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  1. The obvious solution is a 14 team Superleague with 26 home and away games plus magic weekend and no loop fixtures, while still retaining one up one down. However that would mean 1/14 share of the Sky money for each team rather than 1/12 which always seems to be a stumbling block. This always seems to overlook the benefits of having Leigh and Fev. in the top division. Think of all the derbies :- Fev v. Leeds, Cas, Wakefield, Huddersfield, and Leigh v.Saints, Wigan, Wire and Salford. With both teams having substantial away support, what a boost that would be for Superleague.
  2. This is not a good look for the game, and and Saints have form for this. Losing twice to London twice 2 seasons ago with weakened teams and the scandal of their own players betting on a defeat against Bradford in a game before Wembley. Doesn’t help negogiating tv deals when this happens on the main match chosen for Sky.
  3. The last try for Castleford was replayed several times and not one of the numerous Sky commentators mentioned an obvious final forward pass from Trueman. This seems to happen once in every Superleague match. How come in Union they can send possible forward passes upstairs yet in our game we can’t? The result of this match was decided on that forward pass yet nobody seemed to notice!!!
  4. I think he would prefer for Leigh and Fev to replace Salford (poor crowds and soon to be moving to football ground 5,000 capacity) and Wakefield (inferior ground to Fev.)
  5. Sad to see 2 of my favourite clubs in the championship (after Leigh) at loggerheads. Time to kiss and make up?
  6. In a previous interview he stated he lived in Leigh. I think he married a Leigh lass.
  7. The Spanish Knight clip has not expanded, but suffice to say he predicted all the championship winners plus was spot on with Batley-12 (30-18) and Fev-26 (44-18) and within 4 for both Bradford and Halifax.
  8. Yet again you are missing the point. It is the match being delayed for no good reason from a spectators point of view.
  9. The point I was making is from a fan’s point of view. We already have games lasting nearly 2 hours as it is without even more time wasting tactics like this.
  10. There seems to be a trend now of goalkickers getting ready to take a kick at goal, and then waiting for the ref. to signal a minute is up before deigning to take the kick. Even then they take more seconds to compose themselves before taking the kick. This has just happened with Mason Lino for Wakefield, but the most outrageous one was from McNamara for Hull against Leeds last week when Hull were 30-0 up!! This blatant time wasting should be addressed- perhaps reduced to45 seconds?
  11. Will it be on Look North West or be ignored as usual?
  12. Watch out this thread will be closed by the Drakesmaster for being too NRL orientated!!
  13. 15,224 Canberra, 14,182 Roosters, 5,382 Warriors 10,025 West’s, 18,211 Eels and 12,640 Cowboys. So only Eels and Broncos (32,002) beat the Saints crowd.
  14. What’s happened to the Leeds band. Utter silence for the last 20 minutes!!
  15. I’ve seen it all now. A goal kicker wasting time while 30-0 up!!
  16. No, the other Superleague clubs love the present situation, as there is almost no chance of relegation with the present system with no need to split the t. v. monies 14 ways rather than 12.
  17. Very convenient, except Leigh last season were catapulted into Superleague last December with a squad originally put together for the championship. Also the previous time we didn’t even finish bottom finishing above Widnes.
  18. Was I watching the same match? Mellor was our best player apart from MacDonald. Not just me, listen to the commentators constantly praising him during the match.
  19. What is this obsession with Reynolds at half back? I thought we’d got rid of him when he went to Toulouse, only to be brought back at the start of the season. His tactical kicking is atrocious, and he just does not have the speed to get through a gap. The only plus points are his goalkicking and tackling,the latter of which I have my doubts as he could have been sent off for the stupid late lunge last night. Perhaps Lam can be the coach to realise his faults and give Higano his chance.
  20. Absolutely no chance of Superleague clubs sharing the loot between 14 clubs rather than 12. More likely to want 10, even though it is obvious Fev and Leigh would have higher average crowds in Superleague than Huddersfield and Salford.
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