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  1. On that topic we will have to agree to disagree. All I can see from your posts that is that you believe the NRL needs take no responsibility for the promotion of the game outside their own backyard. To me, that is a very good definition of "insular". I have visited Australia, watched the game in Sydney and Brisbane, read widely about Australian history and RL culture and would suggest that I understand far more than you give me credit for. I wish I could give your posts more credit.
  2. They would prefer to play a meaningless pre season trial somewhere in the NSW bush.
  3. The Bunnies left edge has been so sharp and effective all year, then that happens. Anyone else think Cleary should get 10 in the bin for the sledging?
  4. Is he Phil Clarke in disguise? Seriously, his bluster and Joey Johns' mumbling add nothing to the commentary.
  5. Brilliant hand off of Cleary. Panthers held back thinking he would pass (?), forgetting Gagai is still off having his HIA
  6. If Souths can weather much more of this pressure I will be amazed. Oh, they can't.
  7. Without wanting to politicise a topic that deserves proper discussion, the UK is far more backward and insular than it was ten years ago, consequently making it much more like Australia. However, I strongly believe that the insularity and parochialism of the NRL reflects the wider population it serves and this is a barrier to developing the world club championship concept. To be fair, the Super League clubs are similarly parochial and self interested. We will not develop internationally until we find and support leaders who can drag all the Super League and NRL clubs along behind them with an agenda that convinces them they will all benefit from a stronger world game.
  8. I'm fairly sure it has always been played in England because the NRL would not guarantee to cover the costs of the participating teams, partly due to the lack of interest of the TV companies in Aus, whereas the RFL would. If I am wrong, please correct me. I will take some persuading to change my view that the selfish and parochial NRL is only really interested in what happens on the eastern seaboard of a backward country at the ###### end of the world. When that changes (and I accept that it may require significant changes to the way we promote and manage the game in the northern hemisphere before it happens) we can start to promote international rugby league on both a club and nation basis again. Rant over.
  9. If the selfish, parochial and cowardly NRL can't get interested in a world cup for nations I can't see them retaining any interest in the world club championship until such times as it guarantees the participants a significant income and that probably means a minimum of Aus$1m. Or enough to pay the Storm players' cocaine bill for the season (allegedly). If they were interested I would suggest that the Super League club that qualifies should cancel the game with 4 minutes notice, whenever it is organised for. That's 4 minutes before the plane with the Australian team on it takes off. Bitter and twisted after this year's events? Me? Surely not.
  10. I think Souths might just do it for Reynolds and Bennett and because I am not convinced the Panthers team is fully fit. Total points : 40 Poll : 6 or 7 tries If the match is postponed for a week I reserve the right to change my mind!! (I already have done on a number of occasions. After a year of blowout scores I think this could be very close).
  11. This might be controversial, but I believe the parochial NRL will have to expand its geographical boundaries if it is to be relevant and successful in the future. Whatever we may think about AFL, it appears to me that they have been more successful in moving away from their roots to be a national sport than the NRL has to date and this will surely be reflected in future TV deals. It has to be Perth (or take on a big fight in Adelaide), not another Queensland team or a second New Zealand club. They could be clubs 19 and 20 by 2030!
  12. Sad for Josh Morris as he shouldn't have to finish this way, but its been a game too far for the Roosters. To be fair, if Patrick Herbert hadn't had a brain freeze last week they wouldn't have been humiliated today.
  13. Sea Eagles and Panthers to win one close and one blow out game. 78 points across the two games. Panthers to have the highest score.
  14. Peachey and Taylor will surely find somewhere in the NRL given their experience? I know Taylor has never lived up to the initial hype, but its not that long ago Tyrone was in State of Origin contention.
  15. How long before the NZRL use this as a reason to refuse to come to the 2022 world cup? Or will they wait till the NRL tell them to withdraw? Massive sympathy for the players and their families who must be wondering where "home" is.
  16. It's just so professional and clinical from the Storm. Sea Eagles haven't been anywhere near good enough today.
  17. The Winners will be Storm, Roosters, Panthers and Eels. Points total will be 178 4 teams (or more) will score 25.
  18. Seconded. I need to learn how to save some trades. Interestingly, my final overall league position was 1,000 worse than my best ever, but my average points per week was 110 points higher this season than I have ever achieved before. Just shows what an impact Turbo had on overall scores. I will be back next year, despite my current contempt for the selfish, parochial and cowardly NRL management. Merry Christmas everybody!
  19. He has been a great servant to the game. Can't help feeling it may be Ricky's last as Raiders coach as well.
  20. Sutton (Gerard) made sure he didn't upset Trent, but that game summed up the Raiders season for me : promising moments, but far too many errors and questionable use of his resources by Ricky. Maybe he has slowed down too much this year and lost some of what was between his ears. Or is it elsewhere in the Raiders structure that the issues exist?
  21. Winners : Roosters, Storm, Panthers, Broncos, Sea Eagles, Dragons, Titans, Tigers Points : 388 Away wins : 5 Poll : Panthers to absolutely mullah the third string Eels
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