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  1. Thanks for your wishes . Hoping all our fans stay safe regardless of where they are and we are back playing again this season .
  2. Hopwood Hall campus Middleton has been used .
  3. Rather we didn't to be honest and concentrate on getting some league wins . They are coming but we don't need extra injuries due to extra games.
  4. I am sure you won't have missed all the anti TWP BS
  5. Second one certainly looks much better and cleaner but if we need the dev inno on it I am still ok to go with the first.
  6. Some of the group should be there but 6 of us opted for the hospitality package and have to be at the ground earlier than that for the meal. Sandy Shipley played a blinder organizing everything.
  7. Coming over for the Cas game and our plan is to go to Skyrack .
  8. So far it looks like SNW only as sky have the rights. If TWP can get the rights for NA things may change but a little late in the day now. Hence no CBC or Game TV.
  9. Anyone but the Aussies England . Gotta be Jamaica too now we sponsored the Hyenas
  10. Robert, Just had an email from BLK UK . They reckon to have shirts available in about a month shipping from the UK. If you have a place to ship to in the UK you will have one for the game . Hope this helps .
  11. Unfortunately it wont be in by then . Supposed to be there for home opener in April. BLK will be selling online prior to this. Any returns / exchanges can be done at the shop when stocked. Doubtful we will get an online order in time for the Cas game at Headingley either.
  12. Toronto kit release allegedly 10 am Toronto 3pm UK
  13. it better after all this wait and not being available for the Cas game.
  14. I think not. He is not one to get things confused like that. He is fully aware of the roadblocks that have been placed in front of TWP. Probably expecting TWP to be the fall guys if there are changes ahead . The current squad isn't to be feared. Respected but not feared. The financial muscle is there to run riot should they get a foothold in SL and this may be the issue.
  15. Hopefully the jersey's will be made available.
  16. Hyenas for me . Nearest to a Wolf!
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