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  1. We as a club have no defence with respect to non payment of players . It is also understandable that other clubs are more worried about their own players wages but this whole allowed back or not could have happened quicker even with due diligence .
  2. I understand this but it is not as if this issue has just arisen . Seems the players are not at the top of the list but that's not new really.
  3. The wait another four weeks maybe fine for the clubs but what about the players who now have to go another month unpaid? This should have been first and foremost imo.
  4. I thought so too. Likewise supporter actually supports the team whether by attending games or putting money / time in via other means.
  5. Sure we will get linked with more ex Leeds players before the season re starts.
  6. I figured it was that one. Just a joke with a few on here who know where I am located in Canada .
  7. Was given a shirt as a gift from a relative after an Aus vacation. They became my Aus team. The shirt still gets the odd run out at Lamport.
  8. That's it. All the shipping forecasts it's time for Kes tonight
  9. Same here. Took one of my mates elder brother to tell us who it was.
  10. So far it looks like SNW only as sky have the rights. If TWP can get the rights for NA things may change but a little late in the day now. Hence no CBC or Game TV.
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