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  1. That's Milne out of the Fiji squad for the world cup and Kikau could be missing a couple for them as well.
  2. I guess Teddy, Turbo, Latrell and Papenhuysen would all be in front of him. Then there's Edwards, Ponga and Gutho?
  3. And the Panthers go over from a Luai kick through when he shouldn't even be on the pitch. Game over, Bunnies are finished. I don't suppose Dylan Edwards has any English heritage?
  4. What a game. The only team to beat the Panthers this season (when they were at full strength) are in the GF, probably to play them.
  5. Both teams trying to milk penalties for crusher tackles. Not a good look. Eels spine has been very poor so far, except for Gutho.
  6. He's been managing the Leeds appeals all season.
  7. Lock the thread now. There is no come back on that one.
  8. Could Leeds appeal, it be deemed frivolous and Wigan given their place in the final?
  9. Today's panel presumably being made up of a Mr E McManus, Mr K Woolf and Mr M Knowles.
  10. If we had played the world cup when we should have done, last year, an England vs Australia final would have been expected. I now predict it will be NZ vs Samoa, given the Aussies lack of forward grunt and the effect the ageing process has had on England.
  11. Seriously? As a middle forward? I was thinking of Cameron Smith, then told myself not to be daft. Welsby?
  12. Who's your alternative? Radley is even dafter and Smithies is no better.
  13. Is Payne Haas coming or not? Or is he playing for Samoa? Mal may know the squad he wants, but that's not necessarily what he will get. There could still be injuries and suspensions from the last three NRL games as well.
  14. I believe squads are supposed to be named on the 24th - this Saturday. However, its hard to believe the Aussies will finalise theirs before the NRL grand final.
  15. For me it's him or Burton for one place and I don't think he has done enough. Was also thinking there may be a ban for the hit on Moses when I wrote the first comment, but replays suggest that's unlikely.
  16. It's got a bit scrappy. Eels not as fluid without Moses, Wighton and Fogarty haven't had any room to work.
  17. Brown and Moses have been as good this week as they were anonymous last week.
  18. Yes, To'o declared for Samoa some weeks ago, along with Luai.
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