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  1. And what was it about the sport that piqued and then maintained your interest? My guess would be that for most it was just happening upon it on when watching TV or perhaps through conversations with a colleague or friend from the north of England, but either way, I'm curious to know what people's stories are (particularly if you're not from England). Nb. Obviously, I understand that many people might have northern relatives who moved elsewhere and passed their love of rugby league onto you. It's more the stories of the people who had no prior connections with the sport at all that that I'm keen to read about.
  2. Here's the episode with Luke Gale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JilZJliea4
  3. They did recently do a masterclass type thing that was similar in format to the cricket series. Jamie Jones Buchanan presented it and I remember Kevin Brown did one of them. It seems to have died a death, though.
  4. But Sky Sports are in charge of the production, not Super League. Brian Carney, John Wells, Phil Clarke etc. are employees of Sky Sports, as are the operators of the cameras. And if Sky Sports are being asked to pay more for the rights (which could only take effect after the present contract has expired) it wouldn't be cost neutral to them.
  5. What evidence do you have that your quoted cost of the hardware is accurate? The only way it would be cost neutral to Sky Sports would be if the increase in the outlay for the production of a match was offset by an increase in either new subscriptions or viewing figures. I think that's unlikely.
  6. I agree with this. Particularly points 2 and 4.
  7. But player mics are, and always will be, s h i t.
  8. Unless you're privy to broadcasting budgets and production costs, the figures you've quoted are simply guesses. The problem is, though, even if those figures are relatively accurate, I doubt Super League has that money to spare and there's no incentive from Sky Sports to pay it because they have nothing to gain. But you're absolutely bob on with your comments in the post above regarding the oversimplification (as is Jasper re. the “sports fan” struggling to follow proceedings because of the speed at which it all happens). No matter what we watch, we always engage more with what we're watching when we have a better understanding of what's going on. It's hard to maintain enthusiasm and interest in something when it's just an abstract thing. John Wells is very good at the post-match analysis but things need to be explained as they happen. If the commentators focused less on how to play the sport and more on how the sport is being played we might find people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in rugby league develop a curiosity towards it, resulting in a wider appreciation of the sport.
  9. It's a non-starter. The only remaining options for the football club are a takeover or liquidation.
  10. The key to any international calendar or event taking off is it being littered with proper contests, where enough doubt about who will win exists for intrigue in the competition to be maintained. The only thing that could offer that in the here and now is, as others have noted, a Four Nations tournament with Australia, England, Tonga and New Zealand. Or possibly a Five or Six Nations with Fiji and France included. We should go with that as a regular thing and work build from there. With regard to other countries, I think it's much more important to focus efforts on fostering a rugby league culture from the ground up and get the structures and pathways put in place.
  11. The only comment I have on this is that I hate that it's referred to as an Ashes series. The name “the Ashes” is used in Test match cricket for a very specific reason; it doesn't just mean England v Australia.
  12. I understand that it's being done out of desperation but I found the tweets to the SBRF foundation and Wire FM to be in poor taste and, being honest, emotionally manipulative. I also share the sentiment, expressed by others, about what the intention for the money is. It's been stated that it's to “save” the club from administration but, with a great deal of respect, there isn't a hope of that happening from supporter donations and bucket collections. Again, I understand completely why people want to donate but I'm just witnessing people giving away sentimentally valued memorabilia with no conceivable benefit to anyone. There was a video earlier today of one guy who donated £10,000 and, accepting that first impressions can be deceiving, he didn't present himself as the type of person who would have that sort of money to spare. I really hope that it wasn't a substantial portion of his life savings.
  13. I really hope that one day he fulfills his dream of playing for New Swails, whoever they are.
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