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  1. Sam Tomkins is the local idiot in his village, just bumbling round speaking sh*t French.
  2. It's certainly an attractive product. I must say, I'm really enjoying this game and any new fans I would like to think are as well. Women's sport in general to sponsors and more casual sports fans seems to be very appealing and I really do hope the women's game can gain some really solid commercial sponsors but it's certainly never gonna get anywhere near the men's game.
  3. Jon Wilkin has been smoking something questionable though if he thinks the women's game is going to surpass the men's game in commercial attractiveness and viability.
  4. Commendable that the French have kept England down to 16 points although the second half will be very different I feel. France look better than I thought they'd be though.
  5. Random city eh? I want to put in a suggestion for Ely Elephants!
  6. I totally agree, I've made this point before that I don't see why it has to essentially be England B just because it is a reserve team that is picked. As I've said before, when England football play minor nations they often put out a load of kids that have barely been capped and who might usually find themselves in a reserve team say but they don't feel the need to call the team England B, it is just a weaker side of the first team because the big gun players aren't needed against San Marino say. So I don't see why just because our regulars aren't playing it can't be England. If it was considered the England first team, there would be far more media coverage with the game probably on the beeb, more fans would be interested in attending, ultimately more money would be made from holding the game and the record books would say that England have played more games, the lack of first team games being something we are always complaining about on here.
  7. Don't want to be pedantic but the population figure you quote is for the West Midlands metropolitan area which actually includes Coventry. So if we're using metro figures then there's already a team there.
  8. Highlighted two points there. Trying to make Silva part of Spectre is one of the worst things ever attempted in Bond, that one little mistake completely ruined the Craig era, tbh trying to link all the Craig films was a bad mistake to start with, along with the abandonment of the Quantum idea in favour of unnecessarily bringing back Spectre, no need to do that, Quantum was developing fine. And making Blofeld Bond's brother? Oh no! Absolute blasphemy that was to a hardcore Bond fan..! Your last paragraph there is pretty much the opinion of most of us obsessives and quite frankly I hope to God they do go back down the root of standalone, simple films. A megalomaniac wants to take over the world, Bond walks into M's office, gets an assignment to stop the nutter, goes to an exotic location, meets a halfwit but attractive woman, investigates the nutcase, stops the nutcase, credits roll. Let's stop all this experimenting that just has not worked and start making some traditional Bond films again!
  9. As a RL fan from Hull I would suggest that attendance in Hull was due to location and the fact it was on a Friday evening more than anything. From where I live that would be 2 buses and the best part of a hour journey time to one of the least reputable parts of the city (no offence intended, its just true). I know a few people that didn't bother with that game for those reasons. I don't think any of us wanted to be hanging round Preston Road at 10 at night and when you're getting to that time there's hardly any buses. I'm sure the tournament organisers just thought they could plonk a game down in Hull and fans from all over the city would have gone but they don't think of the practicalities of these things. I can guarantee you if that game had have been on a Saturday afternoon instead there would have been 10,000 there at least, no question. Me and my mates would have certainly gone.
  10. I saw enough of that show just from the 30 second trailer on tv. Looks absolutely rubbish.
  11. I was most definitely considering getting one until all this talk of union officials booby-trapping the website.
  12. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/england-combined-nations-all-stars-6086230 England are to play the Combined Nations team again mid-season next year. The article also confirms that the Fiji world cup warmup fixture will take place as planned and that there are hopes to have regular games against France. The bit that struck me the most though was where it says Great Britain are pencilled in to play in the next international calender, so I'm guessing that's probably for 2023. Personally I thought the last GB tour completely killed off the concept but apparently not.
  13. When I say social media I mean more the massive, world conquering social media sites that teenagers use to share pictures of their lunch rather than a tiny fans forum designed specifically to discuss a regional sport. I don't really class this as social media though I can see that it is to be fair. And yeah, I realised right after I posted that that it would let me watch the game anyway.
  14. Why do all these games have to be streamed on Facebook? I'd love to watch them but I don't do social media. Edit. Seems to be letting me watch without an account.
  15. No need to take it out on the customer though. I don't particularly enjoy my job but I'm pleasant to the client.
  16. I think more teams should possibly look at doing this, especially those renting much larger football stadiums such as my own team Hull. On the thread about the Billy Boston stand, someone said Wigan should probably look at getting an 18,000 or so stadium themselves and I think this should maybe be the case for Hull and Huddersfield as well. We'd probably be alright with 15,000 and Huddersfield 10,000. We could still play the derby at the MKM. Playing a big game like that at a larger stadium as a one off would possibly encourage a larger crowd as well because it would feel more like an event I think.
  17. Another thing I thought of is I buy just about every RL book that ever comes out, even if its not something I'm particularly interested in. I basically have a shelf of RL related books that have yet to be read but at least I contributed to their sales figures, granted if its a topic I'm not interested in I normally buy them when they turn up discounted in the works or on the sales section in smiths or Waterstones but they all count and with it being RL they do tend to get discounted quite quickly! Also any opportunity I get to voice my opinion that the film Invictus is a load of dog doodoo I take it.
  18. Very annoyed this morning. After finishing my early morning shift I went in the shop just along from my work to get something for lunch. I end up getting a few other bits as well so needed a bag when I got to the till. At the till, the shop assistant asks if I need a bag and I say I do. She is wearing a face mask and mumbles something about a bag for life and 20p. I do not hear the whole of what she has said due to the mask, her mumbling, the loud music playing in the shop and the general noise from other customers, but rightly figure she asked me what kind of bag I want and of course I haven't heard all the pricings of the different options, so fed up and just wanting to get out of there and go home after my shift, I say, "whichever is cheapest". The woman looks at me like I am completely stupid, laughs in my face and says in an incredibly condescending tone, "well 20p is less than £1". I answer immediately with, "well sorry but I didn't here what you said" to which she just rolls her eyes and begins the worst packing of a bag I have ever seen. I then say I will be paying with my card. A few moments pass and she, again almost mocking me, tells me to tap my card on the machine and I'm stood there thinking, I didn't even see her press any buttons to activate the machine and in most shops they tell you when you can do it but she just stood there before basically having a go at me. Whatever happened to shop assistants being nice and wanting to provide a service to their customers that will leave them happy and contented to return to the shop? It seems like every shop assistant I get these days is rude and/or miserable.
  19. Fair enough, the Christopher Walken connection might encourage me to try it out at least.
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