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  1. i agree he has come dressed as a complete captain n i think the roosters will win this by 20
  2. the attendance was down by a few because it was freezing n peeing down.its pointless looking at last seasons game because it was played later in the year
  3. i think leigh fev toulouse n london will pull away from the rest of the championship.havnt got a clue who will win it this year.should be a great season
  4. york to newton le willows by train £22 then short bus ride (10 mins) to leigh
  5. dont mention falou,bums and force in the same sentence.do you want to go to hell
  6. how about goin down by the monkees
  7. a lot of players contracts end tomorrow 30 november.there should be some interesting signings over the next few days
  8. i know the rugby league are stupid for playing 3 games over easter.but for the life of me why dont the players who work not book the week off work.
  9. fixtures out at 3pm today.who do we all want first.it says in other forums its leigh v dewsbury first up
  10. you might be right josh woods and jarred sammett were being mentioned yesterday.we are going for it this season with a team full of half backs and hookers.what could go wrong lol
  11. not saying they are better.why would we have 3 hookers in the same team unless wayne bennetts picking our team now
  12. dont think we have signed him coz we have hood n wildie at hooker.we need a number 7.i wonder what jarrad sammut is up to these days
  13. was that the one when the coaches got there late because of the roadworks near leeds.the crowd that day was just under 10.000 maybe they was all fev n hunslet fans.i cant remember the result i had to many shandys.oh wait was that the one where we hammered fev.
  14. lost in the final to make the picture fully complete
  15. no players like larne patrick..the clue is in the title tread
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