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  1. Been really busy all day and have only just seen the result. Must say I thought we would win but I didn't think by that much. Well done lads!
  2. That's a couple hours of my life I'm never gonna see again. I could have been far more productive with that time, I've got some cementing needs doing around a manhole cover in my garden and I could have watched it set.
  3. Well last night I'm not sure what time I got to sleep but I do remember looking at my phone around 1am. I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to 2 when I finally dropped off and I'm up already, gotta leave for work in 15 minutes. Very hot last night. My attitude is positive though, essentially some sleep is better than none at all.
  4. Your sister is your mother, Your uncle is your brother, You all **** one another, A KR family!
  5. UEFA have said that following consultation with the teams, the players themselves have requested the game be carried on. Extraordinary.
  6. On BBC news they are saying he's awake in hospital. Thank God.
  7. There's gonna be a death here if this carries on like this. Calm it down lads.
  8. I'm sure I just saw a couple of people in the crowd wearing the new England shirt. See, someone has bought it!
  9. Thanks for posting this twitter account, I've found what I'm doing for the rest of the afternoon! I especially liked, "Rescuers learn that the exotic bird they found was actually a seagull covered in curry"
  10. Its been the hottest day of the year so far here in Hull I believe. Been about 25 degrees.
  11. I imagine one of the reasons for things being so expensive in Ireland is the fact its such a small country, on an island, that doesn't produce a lot of things itself and so has to heavily rely on imported goods, the import taxes and cost of shipping on top of these things of course contributing to the price. I remember going to Luxembourg a few years back and a prepacked ham sandwich in a supermarket being €6, the kind of thing you get in a supermarket here for about £2. I figured then that the reasons I've mentioned about must have been the cause. I have friends in Finland and its the sa
  12. £10 for a burger at Wembley a few years back almost gave me a heart attack.....
  13. Fair enough, the 2000 shirt is a particularly horrible example of the cross though, that shirt is actually offensive.
  14. Because the last time we did that the 2000 world cup happened and no one wants to emulate that.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I certainly would buy it if I could afford it but I'm poor which is why I wait until its on a discount site before buying. I haven't bought this years Hull shirt yet despite it being my favourite for at least a decade and me having almost every home shirt from the last 20 years simply because I cannot afford £50 for a piece of clothing. I'd rather pay my electric bill.
  16. It does seem that having a cross on the shirt is becoming England's brand. I think I'm right in saying, with the exception of 2013, England have had a cross on the shirt at every World Cup since 1995 and I seem to remember a cross in one or more of the fours nations as well.
  17. Looks like the monster logo isn't on the fans version which is good cos that does look rubbish with that big black box. I'm guessing that's maybe because they had already produced this shirt when monster signed up cos I can't think it would be cos they don't want to advertise energy drinks to fans when there is a massive betting logo on it as well. Overall I do quite like that, just a slightly slicker, more modern looking version of the 95 offering which I also don't mind. Still not gonna be spending £50 on this mind, I only got the last England shirt last year on M&M Direct for abou
  18. I completely lost interest in the game after the incident and quite frankly I was absolutely finished with it after Wilkin's disgusting comments, as I've already expressed earlier in the thread so I turned it off. I ended up just doing some research for the rest of the game and didn't even bother with the other semi. Made some real progress in planning my next few holidays though! What I will say is the incident wasn't what decided the game on the scoreboard so I'm not too bothered now after having a bit of time to cool off. I'm never forgiving Wilkin for his comments though.
  19. No, I think they would put the ball out of play and immediately go buy the injured player a get well soon card and a big box of chocolates.
  20. The ball was live and in play and no, Fages can't diagnose an injury and obviously he is in the moment and didn't break any rules by scoring but I think it's interesting how every other player on the field could see what had happened and stopped playing. A number of Saints players quickly went over to Griffin to see if he was okay. Fages did not have to put the ball down.
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