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  1. Now that there is a possible vacancy next year in super league with Toronto ‘s possible expulsion, surely the time is ripe for a slimmed down championship of those clubs interested in claiming their place, I.e. Leigh, Fev,Widnes,Bradford,London,and Toulouse starting in October and playing each other home and away giving 10 matches with a grand final for the top 2 teams.
  2. We all know the best scenario next season is to have 2 teams promoted next season and then one promoted and one relegated from then on. This gives us 27 games including magic with no dreaded loop games which invariably sees Wigan playing Warrington 5 times in a season. But of course they will never vote for this because their slice of the Sky cake would be smaller.
  3. Why do Sky always cut off just as there is a dramatic conclusion? So frustrating.
  4. Who are you betting with? Both bet 365 and Hills let include overtime in deciding the result.
  5. As previously stated, there are 2 divisions within the championship. So why don’t the 6 or 7 teams that are interested in playing again this season play each other home and away if possible, giving 10 or 12 matches plus the play offs, with 1 promoted via grand final giving a 13 team superleague next season. I presume those 7 teams could be Toulouse, Leigh, Fev, London, Widnes, Bradford and Fax or York.
  6. It just shows how it was a great effort by Saints in the World Club Challenge.
  7. Is anyone frustrated as I am when Sky immediately take off at the final whistle to show for the 147th time a Leeds v Wigan grand final instead of following Fox League’s build up the Roosters/ Eels match which after all is only 10 minutes away!!
  8. Couldn’t agree more. It’s seems every season Wigan play Warrington 5 times - twice in the league, and then invariably get drawn in the challenge cup, loopy fixtures and then the play-offs. Also this year they would have played at magic weekend, so possibly 6!! Surely it would be better with the addition of 2 ambitious clubs from the likes of Leigh, Fev, Widnes, Toulouse, London and York?
  9. My point is Superleague has always had a grand final at s neutral ground, and Fev. had to go away to France one week and then travel to Canada within 7 days. Surely they should have had at least a week off before the final?
  10. On another tack, after all the moaning last season about Toronto finishing top, and then getting too many advantages, are we finally having the grand final at Headingley this season? Or do we run the risk of Toulouse getting all these advantages?
  11. The only reason Hodgson doesn’t sparkle at this level is the quality of the players around him compared with Canberra. Also that kick went back but nobody seems to have noticed.
  12. Melbourne Storm were additionally stripped of their titles in 2010, do not strictly speaking the harshest punishment possible.
  13. The England ru victory parade had already been arranged for Tuesday together with all the mbe and obe’s to be awarded.But what did we get- 4 penalty goals and mostly kick, kick, kick. Rugby Union, surely the most overrated game in the world!! Please can we have Tonga based at the LSV again!!
  14. 6-5 to Saints, but of course most of Salford’s penalties were at the back end when the match was won.
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