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  1. Would like to know for all divisions which players stood out to everyone and impressed
  2. With the season coming to a close, and the title in Woolston hands (although Batley could have a huge say in this) who for you has been the best team in the league this season? And 1/2 standout players from each club that you’ve seen. Personally, I think its hard to split Woolston and Hunslet, maybe Woolston just edging it with the H2H, but both games Hunslet could’ve easily won. I think the young players in the league have really stepped up, and the playoffs are going to be tough, any team in that could win. I think Dewsbury’s Copley has a bright future, and the 3 teenage hunslet players (Dargan, Naughton, McLelland). I haven’t seen many young players standout like them 4 this season. Haven’t seen many games this year as I would’ve liked so my opinion may be skewed
  3. Oldham finding some form. Not a bad team from what I’ve seen of them, on the wrong end of close results a lot this season, glad they finally got on the right side. I saw the Hunslet highlights and two early Tyler Dargan tries set the tone and decided that game. Dewsbury came back into it in the 2nd half (12-12) but Hunslet controlled the majority of the match and the first half tries (16-0 HT) proved to be too much to come back against, against one of the best teams in the league
  4. What did we make of the results yesterday? Has anyone seen any highlights of games? I know Hunslet and Leigh tend to record theirs. The Oldham Batley game seemed to be good one. Hunslet got a much needed win against a good Dewsbury side, keeps the pressure on Woolston. Woolston made a statement putting 50 past Gateshead too. Finally good result for Drig against Heworth. Going to go down to the wire for 6th spot between Drig and Waterhead
  5. Who do you think has the advantage in the title race?
  6. I have a brother who’s 17 and playing in the ncl. he, among others from his team in the youth, were unlucky not to get scouted considering how good they were. It’s a second chance for players who did miss out. Also gives cat 3 academy players (college level) to have a chance to step up too. Got to be a good thing? Also it could increase the retention rates from 16’s to 18’s? Which would then provide more players to play in the ncl
  7. I’d go for Celtic by 24 Batley by 30 also Drighlington by 6 Waterhead by 14 Heworth by 36 Oldham by 8 Warriors by 10 having seen warriors squad I’d say it’s the strongest squad this season. With the possibility of going 5 points clear of Woolston with a win this and next week, and having one hand on the title I think it’ll push them through. Gutted I can’t go to that game today because it will be a close encounter. Could go either way and have a big say on the title race
  8. Wasn’t a bad set of predictions. Bit far off the Hunslet and Heworth scores, but predicted every win and close with some results (10 points or less)
  9. Predictions this weekend? Woolston by 6 Batley by 16 Heworth by 28 Warriors by 14 Millom by 8 Celtic by 12 Waterhead by 20
  10. Thoughts on Hunslet season so far? Key players?
  11. Yeah, woolston too. The game against Salford will be key for Hunslet, as it’s the game in hand, (providing them and woolston don’t drop points between then) i saw the highlights of the game earlier in the season and the halves controlled it, allowing the younger players (winger and fullback again) to run riot
  12. Yeah I agree, I know some of their younger players (17/18) have terrorised teams this season and don’t look out of place at all, the winger and fullback especially in terms of looking a threat, but the old heads have steadied the ship. Only criticism I’ve seen for this season really is a clinical edge, can be dominating games but only win by 2-6 points. I think in a few years the Hunslet derby will be a good game
  13. I would like to mention the title race, currently in Hunslet Warriors’ hands. From what I’ve seen they have a young team, hosting a few teenagers across the pitch. Beginning of their way back up?
  14. Thread on Division 3 players, teams, title race ect. Doesn’t get spoke about much
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