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  1. I have it in my mind that he is qualified for Fiji, or have I imagined that?
  2. A real mixed week - delighted with Turbo, IPaps and Fifita, disappointed by Ricky Stuart benching Hudson Young and a couple of other poor scores. Considering I have kept Tino and Papenhuysen I had a lot of money tied up in non playing reserves, so have to be happy . Rumour has it that Papenhuysen will miss another two or three weeks, which means he may have to go now. But who to replace him with?
  3. I have become increasingly concerned about Manfred's delusional postings in recent times and wonder if he needs some psychiatric help post lockdown. Also, he won't post on the Australian forum if he can help it because he knows his ignorance will be shown up to be even greater than it is on here. In addition there are fewer people regularly posting there and I believe he thinks his pontifications deserve the widest possible audience.
  4. Hopefully it means a Perth team is still being considered as part of expansion plans ......
  5. Panthers, Bunnies, Eels, Sharks, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Roosters and Storm to win. 292 points in total 5 home wins Eels / Broncos will have the highest total points value.
  6. Evalds is a good shout if Sam or Zak were unavailable.
  7. Jake Connor might be an option, or to go completely left field : Richie Myler. Realistically, though, its Tomkins, Hardaker, then fresh air before those two and Ratchford.
  8. "Not beaten, just outscored" is a wonderful use of semantics and one I must remember to use in the future. My lot are mostly training at the judiciary hearings tomorrow night and then being transferred. Can I be the first this season to request extra trades? Already sure I am not going to have enough.
  9. Will NSW / Queensland politics enable there to be an all NSW back line? Hard to see Trbojevic staying fit long enough to take part in the world cup. Am I imagining it or does Ponga have New Zealand heritage that could enable him to play for the Kiwis in the absence of RTS?
  10. I do admire Graham's sporstmanship through very gritted teeth when he is beaten. I wish I could be as gracious in victory and I hope I can be as calm next week after my side has been destroyed by suspensions.
  11. I agree Crighton appears to be ahead of Lomax in the eyes of Aus commentators. It gives me hope that I remember him being part of the Australian schoolboys line up that was owned by Harry Newman and Cameron Scott (amongst others) a couple of years ago.
  12. I thought the Morris twins had retired from rep rugby? Or am I mistaken? For me, the back 5 is likely to be Tedesco, Addo Carr, Turbo, Latrell and Gagai, but I would like to see specialist centres get a chance. Crighton, Lomax and Best would all look perfectly ok in green and gold.
  13. Winning teams : Panthers, Sharks, Storm, Titans, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Dragons, Cowboys. Total Points : 286 Away wins : 3 Biggest margin : Got to be Panthers against Broncos, although the Titans and Bunnies could also win by miles. Good luck one and all.
  14. Leaving Fifita on the bench might have been more impactful than not having the right captain last week. Please can you leave him, Papy, Tedesco and a couple of others on the bench this week so I have a chance against you?
  15. Sam Walker for England's world cup squad, please, given he was born in Leeds. Trying to decide who to captain is going to be tough for a couple of weeks - the automatic "put the C on Teddy" no longer applies ......
  16. Haas and Carrigan (when not suspended) are the only Broncos forwards who play for a full match. Lodge, Pangai, Flegler etc play in short bursts and their heads seem to go down very easily. There is little or no communication among the halves and between them and the edges. I agree that Reynolds would be a great buy for next year, but why would anyone want to go there (or the Cowboys, who are also desperate for leadership) if they had an offer anywhere else? If I were Adam Reynolds I would even go to the Doggies before those two, but may hold out hope that the Titans come calling - he could be the difference between top 8 and top 3 for Holbrook.
  17. Souths, Warriors, Panthers, Titans, Storm, Roosters, Tigers, Eels Closest scoreline : Titans / Knights 304 points 7 home wins
  18. Thanks to young Papenhuysen I have broken my all time record this week and hit 1,400 for the first time ever. Yet it looks as though three or four of our league (including your good self) are going to have better numbers than me. Extraordinary scores !!
  19. The Panthers looked superb, but how poor were Manly? Struggling to see how they avoid the spoon, even with Tom T to come back in the next couple of weeks. Panthers looked even stronger in the last ten when Staines moved to full back (although I accept that Manly had given up by then). I'd like to see him get a couple of games there whilst Dylan Edwards is out.
  20. One or two teams to score 9 or less Panthers, Rabbitohs, Storm, Sharks, Titans, Knights, Warriors and Eels will win 324 points in total Four away wins
  21. Shame I'm not playing you head to head! If we both agreed to take the pain it would be an even contest!
  22. With knobs on!!!!! Before trades I own all of Matterson, Cleary and Papenhuysen, none of whom will play, but who are my best points scorers. How many trades to burn on repairing the damage, or do I save them for money making players with low break evens?
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