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  1. Why is there a massive advert for Rangers t shirts, under the heading, who most people hate? Meanwhile this could be close again. While we never stop hearing about Wigan’s injury problems, our own seem to be easing at last. According to the coach Ellis. Mellor, Elliott and SIdlow could all return. This could mean a back line of 1.Elliott, 2.Russell, 3.Thorniley, 4. Sau, 5.Gelling, 6.Mellor, 7. Ellis. Not bad eh?
  2. Good to see an up and coming championship outfit outshining an established top 6 super league side, and then defeating the mighty Wigan’s women team. Having said that and seeing the highlights on Sky, I can only see the usual 40 point thrashings by Oz and NZ in the World Cup.
  3. The Wakefield player who started the resulting fracas should also have been binned.
  4. Does anyone know what has happened to Sunday afternoon coverage of rugby league on Radio Leeds? Yesterday saw Huddersfield v Leeds and Whitehaven v Bradford both kicking off at 3 o’clock, but only internet coverage. At least this side of the Pennines we have Rugby League extra guaranteed between 5 and 6 on Radio Manchester plus a full 4 hours from 2 if a local Superleague team play on a Sunday.
  5. Leigh for 46 divided by against 116 equals 39.6 per cent Wakefield 34 over 96 equals 35.4 per cent Salford 16 over 106 equals 13.8 per cent Loving this new role!!
  6. When was this changed? I’ve never heard about it changing and why now after over 100 years of points difference? Not complaining, keep scoring more than Salford and Wakefield.
  7. Yes, but this never happens in Union Southern Hemisphere games, especially Super Rugby, where they used to have their own pundits in the Sky studio.
  8. What a fantastic finish!! Then what? Sky immediately goes off for a millionth showing of an old grand final. We don’t even get to see a replay of Tom Burgess’s incredible winning try. It wouldn’t happen to a yawnion game!!
  9. Of course they should come back, it gets the forwards out of the way.!I’m sick of continual tap penalties, where everybody is set.
  10. This is the guy who pronounces Kristian Inu’s name as’Kris Nanny Noo!!
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