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  1. cant believe duffys going for the keenan brand lewis tierney centre wing partnership again.put ben hellewell at centre
  2. yeah lets get rid of the towns and just have big cities in super league. salford wakefield london leeds toulouse bradford hull sheffield york newcastle full stadiums every week loads of away fans.sheffield v london grand final in front of 70.000 fans.i can hardly contain myself with excitement
  3. thank god leigh are at full strength for this and are not missing ellis.bell.flower.sau.elliott and peats from what would be our best 13.ive heard wigan might have the odd injury too but nobody seems to be saying anything
  4. even though it was just a pre season friendly everything bodes well for leigh.leigh left out wallace.flower.bell.tierney & mccarthy and sau went off early due to injury.leigh dominated possession but went in at half time 18-6 down after playing against a gale force wind and a near full strengh saints side.saints apparently made 11 changes at half time with the exeption of makinson.passi and amor which would give them 14 players on the field.then leigh magnificently came back for a glorious 1 point win even tho we didnt play our young players coz we dont have any.i think saints and wigan ma
  5. hope we stay up n fev get promoted.that day would be fun on here
  6. hi everyone ive just finished my shift down pit next to the railway station.what a boring day no rugby news stories.think il have an early night
  7. dont expect a lot of talk about it on sky sports.the champions league draw and europa league are on monday at 12 aswell
  8. leythers wont be angry if we dont get in coz we know we av a good chance of going up via promotion next year.i hope if we dont go up fev or toulouse go up as those 3 teams are miles better on the field than the others mentioned.either way whoever goes up i will be supporting them in super league next year and hoping they stay up just so the self centred super league teams suffer and hopefully one of them gets relegated
  9. toulouse only were top as they had played 1 more game than leigh and fev.lets have a play off between leigh toulouse fev and london for a place in super league.lets settle it on the field like its supposed to be.if we start in a few weeks it would give the winners time to prepare for super league next year.
  10. blake wallace and jarrod sammutt with riddy as back up.that will do for me
  11. derek says leigh are in the autumn tournament and signed a super league player.mmm i wonder which club he could possibly be from
  12. there has just been a meeting in leigh town hall where leigh n fev are going to declare war on the moose bangers of toronto for stopping our rugby till next season.(canadian pub team).and a quick message to the rfl and super league.kiss my sexy leyther ###### you set of cowardly sausages
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