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  1. the queen.bungle from rainbow.hitler.lionel messi and shandy bass will be seen in the north stand at most leigh games
  2. hope we win but hill graham mcgilvary n hall r the luckiest players in the world to be selected after the seasons they have had
  3. ive been quiet all week reading all the fev can do it like salford.my guess is toronto 38 fev 10
  4. toulouse to win it after fev have a try disallowed in the last minute for incorrect grounding of the ball.
  5. im waiting to see a nice message that doesnt blame the ref if you lose or call the opposition team if you win.so will the ref get it this week or the week after.my guess is you will beat york this week and then have the worst ref in the history of rugby league in toulouse
  6. i actually think you will beat york next week.see you next season
  7. we put the our league app on the laptop connect it to the tv with a hdmi lead and get the beers in.problem solved
  8. the clubs have been selling their own tickets for blackpool for years now.the only thing they will lose on is the hospitality.not much of a loss so that we can have a fair league and not the garbage loop fixtures like super league
  9. quick message to john duffy.play your best team from now till the end of the season.dont listen to all this resting players ######.if leigh win the next 5 matches we are back in super league and all rugby fans are happy again and the world is a better place.(apart from wigan)
  10. i agree keep it at blackpool but just pick a round of matches from the regular season instead of an extra fixture to make the league .fair
  11. are we honestly saying daryll clark is faster than everybody in rugby league,football and the nfl.id be surprised if he came in the top 1000.all it tells me is the devise they use doesnt work properly
  12. gingdong said: was a big q in the rovers shop today of fans buying tickets for next week, theres 3 coaches hoping to be dropped off at the punchbowl for 10 ish is there plenty of pubs from there 2 theground POR said regarding the FEV idiots causing trouble it was a group of young lads some as young as thirteen singing songs they thought were funny the rfl didin't. just thought i would put those 2 messages together for no reason
  13. ive been drinking today but im sure i saw john kear go for 2 points when 3 behind with 7 minutes left..cant believe the bradford players did as they were told
  14. keep the challenge cup as it is but use the 1895 cup as the blackpool bash to make the championship a fair competition
  15. imagine if its leigh v fev in the final and leeds get relegated
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