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  1. If New Zealand use the right tactics their middle forwards will steamroller Australia's in the semi final, meaning that the cleverer players in the Australian team won't have a chance to perform. I just can't see an Australian victory, although my eyesight is notoriously poor. I agree Samoa and Tonga will be dangerous and will be wonderful to watch in their semi final.
  2. Simple answer : Yes. New Zealand's pack is much stronger and their spine is more than useful (although not as good as the Aussies). I would have NZ as favourites, followed by Oz, Samoa, a considerable volume of daylight, Tonga, more daylight and England.
  3. Deserved for Gutho. Been the best of a well beaten team.
  4. Can't knock the effort from the Eels, but the gulf in class is frightening. A lot like last week's SL Grand Final.
  5. It's all a bit one sided and my score on the prediction thread is hanging by a thread. Eels forwards have to improve and I would like to see Papalii being used instead of Lane in an attempt to make some yards.
  6. I am hoping the Eels can break their 36 year drought by winning 24 16 (40 points in total) with 7 tries being scored in total. I would also belatedly like to echo Irish Saints post of thanks to Graham and tonight I will raise a glass to those we remember. I am still recovering from last Saturday, but for different reasons. I got into Aussie footy watching on the TV in the mid 80's and was in awe of the Eels back line, having seen most of them play in the UK. They played in the same colours as my beloved Loiners, so had to be my Australian team. Thanks to all for the competition throughout the season.
  7. That's Milne out of the Fiji squad for the world cup and Kikau could be missing a couple for them as well.
  8. I guess Teddy, Turbo, Latrell and Papenhuysen would all be in front of him. Then there's Edwards, Ponga and Gutho?
  9. And the Panthers go over from a Luai kick through when he shouldn't even be on the pitch. Game over, Bunnies are finished. I don't suppose Dylan Edwards has any English heritage?
  10. What a game. The only team to beat the Panthers this season (when they were at full strength) are in the GF, probably to play them.
  11. Both teams trying to milk penalties for crusher tackles. Not a good look. Eels spine has been very poor so far, except for Gutho.
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