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  1. Any supporters having a bet on any of the leagues?
  2. What are peoples early thoughts on divisions 3 and 2 this season? there has been some high profile recruits (players and coaches) in division 3 already and it’s shaping up to be a competitive division, more competitive than last time where Woolston and Hunslet were the best 2 in the comp. I think East Leeds will go well, having showed their strength in the regional comp in 2021 and would be my pick at the minute. As for Division 2, I couldn’t call a winner, both dewsbury teams have lost a player to the semi-pro game, hunslet’s numbers seem to be dwindling, based on last season, and I haven’t seen much of the rest of the league. I think my early choice would be Normanton. I was surprised to see Saddleworth move up, but Heworth is a just replacement who could easily challenge for the title.
  3. A good chunk of that England team are from NWML. i went to watch hunslet warriors vs siddal a couple of week ago and Tyler Dargan was one of the best players on the pitch (siddal have 2 representations too) scoring a fantastic try. I agree with the regional route to country representation, makes it fair then. should be coaches from all regions, including the SCL, as it is England community lions, not Lancashire lions
  4. I feel like the lower NCL divisions typically get ignored. Fair enough the quality isn’t as good as the top divisions, but there’s some fantastic young players there who wouldn’t look out of place in divisions above. I know the top divisions in the regional leagues get looked at. In the England under 20’s side, 8 of the 20 play in prem/div 1 of the north west men’s league. Seems very Lancashire heavy. I haven’t seen these play admittedly, but surely they’d rather compete in the NCL if they’re good enough, no?
  5. Good to see a young player getting a chance. Wish more would
  6. Think Tyler Hart from stanningley is an outstanding young forward, cemented in the stan team. haven’t seen much of him this year, but Harry Copley from Dewsbury Celtic is another good young player. I believe both played for Yorkshire in origin, not 100%. Although I know Tyler played for England community last year at u19s also, Tyler Dargan from Hunslet warriors, seems to be scoring every week against upper level opposition compared to themselves all would be under 20’s level I believe hunslet parkside have some fantastic youngsters coming through also this year. Albeit they might be playing them against lower opposition compared to what they usually face, they are there on merit and also Siddal have some representation, but they have an outstanding young side and could easily merit more
  7. Congrats to all players called up for England community lions. however, does anyone feel like there’s a huge Lancashire/Cumbria bias?/lack of Yorkshire based players. a few fantastic young Yorkshire based players come to mind who seem to have been completely overlooked or not even stood a chance
  8. Gonna put some early predictions in. Woolston to beat Beverley by 10 Crosfields to beat Dudley Hill by 4 Barrow to beat Celtic by 18 Hunslet to beat Clock Face by 14 Dewsbury Moor to beat Normanton by 24 St Judes to beat saddleworth by 30
  9. Sky bet. offer all divisions in NCL. hunslet’s odds have dropped further
  10. Yeah, understandable. i think they’re in a position now where they have a very good coach and a very good young team. As long as pro clubs don’t pick off a couple of players or even the coach for a few years. Hunslet could rise through the division and become a force in amateur rugby again. this season will be a good test, and their pre-season has set them in good stead. will be interesting to see how St Judes do, as billy rightly pointed out, losing a couple of key players. any early predictions for 1st games of season? 2 weeks away
  11. I’m merely a supporter haha. But I’m sure most players back their team to win the league. anyhow, I’m excited to see how hunslets youth which shone last year cope at the next step up
  12. I think best value for money odds are hunslet. They’ve reduced from 10/1 to 13/2, but as 4th fave they’re worth a punt. after a successful first rebuilding year they can only get better with a young team. will be interesting to see how woolston do this year, been beaten by Crosfields in pre season. I saw st Judes got beat heavily by Milford in the CC. I think it will be an extremely interesting and close division
  13. What’s everyone’s take on the division this year?
  14. What did you think of the game?. Warriors are making some huge scalps in preseason. Good odds on the title too
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