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  1. i agree keep it at blackpool but just pick a round of matches from the regular season instead of an extra fixture to make the league .fair
  2. are we honestly saying daryll clark is faster than everybody in rugby league,football and the nfl.id be surprised if he came in the top 1000.all it tells me is the devise they use doesnt work properly
  3. gingdong said: was a big q in the rovers shop today of fans buying tickets for next week, theres 3 coaches hoping to be dropped off at the punchbowl for 10 ish is there plenty of pubs from there 2 theground POR said regarding the FEV idiots causing trouble it was a group of young lads some as young as thirteen singing songs they thought were funny the rfl didin't. just thought i would put those 2 messages together for no reason
  4. ive been drinking today but im sure i saw john kear go for 2 points when 3 behind with 7 minutes left..cant believe the bradford players did as they were told
  5. keep the challenge cup as it is but use the 1895 cup as the blackpool bash to make the championship a fair competition
  6. imagine if its leigh v fev in the final and leeds get relegated
  7. why cant we sell the sport to lots of tv channels like football does.we need to employ people at the top who can get us a good deal.ive got a horrible feeling rimmer/elstone will just go to sky and get ripped off and sign some long term deal for peanuts.
  8. so if toulouse finish 2nd and leigh finish 3rd.leighs final matches to try to get to the final will be toronto(a)league toulouse(a)play off.toronto(a) play off and then the final in toronto again.has anybody actually died of jet lag
  9. yes but then they got promoted and stayed up
  10. hull kr stayed up after promotion.leigh were relegated when they wasnt bottom of the table.london remain to be seen
  11. in the last few years hull kr leigh and london all came up and competed.if york came up they would add to their squad and they would compete just fine.plus they would get just as good crowds as 3 super league teams plus york is a great day out.you would think everybody in super league are getting 15.000 crowds,have grounds like wembley and millions in the bank and could beat the nrl teams the way some people talk.
  12. the music wasnt played to calm people down it was played because its still no 1 in the charts in fev
  13. i was going to reply at the end of the season when you will be in 6th place.(toronto.york.toulouse) still to play yet.
  14. il explain the play offs for all you fev fans.you will finish 6th and play nobody
  15. the last train to leigh train station from london is 8.30 so its either a mad dash from wembley to euston station or stay in that london overnight
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