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  1. As many have said above, two evenly matched teams who should produce a close game. Now, with the appointment of Kendal its a complete lottery and the winner will be decided by where his inevitable brainfart takes place and who it helps. Yet another mega blunder by the RFL.
  2. I've gone NSW by a single figure margin. On paper it should be a walk over for the blues, but at a capacity Suncorp, without a single NSW fan they are going to need some cojones to get the job done.
  3. NSW by 10 to 19. I can't see QLD being able to overcome such a huge deficit in quality for a second time - at least not until they play at Suncorp!
  4. NSW, 10 to 19 points. However, looking at the 21 man teams I am worried this could be the least competitive Origin ever ....
  5. Myler gets trodden on and Holmes kicks him. Sure, that's a red for Myler. What are you drinking or smoking? Red was harsh for Holmes, ref has lost (never had any) control.
  6. 7 tries, 36 points in total and (sadly) the Storm will bring the Panthers winning run to an end.
  7. Chuffed to bits, specially after this afternoon's close shave. Thanks as ever to the organisation. I am just sorry it took so long to win!
  8. I will take Storm and Panthers to win. The Raiders will be the lowest scorers. 78 points across the two games.
  9. Roosters and Bunnies to win, the latter with a heavy heart because I would much prefer the Eels to go through. Suspect the Bunnies will score most and 88 points will be the total across both matches.
  10. Season enders for Sivo and Ferguson means Parra will struggle next week (specially if the Bunnies win tomorrow as I would expect). Hope its not as bad as it looked for Munster, as Qld cannot afford to lose any more players for State of Origin.
  11. The Panthers have won so many on the bounce that they have to lose one soon. It could be this week, giving them a second chance and an opportunity to get back to winning ways next week against the Bunnies. The Roosters are still a champion team. The Eels are going to get thumped (sadly) by the Storm and will have to play the Raiders next week. They will be too strong for a Johnson less Sharks. The Knights have done well to make the 8, but have gone as far as they can this year unless we see some real Ponga magic. Thus Souths will go through, but will lose in week 2.
  12. Panthers, Raiders, Storm, Bunnies. 2 teams will score 25+ and the total number of points could be 142.
  13. Like anyone who has spent a lifetime watching the Rhinos, I know the importance of finishing the season strongly as its much better to win the grand final if everyone has written you off. My best two weeks were the last two - after I had been knocked out of all competitions. Huge respect to the Pinging Pongas and thanks to Graham for all the organisation throughout this year (and others). Hopefully I will be back in 2021 with another new strategy that doesn't work.
  14. The 8 winning teams should be Broncos, Titans, Roosters, Panthers, Sharks, Eels, Warriors and Dragons. 366 points, with 3 away wins and the Bunnies / Roosters game will have the most tries.
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