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  1. Stack signing a 2 year deal is a bonus, thought last year was his last year.
  2. Adam Walne rumoured to be joining us for next season would be a good addition hopefully his brother will help get that over the line for us.
  3. Great signing, presume that rules out puara coming back. Hopefully he can stay fit we have one of the standout 9s in the comp.
  4. Going to be a tough league to get out off. Rochdale throwing money around, workington will strengthen again. Newcastle will not be shy in the transfer market neither will doncaster. Ottawa an unknown but will be more than competitive. Key for us is to keep the travelling players we have Forster, Jewitt & Walne especially if we can keep hold of the pack and maybe add to it we should be in position to challenge again.
  5. Personally I have been watching the Raiders since the late 90s. This is he best side I've seen in my life time; 1. Broadbent 2. McGillvary 3. Harrison 4. Hankinson 5. Nixon 6. Rooney 7. Holt 8. Bullock 9. Ellis 10. McDermott 11. Catic 12. Ostler 13. Luisi 14. Campbell 15. Atkinson 16. Bracek 17. Susino Left out a few big names Jack Hughes, Niall Evalds, Andrew Henderson, Michael Knowles, Paul Noone to name a few. Give me yours.
  6. Raider91

    Raiders TV

    What's happened to this? I thought this was a really good idea and the future. I dont believe streaming home games for free will help attendances, raiders TV at £5/10 a month showing live games is surely the way forward?
  7. Superb result, well done all
  8. Millom, been playing for the barrow academy side. Also played for cumbria U19s.
  9. Yeah but you've got our best player in susino. He was immense against yous lot last year.
  10. New Trialist; https://www.totalrl.com/joe-sharratt-back-on-track-after-manchester-nightclub-assualt/
  11. Great to have two more on board. Tyson looks like he should have been in the set up earlier, been very impressed. I see james hasson former manly, salford and wakefield has comeback to the uk looking for a club, been doing some training with leeds RU. Front rower with decent pedigree. One to look at maybe?
  12. Difficult to judge that performance. Workington losing two props after 10 mins. Having Zak steel (a winger/centre) and russ bolton a fullback in the second row positions, I'd be disappointed if all our players didn't look good. Workington look like they have some clear squad issues that they need to address. I do think Mark Tyson has been outstanding and deserves a contract. Mcbain wont be far away from a deal either.
  13. What time is ko today?
  14. Where you fitting Amean in at?
  15. Mark Tyson was for me the best amateur on show today.
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