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  1. Barroooww


    Did anyone go to last nights AGM? If so can anyone give those who didn’t go a few key points of the evening?
  2. Waste of time worrying about it now tbh.
  3. If susino does join you guys then you’ve got a real player. The guy is an absolute machine. Also looks like you’ve got one of our players in Jake Spedding. Good luck with that one...... https://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/17828740.barrow-raiders-release-jake-spedding-interest-featherstone-rovers/
  4. Spedding was one of our worst signings for a long time. Absolute liability in defence and couldn’t attack for toffee. Definitely the right thing to do releasing him. If he ain’t good enough to get in our side then how is he going to get into the fev side??
  5. Let go of Minoga?? He’s been gone for about a month now
  6. Open your eyes mate they defended like poppadoms at times
  7. What’s the point in a good display if we lose every week Results business I’m afraid
  8. 18-4 down. Defence horrendous and other results going against us big time. Time to prepare for next year
  9. Looks like stackys gonna be playing strapped up with injections and listening to cresta in the mail it seems like Star could be missing for this game at least. Lose Sunday and it’s good night for our season. Hope we’ve used this week off to rest and get some freshness back and then go hell for leather for the last 5 games.
  10. https://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/17798949.referees-coach-steve-presley-apologises-barrow-raiders-head-coach-paul-crarey-mistake-swinton-lions/ too little too too late I’m afraid.
  11. I think next year (conceding relegation) has got to be the year where Johnson and Carter get a permanent 6 and 7 spot. That along with the likes of Adam ford and co we can build a competitive side again. Just a shame as we are going to lose so many players. Walker/stack are apparently off to haven and tee is going back to town. PNG lads won’t be staying and your likes of Aspinwall/hulme/smith may retire with their injury issues. So there’s many places to fill.
  12. Totally agree. Not a single ounce of professionalism. Been an issue for a while now
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