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  1. Some good advice above. Anywhere SW or west really, where there are large Aussie communities. Ealing, west acton, Hammersmith, Clapham. I was in the Ram Inn in SW18 on Sunday for the F1. Provided there is no footy on, upstairs will show any sport you want. The owner is really friendly, maybe worth phoning to check
  2. 14-22 to Keighley. The cougars' fitness is unreal, the linespeed with less than 10 mins left is winning them this game
  3. I've probably missed it being mentioned elsewhere, but for anyone who fancies catching the conclusion of this tight game, it's free on the our league app right now
  4. Bateman's also released a statement on socials seemingly putting the rumours to bed. Shame he has to do so in a way, but it's pretty unequivocal that he's staying. Hope he kicks on now and rediscovers his best form
  5. This is the NRL paradox, fairly solid but hardly standout players such as Darcey Lussick go over to the NRL and slot in comfortably.
  6. I was thinking does Scully dye his hair, he looks better now than 20 years ago. Maybe we can continue this convo in off topic or down the salon
  7. What's even worse is that Roby and Lomax, Saints' best players, have been quiet by their standards tonight.
  8. Coote looks on fire at the moment. KR got a potentially great signing on their hands
  9. That fend off by Bentley on Bateman, oosh. Meme material written all over it. Bateman gonna be even more fired up now
  10. Op, we need an update. Maybe you can do the announcement in a first for the the forum, via livestream, in a similar format to a gender reveal party. Pop the balloon and either black and white or yellow and blue ticker tape falls out of the sky, then immediately kick a drop goal, Wagga style. That's how I joined
  11. Lol, great first post. This thread has great comic potential
  12. I didn't know the exact reason for Canberra jettisoning Sezer was to make way for Williams, I just thought it was a natural crossover with one leaving and one joining. Still, I'd take Sezer right now, but only my opinion and Williams could easily tear it up when he starts
  13. How is Matt Prior not on a marquee salary and Hurrell is? The latter is stealing a living at marquee pay levels
  14. I think a good move for Leeds here and a huge loss to Hudds, who are already struggling. I wonder if George Williams ever came into the equation for Leeds, but personally I would have plumped for Sezer anyway, as much as I dislike choosing Aussies over British players. If anything it reinforces how far behind the Aussies we are in the half backs, given Williams is an international and Sezer wouldn't get near the Aussie team in a month of Sundays
  15. The RLWC going ahead even got a mention on the 9am news on classic FM just now! The news bulletins only ever cover about 5 pieces, so it must mean it's the top 5 most important things in the UK right now
  16. If Jim Carrey was a rugby league player Didn't he say there were 4 people in the 'prc', then proceded to list 7 different names and then himself
  17. https://fb.watch/6orxrErZPj/ Mossops punch on Hurrell An absolute belter, as Tez would say. It's the punch only, so those easily offended by any form of biff then best not to watch
  18. I'm from north Wales and have lived down south for about 10 years and equally have no issue with Baz or Tez. As you said earlier, there are bigger obstacles to overcome in RL in the UK than the commentators, which has become a rather predictable and tired argument
  19. It's been bugging me as to what, but Sezer has the Australian aboriginal flag as well as the Turkish flag on his arm As an aside, does anyone know what the pay situation is for the all stars? Are their clubs paying their salary as normal, and potentially risking an injury? Or is A N other paying then an international game top up bonus?
  20. All stars halves are better than England's Westerman is not an international Some of the exiled England players in the all stars are playing better than their counterparts in the same position in an England shirt The flag on the arms of the all stars is a nice touch
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