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  1. My CP13 is Taumalolo - but it could easily become Payne Haas if he builds on this season.
  2. So, getting prepared for 2020, who do you reckon we will have to pick in our teams to start the new season if we want to be successful?
  3. With injuries to high profile players and Ricky resting a number of the Raiders big boys (including Bateman) who is going to be able to field 17 fit and useful players in the Grand Finals? I bet one or two of you are begging for more trades!
  4. Disappointed to have been knocked out at the semi final stage, but its been a blast. Hope the Flat Capper Select give the Airlie Birds a good seeing to in the grand final. Many thanks to the other Graham for organising the league. I'll be back next year!
  5. Yes I have. Was thinking Klemmer or Papalii to cover both second row and prop, but that would mean ditching Taumalolo. Can I buy some more trades please? An extra four should be ok ........
  6. I am carrying both Fifita and Taumalolo. Neither are fully fit and both take up a lot of cash. Which to replace and with who?
  7. Down to the last one. Desperate to use it but daren't just in case. Might have to if Dennis and his Dragoons look too strong this week.
  8. Sorry, I should have responded earlier, but its been a funny old week.... The top teams are valued at $13m plus. $11 plus is remarkable with so many trades left - I have flogged myself daft to get to just over 12.
  9. What is the value of your team? You must have picked a near perfect squad at the start of the season.
  10. I've probably wasted 4 trades during the season - maybe more. It would be ideal to have 8 left now (and a couple of hundred thousand in the bank).
  11. Just 4 trades left and still missing a couple of players I would love to have. They would require 3 trades to get my hands on them and I want more than one left to cover Fifita's next suspension. Can we have some extra please?
  12. Got to be the Sharks. Broncos have Origin players missing and massive spine problems at the moment.
  13. I have no idea this time. Will go for the Broncos, which means we are sure we have a competition winner. 40 points.
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