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  1. hopefully keep hold of as many as possible. we have some great players in the side.
  2. ryan shaw also a great goal kicker currently on 41 out of 44 kicks in super league. I agree Darren holt. but who would you put your life on to get the kick from the touch line.
  3. who would we say has been barrows best goal kicker??
  4. There has been many rapid players for barrow. Currently tee ritson and the likes of Adam ford who played in pre season. That lad is quicker than anyone in the squad over 100m and he’s 19. Training methods have improved everything has developed since then times. So yes nowadays the players are better athletes.
  5. Rugby In general or just at barrow???
  6. I cant agree with this at all. the players now are better athletes then they were. you cannot say a sport hasn't developed in the many years. of course it is going to be a quicker game and tougher the players are better athletes then they were. regardless of the pitch and weather. you cant say its more because of the hard ground. its more of the matter that players are bigger, stronger and quicker. injures happen regardless, bones haven't got any harder. many people don't understand modern rugby is not the same as rugby 20 years ago. its a completely different game.
  7. Modern rugby is a completely different game
  8. I think given the players. Cresta can provide the squad that will deliver. We need to earn the right to play against these bigger teams in championship. When we had the ideal set up. We beat Halifax and Featherstone. I truly believe if we leave things up to the men in charge things will be done and the fans will be happy. We can’t sit and moan it won’t change anything. Yes we can express views but end of the day the lads go out there put their body’s on the line and risk taking time off work through injuries. We have to remember we are only a semi pro team.
  9. We had an awful luck with injuries. We had to lower the intensity of training to not get any further injuries and we had less than 18 at training at times I believe. No one wants to blame it on Cresta or any particular players. The people that know best are in the current job. We need to realise that Cresta will dedicate all his spare time into the club. He’s brought local talent into the actual first team. Adam Ford, jake Carter, Ryan Johnstone. All three played at the under 19s firness raiders, this year national champions. We can’t just jump to blame the coach who’s done so much. Let’s stand by the team and the coach. No matter what happens
  10. Yes he got the players. Of which we constantly had injury issues. Meaning we never managed to get a team playing together week in week out. We also had a few change arounds in the season such as star moving to centre. Lots of things that are all still in the process.
  11. With the right tools Cresta is the man for the job. Yes I agree discipline and penalties this year has killed us. I’m sure Dali has reasoning in the yellow cards but at the same time we can’t afford to be a man down. People criticise Cresta but don’t actually know how much he will put into the team behind closed doors. It would be silly to call for Cresta to leave and a massive shame.
  12. not being able to field the same team consistently and having to always change things around has killed us. players being injured. its been an unfortunate year. decisions where the game is in the balance that didn't go our way such as disallowed trys. the swinton game we had 12 men on the field and they went to score twice. before this we would of been level if not for the disallowed try. just after star goes off they score the following set. if we were not struck with injuries all season and able to field the same team week in week out. then I believe we could of managed our targets beginning of the year. no matter what happens end of the day we stand by the team and the coach, those who want to play will stay those that don't will leave. we need players that want to play for the town and for the coach. we need to make the best out of whatever scenario we are given. there are still games left that on our day we can win.
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