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  1. I’d be interested to know of the circulation how many subscribe and how many are casual purchasers. John are you able to say that? (fair enough if not).
  2. Yeah I subscribe too. I was just amazed at how people above seem to care what photo is on the cover.
  3. It’s only their first season in the championship, better to build slowly than spend a load of money and risk the club’s future if it doesn’t work out. Look at Widnes.
  4. New Zealand Warriors seem to completely change their colours every season or two as well, they should pick one (preferably black) and stick to it.
  5. I only listen to them rather than watch but I thoroughly enjoy them, the presenter Will Perry is a breath of fresh air as well.
  6. 3,000 pathetic? That’s classic. He should have taken a look at the Wire and Wigan play off crowds.
  7. Do any of you actually decide whether or not to buy this magazine because of the photo on the cover, like teenage girls choosing between Smash Hits and Just Seventeen in the 80s?
  8. The profile of the Championship has risen massively this season, possibly to its highest ever, and two big factors have been TWP’s involvement and the televised games. Regarding the latter so what if it would have been the same if York or Barrow had paid for the games to be televised, the fact is they didn’t.
  9. Yes a lot do, and there are a lot of Union fans who’d watch a game of League if it was on. The juvenile rivalry is all one way and is stunting our game.
  10. Any more detail than that? What sort of marketing and to whom etc?
  11. I asked previously on this thread but you probably missed it, so other than getting non-RL fans in to watch and see if they enjoy it, how would you suggest Newcastle Thunder increase their fan base?
  12. This will never do, we can’t have Union fans watching League.
  13. Fabulous news, thanks for sharing it. It won’t stop the doomsayers groaning on about how the game is dying though.
  14. Quite a few at the time, they used to get decent gates. Then they moved miles away.
  15. Can you stop being so positive please, this a RL forum you know.
  16. At club level it isn’t dwarfed by Union; our top flight average attendances aren’t far behind and our second tier ones are significantly better. Internationally though then yes of course.
  17. Yes. But obviously you don’t think getting new people along to games to see if they like it is a way to get new fans. How would you go about it?
  18. And none of them went back. How many were free tickets, hospitality etc Also what’s happened in Perpignan is no indication of what might happen in Tolouse as they are completely different cities with different sporting cultures; you might as well say London Broncos will soon be getting 12,000 crowds because York have multiplied theirs by 6 in a short period of time - the comparison is meaningless at best.
  19. Don’t forget they’re all free tickets and people are press ganged into the ground against their will.
  20. You said the Dragons are the biggest rugby club in the city, hence me asking why you thought that, and now you’re saying they’re not? Anyway as I have continually said, RL is the third (if not lower) sport in Tolouse, who also have a Ligue 1 team. There is absolutely no reason other than daydreaming to think they will ever get 10,000 crowds, there is no history of them and the current crowds are pathetic despite them being contenders at the top of the championship. Using your Catalans argument you could say that about establishing a team in any city in the world, such as Liverpool where it will definitely never happen either. I’d love to see a Tolouse team in a 14 or 16 team SL averaging 10,000 (along with all the other teams) but there is zero reason to think it will happen any time soon.
  21. It’s time for a 14 team SL with two up two down.
  22. Toronto going up with an average gate of 8,000 (conservative estimate) and London going down would boost the whole league’s average attendance by about 500, and maybe more as I expect away crowds will be bigger to see TWP than they are London. Yet a lot of posters here still think Tolouse are a better bet to raise the profile of SL and some would be happy to see the back of the likes of HKR and Cas to get them in.
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