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  1. On magic weekend next year I presume one of the Toulouse v Catalans derbies will be held in France the same weekend with Thunder v Leigh or Fev. being the replacement match?
  2. By the way, Leigh fan for 50 years. What’s your attachment to our great game?
  3. It’s a free world. I only turned over while the Leeds conversion was taking place and heard the commentator mentioning the kickfest. I am fed up of people denigrating our great game and was just emphasising how boring the other code is. They couldn’t even bring themselves to copy our 40/20 completely!!
  4. 44 kicks out of hand in the first 34 minutes of the Bristol v Saracens match tonight with no 50/20s!!
  5. You can set off current profits against losses from previous years.
  6. According to Trevor Hunt on Radio Manchester tonight, there will be a statement on the final decision on the structure for next season made by Ken Davy next Tuesday.
  7. Handicaps for week 24? include Storm-22, Manly-26 and Panthers-24. 2 divisions of 8 required?!!
  8. In nearly all those half back combinations, Reynolds has featured. He has no pace, no tactical kicking nous (one cross field kick in their 20 went backwards yesterday and touch kicking usually only goes 10 metres. With Elliott at full back, surely Ryan deserves a go.
  9. Ryan Brierley has been playing well recently ( chip through the wigan defence for Ellis to score jog your memory), has pace and is more than a capable goal kicker. Why was he left out unless injured?
  10. We paid Toulouse a fee for Teynolds. Can you believe that?!
  11. Why is there a massive advert for Rangers t shirts, under the heading, who most people hate? Meanwhile this could be close again. While we never stop hearing about Wigan’s injury problems, our own seem to be easing at last. According to the coach Ellis. Mellor, Elliott and SIdlow could all return. This could mean a back line of 1.Elliott, 2.Russell, 3.Thorniley, 4. Sau, 5.Gelling, 6.Mellor, 7. Ellis. Not bad eh?
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