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  1. My point is Superleague has always had a grand final at s neutral ground, and Fev. had to go away to France one week and then travel to Canada within 7 days. Surely they should have had at least a week off before the final?
  2. On another tack, after all the moaning last season about Toronto finishing top, and then getting too many advantages, are we finally having the grand final at Headingley this season? Or do we run the risk of Toulouse getting all these advantages?
  3. The only reason Hodgson doesn’t sparkle at this level is the quality of the players around him compared with Canberra. Also that kick went back but nobody seems to have noticed.
  4. Melbourne Storm were additionally stripped of their titles in 2010, do not strictly speaking the harshest punishment possible.
  5. The England ru victory parade had already been arranged for Tuesday together with all the mbe and obe’s to be awarded.But what did we get- 4 penalty goals and mostly kick, kick, kick. Rugby Union, surely the most overrated game in the world!! Please can we have Tonga based at the LSV again!!
  6. 6-5 to Saints, but of course most of Salford’s penalties were at the back end when the match was won.
  7. If like me you were expecting to read about a possibly great grand final ruined by a referee who deemed every 50/50 in favour of the Saints, then you would be bitterly disappointed by the League Express. Indeed the only comment by the paper was to speak out against ‘referee abuse’ on its upfront column. No mention of how for neutrals, the game had been spoiled by Kendall consistently penalising Salford for the same offences let go for Saints. No mention either of the elephant in the room- Eamon McManus’s uncalled for verbal assault on the Challenge Cup ref. There hasn’t been a peep out of him this time!!
  8. According to Arthur the referee has not been noticed. But I’ve noticed every 50:50 decision has gone to Saints.
  9. The first try by Roosters was only scored after an amazing decision to give Roosters the scrum after a Rsiders kick was charged down and then hit the Roosters kit man just as Whitrhead could have picked up and scored. Didn’t the same thing happen in the York v Fev game but that decision went the other way . Meanwhile not mentioned at all on channel 9
  10. Great performance by Salford, but is anyone else annoyed by BIll Arthur constantly pronouncing Salford’s left wingers name as Kris NANNY NO instead of Krisnan Inu??!!
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