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  1. Seeing as though we’ve done a best 13 we’ve seen live what about a worst 13? Don’t be sensitive now people it’s just a laugh: Coach: Gary Schofield 1. Ian Mort 2. George Gambaro 3. Ian bell 4. Jake Spedding 5. Dean mcgilveray 6. Dom Speakman 7. Bobbie Goulding 8. Joe Burke 9. James dandy 10. Mike smith 11. Richard fletcher 12. Barry Pugh 13. Andy Brocklehurst
  2. 1. Broadbent 2. Mcgilveray 3. Blackwood 4. Harrison 5. Nixon 6. Rooney 7. Campbell 8. Mcdermott 9. Ellis 10. Bullock 11. Ostler 12. Catic 13. Luisi 14. Henderson 15. Knowles 16. Young 17. Wilkes
  3. Could do with an update from the chairman regarding this
  4. Full time 32-22. Fantastic performance and top credit goes to the coach and players. Well done boys.
  5. Leeds players or not this is a nightmare game. Best we can hope for is no serious injuries.
  6. Tyson, Dec and pez filling in at centres we should hopefully be okay. Another prop is what’s needed
  7. Just been released via Facebook that Star won’t be returning from PNG for the upcoming season. A huge loss
  8. Crestas post match interview stated that lee jewitt will be making an appearance against town and the squad will be trimmed down and players will be given longer minutes. Guessing the PNG lads may be available and if we had to pick a 17 man squad from what’s available what would we go for?
  9. The following squad has been named for the visit of oldham tomorrow. Anyone know why Lee Jewitt isn’t playing? Hopefully not another hock?
  10. Cresta quoted in the mail that training takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays now to ease the load on the players, especially the travellers
  11. Any of them forwards who played for PNG would be an unreal addition. All absolute machines. Money is the main issue though but with aspinwalls wage free’d up who knows!
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