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  1. I believe the South West is made up of Tarka Storm, Teignbridge Trojans, South Dorset Giants and a new club set up by Devon Sharks. I think they are Exeter Raiders or something. They play in Canberra Green I seem to recall. Sharks have gone up to the Southern Conference which is well deserved I think. They have been leading the game in the SW for years and have outlasted all before them. Not sure where the Cornish side went?
  2. Well deserved for the Devon club and the great for the South West. Much respect due to them.
  3. Personally, left to me. We would go back to four up, four down. But That will never happen.
  4. Huddersfield 1864 Hull 1865 Swinton 1866
  5. Is that true though? Maybe you should tell Devon Sharks who have applied and are setting up a development club to take their place in the SWRL.
  6. Terrible news, he played in some of the best teams i have ever seen in rugby. I mean, you can't knock him. A true gentleman, a giant on the field, brilliant player.
  7. I just wish they'd get rid of Jonathon Davies. The lad was a grand player, but his commentary/Punditry makes me want to punch myself in the ears repeatedly. It's mental torture...
  8. I would like to see Swinton go up. I feel that for near 30 years they have been screwed over and over by past directors/owners and the Salford Council. If the council had backed the Lions the way they have the Red Devils, they would still be at home. I think their support have suffered for long enough. Then their mad last owner who just decided that they weren't going home and that they were going to lose their identity. I talk to their supporters sometimes and they would have accepted Manchester Swinton Lions as their name, but Manchester Lions was an absolute no no. I believe he didn't even consult them and when they found out from a rag comic (The S*n) they stood up to him and he bolted. Now there's talk he's going for Rochdale. That's no knocking of Salford, but they have a right to be hard done by.
  9. For me, it isn't. I grew up in an Irish family and have supported Ireland all my life in all sports apart from cricket and rugby league because in my youth, Ireland didn't have cricket or rugby league. Therefore, I have always supported England/GB. I can't change that now.
  10. He ain't getting on no plane.... which is rather ironic as he has had more air time than the RAF.
  11. The A Team - why would anybody hire them? They use millions of bullets and never hit anybody. Crazy Murdoch chappy isn't wanted for any crime and yet he aids and abets wanted felons every episode. Hannibal Smith smokes 500 fags and hour and never coughs. It's madness...
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