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  1. Basically that things were on the slide prior to Covid and David Argyle whilst putting a great deal of money in was poorly advised by certain quarters. . There were issues that could not be blamed on Covid evident before the shutdown of the season.
  2. Brierley spoke very well on the night and gave an honest opinion on things. Was not nice to have to be told what went on as a TWP fan but better to have more than one side of the story . He had no reason to lie about what went on. I for one believe what he said rather than what we were spoon fed from the club. Certainly not the players fault that they were due money and were not paid.
  3. That's it. All the shipping forecasts it's time for Kes tonight
  4. Same here. Took one of my mates elder brother to tell us who it was.
  5. Do we know which sides still require sponsorship at this level? Just wondering who we may end up as a sponsor for.
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