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  1. See Loup's post in the CEO thread. Assuming that's what the link is.
  2. Canis Lupus


    Bob Hunter was there last night. Seems a nice guy . Spent time going round the tables to speak with fans who were able to attend last nights function. The impression I got was that he felt there was a lot to do to improve the facilities for fans visiting Lamport . Both home and away support. He mentioned the need to up the level of food and drink available on match day. Also mentioned the need to improve the ground itself but didn't go into specifics. Basically it was a quick introduction to who he is for those who didn't already know and what his remit is going forward. He certainly gave out the right vibe and left nobody in any doubt he was on the case from day one. Hopefully we will get more details as to plans going forward soon but it certainly was an indication that the club has no intention of standing still .
  3. Canis Lupus


    Even if not am sure it will be brought up. All the more reason to be there now.
  4. Should be an interesting night. Doors at six for a 7pm start
  5. its Mullally , Worthington Lussick and Obrien tomorrow night
  6. Agree with that . Hope he can end on a high. Deserves to be thought of as a class act for numerous sides . TWP will miss him on and off the field . Would be nice to have him promote us in the SH.
  7. Maybe Leigh with so many players going from one to the other. Hopefully that will change with the Ottawa team coming in
  8. Greater exposure for RL through TWP winning the play offs.
  9. You are right with 3 times. We play you in the league Aug 10th. Then depending on your final league standing could be playing us in the second round of the playoffs as winners of 2nd v 3rd. If you lose that game but get to the final you could face TWP again in the final. All three games being at Lamport.
  10. I don't recall London getting the boo's at Lamport . That after a match that really mattered.
  11. Game TV showing the games is great but have now started throwing advertisements on mid game rather than at half time . Granted there is a small image of the live action but those adverts should only be on when there is a break in play at best. During Sundays game we had the larger advert image whilst play had restarted. Very poor .
  12. As Lamport said the times for the UK clubs flights were an issue. Come SL we would be playing FT teams so no need to be back early and in work Monday morning . Fingers crossed we can do later kick offs.
  13. the talk was of Sonny Bill . would he be classed as a 50% returning player ?
  14. Will have to have a word in David Argyle's shell about making sure there is plenty of wine in the beer garden!
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