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  1. Born and brought up in Liverpool. family mixed Protestant and Catholic. Supporters of both LFC and EFC on both sides of family. Played for Blue Union FC in Liverpool Sunday Premier League (Everton supporters Club) with plenty of Non-Catholics. Its just not a thing. People like you may 'see' what they want but its not real.
  2. Dr Richard Johnson - a neighbour a friend , and a wonderful man.
  3. Scheveningen - Wikipedia Halfway down in History section.
  4. As I understand it it’s to do with location of their WC training base.
  5. And equipment costs for travelling as cargo. Maybe not a huge amount but still needs to be factored in.
  6. WRU/Ospreys do a Swansea one very year. My local beach in Ogmore is perfect for this albeit traffic would be a nightmare.
  7. Awful news to wake up to. Spent a long evening in his company back in 1997 and he was a top bloke.
  8. Gutted I’m in Germany mate or you could have met up with you.
  9. Yes. That’s why I think the money must have been just too good to turn down for him.
  10. As the only genuine Welsh RL star player at the moment it’s a big loss. Regan is v family oriented and that will have played a part I am sure in a deal that looks to be worth 200k plus a year to him.
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