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  1. Just voted for Salford, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Leeds.
  2. Just to clarify by ‘do a job’ I meant drive the team bus or something like that. I’d get carried off after I’d been tackled a few times these days
  3. Now International Rugby League is (superbly) all the rage and everyone wants heritage players, who could you play for? I could play for England or Poland and possibly Lithuania. I’ve recently given up hope of an England call up but reckon I could do a job for the latter two. If they extended it to Great Grandparents it would open up even more possibilities, must write to the RLIF about that.
  4. At least that’s related to their traditional colours, though agreed it is a terrible Suffix, like all of them except Trinity and Rovers.
  5. Yeah why have it in a rocking stadium full to the rafters in the town where the team are from when you could take it to Old Trafford and get 25,000 rattling around in it.
  6. At least the Steelers suffix is related to the City though, Eagles could be anything. When I lived in sheffield in the mid-90s I thought RL was about to take off in the city, obviously that never happened for various unfortunate reasons but I don’t think it ever will now sadly.
  7. I wasn’t thinking about the Broncos (though you’re right that is bizarre), but if Sheffield Eagles want to make their mark in sheffield they should have the name of the city as the thing that shouts out, not the suffix which could be from anywhere.
  8. I thought more than a couple of thousand (bearing in mind the record is 6,000 so the average game will be lots less). However my surprise isn’t really the issue, my point was that numbers like that aren’t going to impress any potential broadcaster.
  9. That’s like saying why does Bournemouth v Watford get more than 11,000 viewers on sky. Wouldn’t you expect a televised audience to be bigger than the attendance?
  10. Agree with DoubleD, Sheffield should be a lot bigger, ideally the same size as Eagles.
  11. NZ again, I’d love to see us play Tonga or Fiji over here though, ideally in a double header with the Knights playing Wales or France in the opening game.
  12. Yes it is surprising to me, given there have been plenty of championship and league one games on Our League and they must have have all got less than 6,000 viewers.
  13. I think I read the top Our League viewing figure last season was 6,000 for the Oldham v Newcastle play off final (was astounded at how low it was tbh but fairly sure I read that), in which case I doubt Netflix or Amazon would be falling over themselves based on that.
  14. Eh? I thought they had been given T1 status, and were now one of the four top seeds in the four WC groups?
  15. No idea but it will make the World Cup more interesting. Unless you get excited by which of NZ and England will lose against Australia in the final.
  16. Yeah agreed, and I hope they can become the fifth tier 1 team, but they’re not there yet. By producing players do you mean new ones on the island (stolen from Union) rather than heritage Aussies and Kiwis from the NRL who’d have played for Aus or NZ in the past? If so that is great news
  17. I know but surely you understand what I’m saying.
  18. Having four top teams is good for England though, as it will make things more interesting and strengthen the game. If only Fiji, Samoa and France could follow them.
  19. Given the boost a PNG win would give the game there I almost hope it happens, especially if it means England get a new manager.
  20. Classic simple kit and not plastered with sponsors (by RL standards) - I like it a lot.
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