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  1. An imaginary predication of the future of both rugby codes based on the current climate Reports of a Super League TV deal valued at half of the current one makes for grim reading. With North American expansion ruled out and club finances impacted by the pandemic, rugby league in this country looks set to continue on a downward trajectory. Reduced revenue means less money for star players, less money for youth development and less money for stopping the best young talent from being poached by rugby union and the NRL. The result is a stale product on the pitch, more political infighting and crowd numbers that continue to decline. Future TV deals get smaller and clubs struggle for existence. Semi-professionalism becomes the inevitable destination for many Super League clubs. Meanwhile legal cases by ex-players with neurodegenerative disorders become more frequent in both codes. Research into this area is published and establishes a direct link between tackling and collision in rugby with long-term brain disorders. Calls for tackling to be banned completely are eventually heard. Rugby union, now on the brink of ruin from numerous settlements with ex-players, decides to completely overhaul its game. It not only bans tackling, but also removes scrums, rucks and mauls. Tag rugby becomes the only safe and viable option left. The biggest rugby league clubs in England, now disillusioned with the state of its own game, are approached by rugby union to join a new professional league of hybrid tag rugby. Self-interest takes priority and the clubs agree to the move. Rugby league as we know it, is dead. The hybrid tag game is fast, fun and high scoring. But above all, safe. Participation numbers go up in schools as star players emerge and more parents allow their children to play the game. Older generations moan and reminisce about the gladiatorial nature of the game of the past. Younger generations of a more sensitive nature dismiss this with knowledge and understanding of the devastating health effects it caused. Rugby, now a single code, finally has the combination of an attractive, simple to understand game on the pitch, with the influence and resources off it to market it properly. This winning formula results in long term growth and expansion. Rugby one day finally rivals football for popularity and revenue. I hope I am wrong though!
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport Interesting choice of images on the BBC sport home page!... RU - a trophy Horse Racing - horse racing Rowing - rowing RL - a punch up...
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/rugbyleague/article-7976059/MARTIN-SAMUEL-COLUMN-exclusion-answer-problem-like-Israel-Folau.html The bit on Neil Hudgell is on the money (no pun intended). Maybe Super League clubs should show how inclusive they are by having a day celebrating drunks and idolators? They could call it "RL Fans Day."
  4. "RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer, who recently admitted that ticket sales for the Ashes Series would be a consideration when it came to appointing the next coach. " This is the real reason they got rid of Bennett. I wonder if they asked him to pay a £500,000 bond?
  5. Catalans would rather sign Folau than resign Gigot? The dafties.
  6. Good podcast, enjoyed it. It's fun and informal, and the hosts are passionate. But good lord, there were times I was wishing them to shut the hell up and let Mr Perez speak! They kept going off topic just when the chat was getting interesting. So many juicy missed opportunities (that's what she said). Perez though - cool as ####. What a hero. Not enough recognition is given for what he's achieved. Having a crazy dream... "a Super League team in Canada? Get outta town!" But against all the odds, he made it happen. What an inspiration. He makes rugby league sound like the coolest thing on the planet. His self-confidence and conviction is amazing. Seems like a funny, down to earth guy too. I would 100% fangirl out in the corner if I ever met him.
  7. 0:37:30 (Perez on Wolfpack haters) "if you go on those forums, there's only 4 or 5 people who are the consistent haters. They sound like such losers." He's definitely been on this forum.
  8. Great post. What can be done to encourage more attacking play? Reducing interchanges and introducing shot clocks are one thing, but how about limiting the number of players in a tackle to two? The third player generally joins the tackle post contact anyway, with the sole aim of slowing the play the ball down. Getting rid of this cynical defensive play would speed up play no end and give attacking players more opportunities to express themselves.
  9. 6 halves... 25% of the squad. Is Mr Bennett clear on the starting 6 and 7? Could we have a nearly all heritage spine with Coote 1, Austin 6 and Hastings 7? I hope not for the English game's credibility, but based on form alone this would be a good shout. I'd go with Lomax 1, Widdop 6, Hastings 7. Also, Graham 13 to fill the ball playing loose forward role.
  10. Brian would approve of the big city expansion league I suggested in the topic below ? https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/343985-how-about-a-nh-expansion-league-separate-to-super-league/
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