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  1. Are you not the same fan that says you should be beating York at home ?? Then go on to say your facing heavy defeats against Bradford and Leigh who by the way York have beaten both already this season , surely if you should be beating York you should be in with a chance of beating them two , I think you underestimate York this season mate but that’s how we like it !!!
  2. Must be miracle water ? , York by 10 ?
  3. York are resting a few key players today but looking at the 19 chosen still looks a fairly strong line up .
  4. I admire you honesty mate as you say you all know what went on ,the football club had no intention of allowing our game to go ahead and obviously had told the ground staff that !!! But you would have thought they could of told hornets on Saturday cancel your game because where not letting you play , would have gone down a bit easier than everyone travelling across ,instead of now hiding behind health and safety a get out of jail card free !! But as you rightly say we all know the truth deep down .
  5. Yes 1895 been drawn just 8 league 1 sides in the draw tonight tho.
  6. Of course the football is on tonight, that is the only reason why our game was cancelled on Sunday, never mind hiding behind health and safety ,Rochdale fc ground staff made sure nobody else was using their pitch ( under instruction tho)bloody hell even the car parking attendant knew the game was going to be cancelled!!!
  7. Hope your surprised mate, long way to go I know but not a bad start from us 4 out 5 ,all the best for the season bud ?
  8. Hope it’s right , don’t like to see any team go under .
  9. Myself and 4 others on the coach ?
  10. Yes mate £15 picking up at Bootham Crescent 12:00 and at blossom street aren’t sure what time just been onto knights asking why I’ve seen no advertising .
  11. The lads put a fantastic shift in yesterday and I’m sure they will be putting in another big shift in next Sunday, The knights have some big players coming back from injuries so the lads what are in the team know they have to be on their game . Fordy will have no slacking!! Jack had a great game yesterday and as done really well in all the friendlys and I’m sure he will be on fire again come Sunday, looking forward to a pint in the Amber ribbon bar and another great game. Best of luck for the season ,after Sunday ??
  12. First of all as a York fan I would like to say thank you to Batley Bulldogs staff and their fans in the local pubs and inside the ground made us feel very welcome. We know this season is a going to be totally different to last season and as fans we was using this game as a bench mark to see if we could hold our own with a team that is well established in the championship and I pleased to say I think we will do ok . Best of luck for the season
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