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  1. we have lots of them.why do you ask
  2. ive just checked how much it will be to go to barrow on the train when leigh play them.nothing came up so i can only assume barrow doesnt have a train station.
  3. our idiots are better than your idiots
  4. this threads really funny like leon pryce's commentry.he said patton controlled the game.bradford had a couple of line breaks all game.foggin johnston n gill were good all game apart from that nothing.fev n leigh will fight this out this season.barrow widnes will all drop away as the pitches become firmer.thought norman was head n shoulders above everyone tonight.hope all you leyther haters have a good time bringing up old stories this season.like last year there are 2 teams who are super league worthy i wish it was more but until we have 20 full time teams this will carry on
  5. tell me about it sheffield let me down last wk at barrow.i think i might back against bradford next wk.i wonder who they play next
  6. to add a bit of interest on tv games.we have a bet on anytime tryscorers.im having one 2moro on the fev v leigh match. adam sidlow to score anytime.6/1 on bet365
  7. ive gone for bradford-24.5 barrow+1.5 batley+3.5 fax-22.5 widnes-28.5.i got 3 out of 4 last wk.sheff+8.5 let me down at barrow.not holding my breath this wk with the bad weather
  8. the leigh mafia would be fine with fev going up as long as it costs an entitled smug super league side who create rules so they can stay in super league goes down.
  9. do you remember leigh not being accepted for an academy/reserves last season by the rfl.where exactly shall we get our players from.
  10. how many other clubs have failed.at least we are still trying to match it with the super league sides even tho everybody knows its heavily stacked against championship teams.after dereks statement yesterday all the leythers i know are very positive about this season.ive also got a feeling a few people on here are not going to enjoy the championship much this season
  11. who is the most successful club in the part time league sorry championship since licensing ended.maybe all the teams should copy us
  12. wait till you hear wigans new sponsors.the anusol stadium has a nice ring to it
  13. we will knock his little flat cap off his big yed when we come fev in week 2.
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