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  1. Sign all them up bar charnock, job done. Over to you mr chairman.
  2. It's not a mistake he's definitely resigned
  3. Loxam has been constantly played out of position for me. He is not a winger as long as I've got a hole in my a*se. I watched the leigh cup game on raiders tv he played loose forward didn't miss a tackle. After that we played a number of games a forward light and he wasnt involved I couldn't get my head around it. For me Loxam is a very good defender if he could put atleast half a stone on, he could do a similar job to crellin offering versatility. For me he has a place in the squad and under proper coaching can become a very useful player.
  4. Ryan Johnston re-signed
  5. Walne will play loose I reckon
  6. Having watched the workington game earlier and seen whitehaven success this year we have a number of local lads playing up the coast. Workington Perry Singleton, Blain Marwood, Jonathon Walsh, Tyler Lancaster and Russell Bolton. Whitehaven Sam Dowsett, Tom wilkinson, Matty While, Ruari Mcgoff, Ethan Kelly. From what I've saw the standout players who would fit into our side would be Perry, Tom wilkinson and Sam Dowsett. I believe Perry maybe available but tom and sam are on two year deals at whitehaven. Ethan kelly and russ bolton looked good prospects and could potentially be good squad players. Blain and tyler are young up and coming players who maybe need a couple of years in league 1 to prove themselves. Matty while being out for the season hasn't helped his career not sure where that leaves him and ruari mcgoff best days are long behind him with Walsh in my opinion (and town fans) not up to the standard of the pro game. I think it would be great if we could get perry in looks a good centre who can play a few positions. If the opportunity to bring others in became available that would be good too, who out of the list would the fans like to see donning the raiders blue?
  7. Was the golf day a success and a good earner for the club?
  8. I think his misses is from dalton hopefully that means he is going to stay in the area and play for us. Quality player.
  9. Clearly a joke, people need to calm down and stop causing trouble for trouble sake. Good news he's only signed a one year deal. If we come back up might be able to get him back (positive thoughts only).
  10. Hope it isn't ritson but have a feeling it maybe. Hes a quality addition if he leaves barrow
  11. Depends who use are getting. If walker and ritson head your way use are getting two quality players. Riley on the other hand has been well below par.
  12. League Express just reported ben white has signed for batley. Also confirmed cross to widnes and susino to fev. I really hope that Jono smith news isn't true, surely we can keep him over north wales!
  13. How has Sam Hopkins gone this year?
  14. I really like the look of white takes the ball to the line, I think he'll tear it up in league 1 if hes resigned. The big signings for me are Jono Smith and Jared stack I really hope we can get them on a deal for next year.
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