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  1. I don't think its the skirt he wants, I've never had David down as a transvestite.
  2. All at the same time? Jeez that's some variety act right there!
  3. Extraordinary. Just extraordinary. Well done Morocco.
  4. The 24th Foot were not a Welsh Regiment either as depicted in the film. They were the 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot. There was 32 Welsh soldiers in the Regiment of approximately 120 soldiers.
  5. What was that John? Sorry couldn't hear you over all the cheering in the Goose household!
  6. Anyone else get fed up with British pundits and commentators constantly jizzing over Brazil like the sun shines out their rears and they can't do anything wrong? I'm actually struggling to watch this with the circle jerk the commentators are having.
  7. I was out in the rain at 4am the other day as well but that was because I was- well, let's just say I wasn't detecting anyway...
  8. I did say inaccuracies in the tags as well. And stated at the top of the thread simply things that shouldn't be there.
  9. Plus I bet you've got a hefty collection of ring pulls and buttons through the ages as well! Isn't history just fascinating!
  10. Well yeah that as well, especially considering French was the official language of England at that time and English only became commonplace as the main language around a century after the events depicted in the film. And the fact the Scots would have been speaking a form of medieval Scots Gaelic.
  11. I've just found out the Plebs feature length finale aired last night. Gonna stick it on now!
  12. BBC have started advertising the Detectorists special. Can't wait!
  13. One of the many historical inaccuracies of Braveheart of course is that they wear kilts. Kilts were first worn in Scotland in the 16th century not the 13th. A slightly less clear one is bagpipes. Although there are claims pipes existed in Scotland in the 14th century, they can only be proven to the 15th century and so again, a bit later than this film is set. I suppose though they have to get all the Scottish stereotypes in for the international audience.
  14. He was awful on snooker. Luckily with snooker coverage you don't get much build up to a match and they tend to start just minutes after the programme does so I used to mute him for the first few minutes.
  15. Another historical inaccuracy I know of is from The Great Escape. The bike Steve McQueen rides to jump the fence is not a 1940s BMW as it should be but a 1962 Triumph TR6. Obviously this bike is British and not even manufactured until almost 20 years after the end of the Second World War. I believe the reason for this was because McQueen himself requested that the bike be a Triumph as he was a big motorcycle enthusiast and felt the British bike would perform better. The filmmakers also felt that a bike from the 40s would have real trouble actually achieving the famous jump.
  16. Another one I know from Star Wars (not sure which installment) is there is a scene where you see Chewbacca running and as he lifts his big hairy feet you can see the soles of trainers.
  17. I'll start off with one that always annoys me in Pirates of the Caribbean. In the first film, Captain Norrington is bestowed the rank of Commodore. In the Royal Navy, certainly at the time of the film's setting, Commodore was a ceremonial rank rather than an official one and was held by a captain who commanded a fleet of ships. While Commodore Norrington is in Port Royal this is fine as there are a couple of warships in the harbour there but what I always notice is after Jack Sparrow escapes and Norrington pursues him, he is still referred to as Commodore throughout the film and indeed in subsequent films as well. At no point after leaving Port Royal does Norrington command more than a single ship again and so should automatically revert back to his official rank of Captain. Just irks me as a history nerd.
  18. A thread for any of those things you've noticed in film and television that just shouldn't be there!
  19. I've finished Tokyo Vice. Absolutely loved it! They ended it on a number of big cliffhangers which is always frustrating but just makes me want to watch the next series even more than I already did! Always happy when I find a new favourite series!
  20. Football's goosing home, it's goosing home, it's goosing home, it's goosing, football's goosing home!
  21. Well made up or not it makes for an excellent TV series so I'm not complaining. It's pretty common knowledge that a lot of people embellish their memoirs so I don't have a problem with it. Watched episode 5. Must say, that was the last thing I expected from Samantha. I thought she was gonna turn out to be an undercover cop or something, not that!
  22. Apparently another series has been commissioned. I knew it was based on a book but I have also read there has been lots of people question just how true some of the stories in it are.
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