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  1. I know the Bunnies have a number of injuries in the backs, but surely they have someone better than Taane Milne. What a ########. Consistently.
  2. The penalty try was nonsense. Guess who has Euan Aitken in his Supercoach team? It looked extremely painful and probably season ending, so huge sympathy to a very reliable player who tends to go unnoticed a lot of the time.
  3. Winners : Dolphins, Sharks, Titans, Broncos, Sea Eagles Points : 216 Home wins : 5 Poll : 2
  4. Interesting what they said about Rhys Lovegrove. My understanding was that he refused to put his name to Anti IMG statements the owners wanted him to put out. If they had publicised that as being the reason for his dismissal they would have been even less popular.
  5. Stunning and ridiculous decision for the second consecutive year. So amateurish for owners that claim to want so much.
  6. Reported that Nicho is out for 6 or 8 weeks (depending whose report you believe). Ideally he would be replaced by Cleary or Sam Walker, but that means no half back this week. Do we think Cody Walker is worth a punt? I have been mulling this over whilst I had a 20 minute wait in the doctors surgery, prior to having blood pressure checked as part of my annual review. Not surprisingly, it didn't help the reading!
  7. I saw a minimum of 8 weeks reported due to ankle being broken and syndesmosis being ruptured. Massive shame, he is a player I really enjoy watching and he is one of the good guys of the sport.
  8. Reports today that Nicho Hynes was injured at training. Length of absence not known yet, but he has been sent for scans. Adding him to Latrell, Manu and JMK last week makes for problems - specially going into another bye round and the likelihood that many Origin players will be rested for Round 20. More trades, please?!?!?!?!?!?!
  9. Winning teams : Bunnies, Sharks, Panthers, Dogs, Storm, Cowboys, Roosters, Raiders. Points : 362 Away wins : 3 Poll : Bunnies by between 1 and 12.
  10. What is the correct time to reintroduce Nicho Hynes to my team? He plays round 19 and will be another $100k plus cheaper next week after today's performance. However, he doesn't look on top form, the Sharks aren't quite there and Cleary should be back soon. Talk me in to / out of buying him next week. Please and thank you. Edit : apparently his price will be down to $745k with a break even of 128 Subject to updates.
  11. I felt it was more about a bunch of mates having a chat about the game than a proper commentary. At no stage did they ever listen to what Ashley Clown was saying in order to understand his decisions and explain to the audience what was going on. The best example was over the sin bin decision, when Clown had clearly told both captains that the next time players ran in someone would go, but Fittler (or maybe Johns) just whined that Liam Martin was being binned for ruffling someone's hair. It was amateurish, hugely biased, often incoherent and detracted from my enjoyment of the game. I should have muted it.
  12. Winners : Sharks, Warriors, Knights, Storm, Dolphins, Panthers, Roosters Points : 316 Home wins : 5 Poll : Roosters
  13. Andrew Voss is miles ahead of the rest for me, although Rabbits in his prime was peerless.
  14. Channel 9 commentary made that almost unwatchable at times. I was close to pining for Blocker's nonsensical interruptions.
  15. Quality tipping from me. Got to say Moses has been way better than I expected.
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