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  1. Best of luck . Hoping for a Toronto Oldham double win this weekend . With you in spirit if not body!
  2. All we can ask for. Whoever wins to go up and upset SL.
  3. Toulouse will have to be on top of their game this week as Fev are on a roll. Play like they did Sunday and Fev will turn them over. Both this game and the final depend on whether the sides play to their potential. Any outcome is possible but if TWP play as they can it won't matter who makes the final with them.
  4. as long as they don't over stretch themselves and damage what great progress has been made. Certainly a great city to visit when aligned with a rugby game.
  5. Well deserved. Hope to see you push on next season.
  6. In the grand scheme of things does it really matter? Most are there for the actual game AND a great game day experience. Others the social side of it. They are spending dollars whilst there . They don't spoil my enjoyment of the game and the post game is a fun atmosphere . Everyone goes home happy . Job done.
  7. And your point is????? TWP are a Canadian team . Same with the Raptors in the NBA. If our fans are OK with no Canadians in the team suck it up.
  8. Approx 21 pounds single ticket . Season pass was much cheaper as the play off tickets are included too.
  9. Belongs to the city. No plans to buy it have been touted. No real room to redevelop as enclosed on three sides. But already holds 9600 so using the area at the scoreboard end for a little extra capacity should be ok for now .
  10. Why should they be given a special arrangement? If the Canadian gov feels they wouldn't normally be fit people to enter Canada then just because they are here to play a game of rugby shouldn't be of any consequence. This is becoming a one way street that doesn't sit well. Yes we asked to join the British league but all the concessions are going one way.
  11. Fairfolly, Fair enough but some of the posts on here have been serious and way outta whack . My only concern with the schedule is player welfare . We asked to join the British league so should have to accept certain restrictions on when and where we have to play games as long as it doesn't become detrimental to the players . it is a hard enough game to start with. On the flip side I would not be happy if the schedule meant a distinct advantage to us either .
  12. The club has realized it's not all about 80 minutes . Sure that needs to be quality but half time and post game at lamport are well thought out to give everyone a fun day out. Not all about the alcohol either.
  13. It's a given that the top tier in our game should prove that TWP as the prototype can fit in and add to SL. Then we can look at other sides . To be fair Toulouse are not being scrutinized as much but they should not be thought of as the right fit without being examined fully either. If TWP are not given access to SL then it is pointless creating the Ottawa club. It needs to be a fit both ways. For the British game and NA teams.
  14. A lot of them thought it was going to fall apart well before now .
  15. Denying entry to SL would be the major reason for any failure here. Toronto fans wont accept a club stuck in the championship. Unfortunate but how it is. Regardless of how good the product on the field . There is a need for a winning team to build support . It took TFC a fair while to get good crowds as to be fair they were not that good at the start . A move up into SL will mean the fair weather fans will have a reality check when the better teams come to town . Hopefully most will stick around for the long haul when they realize what they have here and how fortunate they are that David Argyle offers such fare.
  16. Not seen anything from the club yet and tickets seem to be still available . Anyone heard anything recently as would be nice to get sell outs to finish the season.
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