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  1. Only if we can get UK played games on TV here . Going to be a pain this season if all we get is meagre pickings of when on sky .
  2. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to my fellow TWP supporters. Going to be one helluva season with highs and lows but roll on season opener.
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all concerned with ORLFC . Going to be tough but best wishes for the upcoming season.
  4. Which club / clubs to choose depending on how much is raised?
  5. Was told by the club shirts will be available before the season opener and leisurewear in Dec. Not looking likely for the latter . Fingers crossed on the replica shirts as wanted them available for those heading to Leeds . Tickets booked so that's the only piece missing !
  6. These are the things we should be rightly proud of and shout from the rooftops. If it hurts a few feelings along the way so sad. Run with the pack
  7. Sounds great . Sure if it was mentioned to the club they would be more than happy to oblige.
  8. Sandy has got the tickets for six of us to hit the season opener. Cardboard cut out crew on tour!
  9. New shirt not available till January . Just training gear to be in store this month. Missed the boat for sure.
  10. Lost out because of the HKR defeat in the 8's . They walked the league in fairness. Had they beaten HKR at Lamport they would not have needed to be in the MPG. Take your point that they should have gone up but underachieved is a little harsh.
  11. Ah right. That's a relief. thanks for that.
  12. Was mentioned it was Cipriani.
  13. With the season done for us we can reflect on another great effort by all concerned but the fixture list will be on us soon. Who do we want to see as the first visitors to Lamport? Renewing hostilities with Salford , HKR, Warrington or Leeds? For my money it needs to be one of the bigger clubs to add that little bit of spice to our true season opener at Lamport.
  14. To be fair the current team under McDermott is playing a totally different way. The tactics used when we played Salford were those of Rowley and thankfully are gone. At the time it didn't sit well with me so now much happier that that side is no longer there. We as clubs all have players who do the wrong thing but that did seem to be asked of certain players. Nice to see some positives from you though!
  15. How can there not be smiles with Canadian fans "WE ARE SUPER LEAGUE"
  16. The easiest way is to add seating at the scoreboard end of the ground . Also to work with the city on the numbers allowed in with fire regs. Those you see on matchdays in the VIP and beer garden are in the 9600 capacity . The east and west stands can hold the 9600. there is scope to increase capacity without the adding of extra seats . TWP could significantly increase those able to attend without losing what has been built as a great game day experience for home fans and visitors alike. Bob Hunter has experience in this area and will have already noted what changes need to be made I am sure. Just such a huge jump going up to BMO . It would kill the atmosphere .
  17. John Tory said after the game that the city would be putting in extra seating at Lamport. BMO would be too big and the game day experience people have had at Lamport would disappear. Much better to stay at Lamport and expand the capacity for now.
  18. Congratulations. Had to watch on our league app in Toronto. Thought the TWP game was hard to watch but what a see saw game Sunday. Fully deserved the win. See you next season.
  19. Harry we have discussed this before. Anyone with the slightest insight into RL can see that TWP need a big change in the squad should they go up. Best we can hope for should we go up is consolidation without a relegation fight. Then push on from there. The rest of the championship are a long way behind us in being able to cope. Luckily there are people in the club who realise our position and what is required. Not all TWP fans are oblivious to what lies in wait. The cull has already started and players have been released back to Leigh . How much wiggle room McDermott has remains to be seen but the gap between the two leagues is a huge ask for any team.
  20. The way Fev battered Toulouse in the play offs shows on field they are nowhere near SL either. Great performance by Fev but if Toulouse have SL ambitions that team was nowhere near the standard required.
  21. same rules must apply but not when taking the money off Toronto yeah right all is fair and good.
  22. They have performed well above expectations and deserve credit for reaching the final whatever the result. Hope its a game too far as a TWP fan but can respect their achievements this term.
  23. Fair compromise???? You are kidding right? We have been ripped a new one yet again. Sick of the one way street. I would have been quite happy for TWP to tell em where to stick it again for 2020.
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