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  1. Sure we will get linked with more ex Leeds players before the season re starts.
  2. I figured it was that one. Just a joke with a few on here who know where I am located in Canada .
  3. Was given a shirt as a gift from a relative after an Aus vacation. They became my Aus team. The shirt still gets the odd run out at Lamport.
  4. Not happening. Have tried but find nothing of interest. Was rough back in the day when UK sport was just a column inch in the sunday paper and nothing on TV. At least now when things get back to normal we will have RL in Toronto and access to SL , RFL , NRL on tv with UK football and cricket.
  5. English Football - Oldham Scottish Football - Rangers Cricket - Lancashire No N American sport
  6. That's it. All the shipping forecasts it's time for Kes tonight
  7. Same here. Took one of my mates elder brother to tell us who it was.
  8. Joey and Luciano Leilua at wests tigers.
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