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  1. Agreed, but would Sky money go down if there were fewer games for them to show? I guess that is the crux of it as far as the SL clubs are concerned.
  2. I won’t be going up north midweek (have got tickets for four weekend games) but of all the group games I like the look of Samoa v France and Tonga v PNG the most.
  3. Has any of that £16m actually been spent? I know the FA have a few quid but the certainly don’t waste it on League two football, which is largely as impoverished as rugby league. It’s all about the premier league and championship. Anyway yes agreed I hope there is some wriggle room, although it would still be great to see it at Wembley as the showpiece game, an empty Wembley would carry much more kudos than an empty Bolton stadium (or whichever of the dull identikit northern football grounds they chose).
  4. I expect the RFL will already have a contract to play it there, they won’t just be able to say no thanks and move it somewhere cheaper. Even the league two play off final was held there for example, they might as well have played it in a park if they’d have saved money by doing so.
  5. Hopeful that they’d return I should think, not expecting. Budgeting for them to come back with no mitigation against it not happening would be deeply irresponsible, I can’t imagine any club would have done that.
  6. No responsible accountant would have factored normal crowds returning into any club’s budget for the 2020 season.
  7. I doubt any of the clubs really thought there would be crowds before the end of this season though, or factored them into their budgets.
  8. Under the 1000 fans rule there would be no corporate, away fans or casual fans. Plus stewarding and other covid-safety costs would be huge and probably bigger than what would be brought in by food and drink sales.
  9. I wouldn’t bump the World Cup, it would be better to have a shorter SL season but still have the World Cup, it could be the shot in the arm that the game needs by then.
  10. I don’t think this will have a massive impact on 2020 season finances? Most if not all of the fans allowed in would be ST holders, most of whom have donated their money to the clubs anyway.
  11. Massive gulf in standard between top and bottom though, much more so than any other division.
  12. Cas and Hull KR shirts for sale in Walmarts across Canada - bring it on
  13. To be fair they are quite open about it. However NFL staging a game at Wembley and bringing two enormous teams, staff and media circus over bears little relevance to TWP bringing 30 people here for an away game.
  14. You don’t become an international rugby player by being a quitter.
  15. I only got Sky Sports three weeks ago (via Now TV) for the RL and NFL, and I only got it because there was an offer where it was £20 a month for 9 months. I’ve always given it a miss because I don’t want to fund the extravagance of the premier league, which is basically what you’re paying for, however I thought £20 was decent value for what I want it for. Regardless though, I do think European football has been ruined somewhat by premier league money, and think that’s a real shame.
  16. Agreed, just bought tickets for 8 mates from Norfolk to go to the quarter final at the KCOM, 6 of them have never been to an RL game in their life (though to be fair a ###### up in Hull was the big attraction).
  17. Good point, though anyone can register for the pre-sale now I think.
  18. It would have been good if the clubs had advertise the fact that tickets went on sale today on their own websites and Facebook pages, for maximum outreach. It wouldn’t cost them anything other than a few minutes of an employee’s time. I’ve looked at a few though and there’s nothing.
  19. Have you tried starting again and setting up a new account, maybe with a different email address if you have one?
  20. If you went to the FA Cup final or a play off final or something you wouldn’t be picking your seats, you’d pay for some seats within a price category the same as this.
  21. Yes that’s it. To be honest it would probably be too complicated to have everyone picking their own seats, seems fair enough that they’ve done it that way.
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