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  1. Welsh government just confirmed lockdown to continue here.
  2. Really hope that your mum is ok and felling better soon.
  3. We speak to the kids once a week at least just checking in on them. Vulnerable kids more often and Specialist support staff visiting them. We have provided a revised timetable for ks3 but only for approx 2 hours a day of formalised learning and adding more open ended tasks and resources for students via Show My Homework. For exam classes been using Microsoft teams for more formalised lessons via audio. That being said many kids just haven’t bothered looking at some of the work. It’s not the easiest time for them.
  4. Or as they are better known Cabinet Ministers in Johnson's government.
  5. Mrs PBC has sourced the first two no problems the couple of shopping trips she has made.
  6. My in laws Practice have been closed all week - lack of protective gear ......
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/25/homeless-travelodge-residents-turned-out-on-to-street-coronavirus
  8. A Black Fox ran across the road in front of my house today. Reported it to www.blackfoxes.co.uk.
  9. Not sure what situation is in England. In our borough only 5 schools including mine will be open for key workers children, spread out across the borough. Some boroughs all the schools are closed totally, Swansea has loads open for kw children.
  10. Alan Bateman has just ran past me while I’m out walking the dog down a country lane near my house at Mo Farah pace.
  11. Lots. Including serious ones. If it’s infected it’s unlikely to be sensitive to hot or cold But probably swollen. Ring 111 for advice.
  12. You will have trouble. Mrs PBC is a dentist and says you could be very lucky but unless they are not busy (little chance) ring 111. Any decent dentist will say forget it.
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