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  1. Winners : Knights, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Bunnies, Cowboys, Eels, Storm, Titans 366 points in total 5 away wins 1 or 2 score 9 points or less.
  2. I have generally thought Matt Cecchin was one of the better referees in Aus, but today's performance was sub Sutton and he should be shown the error of his ways. Niukore could have had a red on another day (and should have had at least a yellow) for the shoulder to Tedesco's head and Dylan Brown should have had a yellow card for the knees on Hutchison. As an Eels fan I worry when Moses is expected to "take charge" as he isn't capable of doing it when it matters.
  3. This looks like the toughest week of the season so far to predict. Which is doubly difficult considering how far down the table I am. I will go for : Winners - Storm, Panthers, Eels, Raiders, Titans, Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Bulldogs. 5 home wins, 3 teams to score 30 plus points and 344 points in total.
  4. He stays, but at least I should be able to keep him as a NPR this week. Anyone else deciding to get rid of all their Raiders forwards as Sticky Stuart destroys the Supercoach scores of every one of them?
  5. Winning teams : Bunnies, Storm, Titans, Panthers, Eels, Roosters, Cowboys, Dragons. 5 away wins 344 points in total Poll : Dogs vs Eels
  6. I have it in my mind that he is qualified for Fiji, or have I imagined that?
  7. A real mixed week - delighted with Turbo, IPaps and Fifita, disappointed by Ricky Stuart benching Hudson Young and a couple of other poor scores. Considering I have kept Tino and Papenhuysen I had a lot of money tied up in non playing reserves, so have to be happy . Rumour has it that Papenhuysen will miss another two or three weeks, which means he may have to go now. But who to replace him with?
  8. I have become increasingly concerned about Manfred's delusional postings in recent times and wonder if he needs some psychiatric help post lockdown. Also, he won't post on the Australian forum if he can help it because he knows his ignorance will be shown up to be even greater than it is on here. In addition there are fewer people regularly posting there and I believe he thinks his pontifications deserve the widest possible audience.
  9. Hopefully it means a Perth team is still being considered as part of expansion plans ......
  10. Panthers, Bunnies, Eels, Sharks, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Roosters and Storm to win. 292 points in total 5 home wins Eels / Broncos will have the highest total points value.
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