SF weekend, we'd have the same complaints from different posters I'm sure.
  11. There was one try Leigh scored in the first half, on their left wing. Whilst they were celebrating, the 4 Broncos players in the shot down on their haunches were all local lads (Dixon, Channing, Walker & Meadows) and it just seemed to sum it up well. I think we're doing the right thing by playing these kids, we'll never attract the best of the north to move down so it's the only viable long-term strategy, but they're not quite ready as a unit yet. Those 4, Adebiyi, Lovell and Davies all played yesterday. 7 of the 17 from the academy, compared to Leigh's team where I struggle to think of anyone who hasn't played SL or NRL. I think we'll scrape into the top 4, but I don't see us as a realistic threat to the SL sides.
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