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  1. Thanks for your wishes . Hoping all our fans stay safe regardless of where they are and we are back playing again this season .
  2. Hopwood Hall campus Middleton has been used .
  3. Rather we didn't to be honest and concentrate on getting some league wins . They are coming but we don't need extra injuries due to extra games.
  4. I am sure you won't have missed all the anti TWP BS
  5. Second one certainly looks much better and cleaner but if we need the dev inno on it I am still ok to go with the first.
  6. Some of the group should be there but 6 of us opted for the hospitality package and have to be at the ground earlier than that for the meal. Sandy Shipley played a blinder organizing everything.
  7. Coming over for the Cas game and our plan is to go to Skyrack .
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