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  1. I'm surprised there have been no other comments. I'm told only 20-30 attended. This is like it was about 15 years This was followed by some very important and well attended meetings at the Forum and Victoria Park Hotel. I unfortunately couldn't go but Debenture Holders must realize that this is the only meeting that officers of the company can be questioned.
  2. That was the most interesting message I've ever read on this Forum. What players we've had over the years. I guess nobody's old enough to include some of the players from the great 50s side or even the Wembley side of 1967
  3. We also received phone call. Much appreciated
  4. On holiday but from BBC Sport website tries were scored by Duffy-2, Toal, Puera = 1 more and 6 kicks from Daly. I agree cracking result. i
  5. Many thanks Ron and I picked up most of the match and scorers on Wwitter but I think tegate was dissapointing. Got the tail end of Dennis on Atlantic and it is wind.
  6. From some distance away. What is the score, the corers and the gate.
  7. I presume it will be played next Sunday because we have no match and I don't suppose Skolars have. The next round is 2 weeks today, I think.
  8. I watched iton YouTube after the game and the sound was fine. It might still be on YouTube.
  9. I watched the match streamed and thought it was supurb quality. The although it didn't look it. gate was given as just over 1000. This was very good considering the wet morning and the early start. The score was 28-0 although the first points weren't scored until after 30 minutes. Certainly Raiders seemed a speedy team and 2 good tries were scored by Hume.
  10. I see in the Mail that Puera is quite happy to stay
  11. Does anybody know the gate. Did we hit 1000 again.
  12. I think the score was 24-16 but what was the gate.
  13. I didn't get to see the game but the important thing is the next round. That one will probably be much more competative.
  14. Good to see an 82-6 win today.
  15. Many thanks Steve. I'll try and ride my scooter along the front to the other side of the stand.
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