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  1. The 8 winning teams should be Roosters, Sea Eagles, Bunnies, Storm, Knights, Panthers, Cowboys and Eels. That is 5 home wins and a total of 300 points exactly. Storm will have the biggest winning margin.
  2. The 8 winning teams will be the Dragons, Tiger, Sharks, Roosters, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Eels, Storm. 318 points in total, 3 away wins and the Dragons / Bunnies will be closest.
  3. Winners : Eels, Cowboys, Storm, Roosters, Dragons, Raiders, Knights, Panthers. 4 home wins, with the Cowboys the biggest upset. 306 points in total.
  4. Winning teams must be Roosters, Storm, Tiger, Dragons, Knights, Eels, Warriors, Panthers.2 away wins only, 307 points in total. Only one will score 9 or less : The Titans
  5. The winners will be mostly the away teams. Roosters, Warriors, Tigers, Panthers, Broncos, Storm, Eels and Sea Eagles. Total points 296.Only one home win and two teams will score 30+
  6. I will go Warriors and 44 points. Let's just hope the total points score isn't 37. What happens then?
  7. Thomas Flegler of the Broncos wore black boots this morning. He had a mare, confirming that only the best should wear something flashy.
  8. Storm, Raiders, Eels, Sharks, Broncos, Panthers, Knights, Rabbitoes. 5 away wins, Storm vs Roosters to have the lowest points total and 284 points in total.
  9. I've been trying to bin Billy Walters, Jamil Hopoate and Williame for weeks but had to leave them in my squad doing nothing because of injuries. On top of that I have Katoa (Warriors) and Horsburgh now out. They would take 5 swaps on top of the 2 I have already done. We should start a petition to be allowed to buy extra trades!
  10. I was so confident Pappy would go big I failed to captain him when he did. I think I have about 8 fit players for this week ……..
  11. Pressure on now that Storm Girl has the win and a points total within 4 of the actual. Its been a long time since I prayed for Ryan Hall to score a couple of tries, but I will need him to if I am going to have a chance. I reckon Irish Saint may see the Strom score 40 against the Warriors, so it will depend on whether they can reply.
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