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  1. That's great to hear Steve. In relation to Euro XIII's what is WRL's take on it ?
  2. Try Cowbridge did you ever make it down to South Wales.
  3. Just read the sad news that Simon has passed away. Only met him the once but a truly lovely and passionate RL supporter. RIP LRL. ?
  4. The point you make on parents is key. l’m sure every member of the profession would be very proud to read your last line. ?
  5. Also depends on what the school has decided to do. We (ie my school) are simply staffing ‘bubbles‘ of 7/8 pupils within a year group as in Wales we are ‘checking in catching up and prepping for Sept’. Staff are being allocated with specialisms to those classes as best as we can but for nine and ten maths as I’ve already mentioned we are stuffed until the end of term. A Level we’ll be ok for all subjects. But until you know how many staff you have available.....
  6. As a general rule, we wouldn’t timetable a non specialist with a class above Year 8, in exceptional circumstances Year 9. In those cases it’s normally where we would slot a member of SLT if needed, but there would be lot of support from members of the faculty involved for that staff member.
  7. Not at all - we are on 20 definites at the moment. I’ve no doubt that will rise a fair amount but I do know that we’ve only got 3 maths teachers available until the end of summer term for the timetable. All our staff as you will know have to prove their status to HR and to the Headteacher, so any potential ‘rogue’ would be found out pdq.
  8. And if those children are younger than school age ? Or have complex medical needs ? Most of our staff have public sector partners or are single parents who are in this position. You've also missed out the fact that I've clearly stated that this is the position AT THE MOMENT. Up until now we haven't needed them as the others have volunteered to man the Hub we have been running. Right now I know we have 20 staff available. We are trying to assist by providing childcare as I stated for when the pupils are meant to be back in from June 29th but that's also dependent on numbers of pupils that are actually attending - less than 1/10th of one percent have been in since lockdown. We almost certainly won't need all of them. if they stay at home and provide the support and work for students and that is best for them I don't have a huge problem with it. As far as reputation goes the local community have been very supportive.
  9. You have particular in-depth knowledge of our staff ? I Thought not. You missed out childcare issues, which are amplified here when many of our staff live a significant distance from the school in rural areas and where usual arrangements are not available. We are looking at providing childcare in the school and have consulted those staff. At the moment we are awaiting responses. I wouldn't presume to make claims based on someone else's school because each one is different
  10. No about 50 of our staff are shielding - or have significant childcare issues or have a shielding person living with them including the head who is shielding. Those 50 are working from home and will continue to do so, setting work and giving feedback as well as continuing to make welfare calls each week and any other admin tasks. They just won’t physically be part of the group who are back in from June 29th in the classroom with however many pupils turn up.
  11. Some schools are looking at possibility of 15 as a maximum but as you point out it depends on individual schools classrooms.
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