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  1. We can call them Guernseys if you'd like, or Alderneys or Sarks. Whichever suits.
  2. Well if we remember Crabtree's bit of wisdom from the first half that I'll never forget anytime soon and probably get tattooed on my arm, "you can see how slippy it is from how far he slid"..!
  3. One more converted try to equal our record points margin against Fiji.
  4. Jesus, you know Fiji are having a stinker when Ryan Hall scores against them.
  5. It had stopped when I first said about it, just jumped forward a couple of minutes then went back a bit as well.
  6. Well I'd expect at least acid rain and nuclear waste falling from the sky on that side of the hills.
  7. This is just sexy rugby league from Dom Young! That's the only word to use. Sexy!
  8. Under the lights the blue on the England kit really does look black. Not as bad black.
  9. How much are we gonna hear about Marc Sneyd's kicking style during this world cup?
  10. "you can see how slippy it is by the way he slid". Quality commentary!
  11. What the hell is this camera angle? What's wrong with having it from the usual spot in the main stand?
  12. Edit. Forget all that I just wrote, I'm just losing my mind, I think it's just the layout of my email app, it makes it look like the emails are from different companies but I found another small button stuck in a corner which, when clicked on, displays the actual email address its coming from and those addresses definitely seem more correct. Just forget I'm even here and get on talking about the RLWC app. Sorry for my inconvenience.
  13. On the subject of emails from the RFL, does anyone else's emails seem to be coming from the EFL or at least have an EFL logo on them?
  14. Yeah it is just OurLeague rebranded. All I did was updated that app on Google Play and it changed to the RLWC app.
  15. My first reaction to that was, someone's spilt some paint over themselves.
  16. By far the best so far are Lebanon. Absolutely love both of their jerseys! Don't normally get other nations' jerseys but might have to look into acquiring that home one. Maybe I'll stick it on the Christmas list.
  17. Only when we're trying to wind up Harry... ...alright, let's turn it into a Leigh thread!
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