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  1. https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/fixtures Tough start away at Doncaster. Thoughts?
  2. Real shame how it ended for him. Wish him the very best in his future endeavours. Thanks Martin!
  3. Hopefully we get a tasty away trip on good Friday for the derby
  4. First friendly against Workington announced for January 26th with a kick off time of 1:30pm https://barrowrlfc.com/first-pre-season-friendly-announced/
  5. That’s excellent from the club to provide him with the support he requires. Let’s hope he gets through it as he a cracking player
  6. Forgetting Perry Singleton also who I believe could cover the pack
  7. Judging on the current squad that’s been signed up what would everyone’s 17 be for next year? If we’re able to call upon everyone then I would go with: Cresswell ford/toal hulme amean ritson dallimore carter forster puara jewitt smith stack Aspinwall mossop walne duffy terril leaving the likes of crellin/d toal/ morrow fighting for the bench spots. thoughts?
  8. Paisley may be getting signed depending on his injury. If there’s a chance he’ll miss all of pre season then the club might just cut their losses. If not he can be replaced.
  9. https://barrowrlfc.com/toronto-chase-the-wrong-singleton/ excellent headline
  10. https://barrowrlfc.com/dan-toal-the-latest-to-sign-on-the-dotted-line/ another big re sign!
  11. https://barrowrlfc.com/brad-crellin-further-boosts-the-squad/
  12. More like the guy hasn’t got a creative bone in his entire body. Definitely not the answer at 7 if that’s where you’re struggling. Like other barrow fans have said the guys a much better 13 as he’s an animal in defence
  13. https://barrowrlfc.com/jarrad-stack-commits-to-2020/ stacky re signs!
  14. The players offered weren’t to an amazing standard and the money the club would of had to pay wouldn’t of been worth it for them particular players I believe.
  15. https://barrowrlfc.com/raiders-star-to-finish-on-own-terms/
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