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  1. Top person, damn fine player. Announced retirement at end of season. Deserved more time than he got in SL.
  2. Alternatively stay in Narbonne - less touristy but v beautiful and closer to Perpignan. Carca that weekend are at home to Albi IIRC though if you want to see two games.
  3. Exactly the way I do it - Limoges route far easier than the A75.
  4. flights from Cardiff to Barcelona are approx £13 one way at minute with Ryanair.
  5. You would pay similar for a far poorer venue in doing that
  6. Barry is close geographically but transport wise isn’t great.
  7. At the time (2013/14) we looked at the various options - Leckwith Athletics stadium or Glamorgan Wanderers RU were the only ones except for the Arms Park. Other than that there really isn’t any. If the money was there the Arms Park is the far and away best choice, but as I say it’s money down the drain unless you can pull in 2k crowds every game to balance what you lose elsewhere.
  8. We took a Scorpions game to the Arms Park in Cardiff in 2014. It was by far the highest attendance and a great match day experience for the fans. Lots of people who were genuine RL fans who lived Cardiff but due to age, transport availability etc couldn’t or wouldn’t travel outside. I particularly remember one lovely old man and his daughter who I spoke to on the day who said exactly that. On costs grounds though it was big - no beer or food takings, and hire of the stadium for the day was well over a grand which was huge for the club at the time as it was on its knees financially. If there were established SL Level Welsh players in sufficient quantity, Cardiff would be a goer. Long term it wouldn’t survive just now playing at Champ 1 level IMO.
  9. That’s a big issue for RL AND RU. Unless the parents are able and willing it’s a big ask for say someone at the top of a valley like the Afan Valley for example or the Rhondda to make two round trips to Llanelli for training you are looking at minimum 60 mile round trip plus giving up the time.
  10. https://www.farmersguide.co.uk/jeremy-clarkson-buys-vast-lamborghini-tractor/
  11. No, by the time I got back I needed to leave to get back to where I was staying. I’ll make sure I do stop next time as a friend highly recommended the food there.
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