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  1. Great coverage in the Sunday MIirror and People, but nothing in Mail on Sunday. However, there is an excellent article on Paul Wellens in today’s Daily Mail.
  2. Looks like Fev. are going to play the same way as last season when their big massive forwards were found out in their games against Leigh when our younger more mobile pack found them out. So to any aspiring championship teams, study the Leigh v Fev matches last season apart from the first of course.
  3. I thought the Catalans are still struggling to have their home games televised this season with only 2 home games confirmed on Sky so far. Or have I missed something?
  4. One of the top friendly fixtures this weekend which I am attending is Leigh v Leeds 3pm this Saturday at the LSV. Yet there is no mention of this on League Express on page 5 of this week’s edition’s fixture list. Has it been cancelled??!!
  5. Edwin Ipape 4/1 favourite to be dream team hooker according to Sky Bet.
  6. Bet 365 have Tonga as 6 point favourites @10/11, and I think that has to be the bet with Jason Taumalolo in that form.
  7. Wily waggling??!! This from the so called moderator. Who monitors the moderator?
  8. Not bad when compared to 5,435 at Warrington for N.Z. v. Lebanon
  9. Disappointed with the totally wicked stadium - no scoreboard, no match clock and the state of the pitch ( there seemed more sand on it than Blackpool beach) meaning any long kicks hardly bounced.
  10. Wasn’t in the IMG report the ultimate aim was to get 14 clubs with A licences giving us 26 matches with the much preferred 13 home fixtures. But what if we get to 16 A’s. That gives 30 fixtures. Do we then have the opposite problem of loop fixtures?!!
  11. This result will tell you why we probably never see touring sides facing club teams who will field weakened sides because of fear of injuries.
  12. This might help in unmasking the culprit of a misogynistic comment made to Gabby Logan when she worked at Sky Sports. In an interview with the Mail she said that as a young reporter on Sky Sports quoted that an older rugby league commentator said to her ‘your a—- is amazing right now, but sadly for you it’s one of those a—-s that will be on your knees when you hit 30.’
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