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  1. I know it's already been posted but Kyle Amor really is excellent. As was the decision to have just two commentators.
  2. Fev to win by 8. I think home advantage and a tougher test last week will give them the edge.
  3. I think they announced almost immediately that they had no intention of applying.
  4. I always tweet *Rugby union under tweets referring to rugby union as just "Rugby".
  5. What a shot in the arm for rugby league in this country. It could be the best thing to happen for the sport in years.
  6. If, as has been suggested, the Broncos players would be permitted to train together as a bubble during the quarantine period, how would travelling to Toulouse now rather than towards the end of the season disadvantage them?
  7. It'd be great trolling if the RFL told them where to go.
  8. I wish them the very best of luck. A separate national league was always the most sensible and sustainable approach to growing the sport over there in my opinion.
  9. I think people are conflating two different things. It seems clear that what was required was a club which could reasonably relied on to be competitive at short notice and while operating with less central funding than the rest. A short term solution to an extraordinary situation, and in that context I can easily understand why we were deemed to be the best option. Undoubtedly, it was a safe, pragmatic decision, but not an unreasonable one in my (inevitably and unavoidably biased) opinion. What this wasn't, was licensing. Neither was it specifically about widening the rugby league's geographical appeal, simply because the conditions weren't present for that kind of process. Although ultimately I'm pleased my club has been promoted, I have conflicting thoughts on it because 1. I'd have preferred us to win promotion on the pitch, and 2. avoiding relegation will be much more difficult with less central funding than it would be the season after next with full central funding. We are where we are, though, and so we'll give it all we've got. Commiserations to the other clubs. Each are a credit to the sport, and I for one wish you well next season.
  10. I really like it. It's one of the better rebrands in my opinion.
  11. I really hope that one day he fulfills his dream of playing for New Swails, whoever they are.
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