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  1. Good point, sometimes they don’t even get possession and they’ve lost, it’s rubbish. Worse in fact than penalty shoot outs in football, which I’m not a fan of either.
  2. Good point about player welfare. I just find it’s usually unfair on the losing side, as it’s basically whoever gets in position to kick first, and it’s an unsatisfactory way to end what almost by definition has been a great game. Maybe in the cups then.
  3. Do many of you like Golden Point? I don’t personally, in the league I think sharing the points is fine, and in the cup I’d like to see them play on until someone scores a try rather than the lottery of who gets possession in view of the sticks first.
  4. They’ve had away teams playing at home in the league though. The RFL will go with wherever is cheapest.
  5. If he’s committed drug related offences (and I don’t know if he has or not) it’s not unfortunate, he’s chosen to do it.
  6. a, it’s not a two horse race, at worst it’s three (Eels, Melbourne and Penrith) b, yes blowouts are dull but rugby (compared to say football) generally sees the best team winning c, most leagues in every sport are the same, the top teams win and the rest lose
  7. I hope he finally fulfils his potential and they go up. As long as SL don’t find a loophole to then kick them out and vote Leigh Miners in.
  8. Is there much visibility of RL and Oldham RL team in the town these days? Ie do you hear many people talking about it and wearing merch etc?
  9. I’m not a Daily Mail reader but it’s not like outrage is confined to them tbf, it’s everywhere these days.
  10. A matter for them surely, not an Internet kangaroo court demanding his sacking (not that I know what was said).
  11. I think the AJ Bell stadium would cost more than Gareth Hock’s salary.
  12. Two major finals in the last two years, the same as Saints and more than anyone else. There’s plenty of teams who should move over before they do.
  13. Bants aside, when people say they should be included they can’t have ever been to Cumbria, you might as well merge Widnes and Hunslet.
  14. Iirc didn’t Ryan Giggs’ dad play for Salford? If so hopefully he’s got a soft spot for the club.
  15. Great to hear. I used to go now and again and always enjoyed it (would have gone more if I wasn’t a student living on the other side of town, with all my money devoted to drinking, and with hindsight I wish I had). I’d love to see you back in SL.
  16. Well it’s been a while since we had this one. I was listening to the latest Out of Your League podcast earlier and Kyle Amor was the guest. He said that he thought (if the finances were in place) a West Cumbrian team alternating games between Whitehaven and Workington would work. What do you think, could it work? never having been there I imagine p155ing off the fans of the two rival clubs might be a big issue, but it’s been done and worked elsewhere before (in the NRL and Inverness). They certainly have the player pool.
  17. It’s only a third kit though isn’t it, so they can have a bit of fun. By the way, have you ever seen anyone in Sheffield out and about in Eagles merch? Other than on match day? When I lived there (mid 90s) they were quite big news but is there any evidence of them about the place now?
  18. I’m not saying I think a petition will work boss, merely that it’s what people are being asked to do.
  19. I think people are suggesting that they could try to help, eg by fans signing this petition. This isnt anything to do with the RFL, it’s a matter for the club, Salford Council and Sale Union club.
  20. This is really a local matter to Salford and I don’t know what relevance or influence someone 200 miles away signing it has, but I’ll do so anyway as I’d hate to see Salford made homeless. There are some other great petitions on there, I particularly liked Preserve the Cliff Swallow colony under the Argyle Bridge in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.
  21. Sheffield Eagles new third strip. I like it. https://www.eliteprosports.co.uk/shop/sheffield-eagles/sheffield-eagles-replica-shirts/sheffield-eagles-2021-replica-alt-shirt
  22. Nice design, especially the black with gold writing. Hope your team (and RL throughout Turkey) grow and thrive - good luck.
  23. It’s completely different in America to the UK tbf, top down works better there.
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