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  1. Do you still want all the stresses of being a head on top of having to pay a bigger mortgage and working longer ? You’d be a statistic in no time. Number two all the way.
  2. He’s my next door neighbour and is in damn good shape for his age. Might get a free lift to and from games now !
  3. I remember playing against Thatto Heath about 20 years ago and they had a halfback who just killed us with pinpoint 40/20s all game.
  4. Good to hear she has first choice. Overnight here WGdropped a and a star grades by 13% which means lots of our kids lost out whilst the historically ‘top’ schools are posting record results... Appeals process here means kids have to agree to ‘lose’ the awarded grade and so may end up with a lower one if they appeal Hope it’s different in England but with Partridge/Spencer in charge probably as bad or worse....
  5. Changing specs will be taken into account because of limited data on performance - or at least in Wales WJEC confirmed that to me. if your daughters ‘hard’ or high level evidence has been previously good she should be ok. So end of year 12 exams will probably be her best examples of this. Ultimately even for this shower of useless **** this is a total balls up and should just award the CAGS Which are far more robust IMO.
  6. Unless things are different in England then any past question answers aren’t high level evidence and the school would be taking the proverbial trying to use them as such without substantial other examples eg mock exams to support them. Bedfordshire Bronco may have more On this from English POV though but I think it was a blanket JCQ directive.
  7. The breathylser isn’t required anymore. You will need a warning triangle though.
  8. And get euro breakdown cover. If you breakdown on French motorway it’s automatic fee of about 120 euros iirc just to be towed off.
  9. Just follow the directions of the signs - don’t try and overthink directions etc. If it says Reims (for instance on the A26 going south) which will be on your route to Zurich follow that and then the look for next big town/city on route and follow those signs. Use www.viamichelin.com for route planning.
  10. Bwlch road from Nantymoel to Treorchy. Bizarrely Nantymoel would be up there with the not great towns whereas Treorchy is pretty damn good.
  11. My nephew has said hes seen a spike in cases over the last week.
  12. That's great to hear Steve. In relation to Euro XIII's what is WRL's take on it ?
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