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  1. If you mean incorrect PTBs, they`re not looking to pick them up. The rollball is now officially legal in the UK. Check out the RFL`s video where "balance and control" are the stated requirements. Of course, the rulebook still says something totally different. What I meant was I`d like to know what they say about all this in the review process. I saw another shameful incident in video of a women`s game recently. These are becoming more common. The ball was played cleanly with the foot, but brushed against her other foot, the Touch Judge flagged, and the ref ruled a handover, presumably for "loss of control". Meantime, as you`d expect, in the rest of the game players were allowed to roll and walk over the ball. So we`ve reached a point where conscientious players who abide by the rules are penalized, while wilful disregard of the rules is tolerated. As I say, I`d just like to know how they justify that in the review process.
  2. A thought on Warrington - I see them as pivotal to the consolidation of WSL. We need another top women`s club on the superior side of the Pennines. Like York, they`ll need to recruit to make the step up. Their younger players will improve, but that won`t be enough. Two of Saints` best players, Jodie Cunningham and Emily Rudge, are both from Warrington. This Sunday it`s the Championship GF, Leigh Miners v Barrow, at Thatto Heath and live on Our League.
  3. I`d be interested more generally to know what the "post match review process" entails at all levels of the game. What is said about the PTB, for instance? Our officials will have grown up among RL crowds. It`s vital, when they pick up the whistle, that they leave all that behind. Refereeing in accordance with the demands of the crowd is the surest way to ruin the game. At amateur and junior level being relentlessly informed that you`ve missed something can undermine a young ref`s confidence. Reviewing video footage is important to reassure them that most of the forward passes and knock-ons they supposedly overlooked only happened in the minds of those shouting from the touchline.
  4. I`m not fully au fait with recent moves by Touch Union, but like @The Rocket I`m assuming the motivation is proprietorial. The RFU are not a public body promoting health and fitness. Their primary concern is the health and well-being of Rugby Union. Non-contact forms are embraced or not with that purpose in mind. The RFU want anyone "picking up a Rugby ball" to become a Rugby Union fan. Nothing wrong with that. I would prefer anyone "picking up a Rugby ball" to become a Rugby League fan. Nothing wrong with that either. It`s just a bit odd that the RFL want people to become fans of "Rugby".
  5. Yes, there`s an intrinsic value in people playing Tag Rugby League, but I`m looking at it from the point of view of building the fanbase. The aim of Pepsi is not to get more people drinking Cola, irrespective of the brand. If the effect of Pepsi-Cola`s marketing were more people drinking Coca-Cola, their advertising agency wouldn`t win many awards.
  6. I don`t understand why you would be so unhappy with an offload error within your own 30m line, given that a successfully executed offload is one way to relieve the pressure coming out of your own end. Likewise, if the defence leave a narrow short side wide open a confident player can back himself, beat the markers, head down the touchline, cut back as the cover comes across, hit and spin, find the floor, quick PTB. - Another way to break the shackles from deep. Of course if either of these go wrong, you might pay a price. But that`s just the risk/reward calculation part of the game. I recognize the point you make about possible errors on consecutive sets. Although 5 no-frills hit-ups still carries it`s own risk when you`ve been under the pump through a previous error.
  7. In recent articles about Tag on the RFL site we seemed to be moving in the right direction as regards terminology. All come to a shuddering halt with their latest effort headlined "Play Tag Rugby on the famous Odsal pitch", in which the RFL renew their commitment to make RL invisible. There isn`t a single mention of "Tag Rugby League", everything is Rugby Rugby Rugby. Starting to think X-League might be a preferable option. That is if they can prevent the RFL from re-branding it as X-Rugby. Perhaps also underlines the advantages of embracing 11-a-side League Tag as distinct from Oztag/TTR.
  8. Dunkirk Spirit! Hang on though, is that a polite enquiry or a firm offer?
  9. Do you have the 5-city breakdown component of that 3.98? For two Melbourne clubs the AFL GF rating in Melbourne was 1.6m. On recent evidence, I`m not expecting two Sydney teams in the NRL GF to get anywhere near that in Sydney. I`m also assuming the Melbourne rating will take a hit without The Storm there. Brisbane has no vested interest, numbers in Adelaide and Perth are never anything special, so where could 3.98m come from this year?
  10. Where did this "We spoke" verbal tic come from? I don`t hear that in any other sport or walk of life. "We spoke about sticking to our game plan". "We spoke about completing our sets". "We spoke about respecting our processes". They sound like graduates of a group indoctrination session run by a cult intent on boring the world to death.
  11. "Every" was used rhetorically. Mercifully there are a few exceptions to the general rule. Possibly significant that 3 of your 5 choice cuts feature Trent Robinson. Across all media outlets the evidence of coaches turned pundits suggests that inarticulacy and oversimplicity are greater factors limiting their ability to convey RL tactics than any inhibitions around revealing game-plans. Ex-player pundits who have never coached are even worse. Since this is ultimately about the calibration of risk, it`s astonishing how often commentators and pundits are oblivious to the tackle count. Their counterparts in Gridiron would never fail to distinguish between a third down play and a fourth down play. I take the point about "errors of concentration", but the language they use doesn`t make that clear. Something like "Too many unforced errors" would be more illuminating than " we didn`t complete our sets". Coaches clearly do understand the risk of not taking risks. But again, I never hear post-game analysis on that theme. Unless you can retrieve some pertinent examples from your RL Aladdin`s Cave.
  12. Won`t regurgitate all the arguments I`ve made on other threads relating to this, but I just wish people would look more closely and think a bit more about the process of completing a tackle in RL. It`s selling our game and our players short to dismiss intelligent tackle technique as "wrestling".
  13. Every pre-game interview with a player or coach includes the line "we need to complete our sets". Every post-game interview with a losing player or coach includes the line "we didn`t complete our sets". For me, this all comes back to the "simple game" culture. People with a limited vocabulary, who have imbibed a lifetime of assurances that they are playing and coaching a simple game, will tend to repeat the same vapid platitudes.
  14. Contemporary refereeing is an obstacle in this. Specifically, phantom double knock-on calls and misguided application of the zero tackle rule. All the more frustrating in the UK at the moment with scrums replaced with PTBs. It`s standard now for a team to lose the ball, opposition regather, you hear the ref call "no advantage" and go trotting off to the middle for a slow-motion tackle 1 PTB against a set defence. As you say in most cases when a team gain possession following an opposition error their best option is "play-on, zero tackle". For the ref to stop the game there ought to be not just no advantage, but a significant disadvantage. My hunch as to why this is happening is that we now have a generation of officials who don`t remember the introduction of zero tackle. They`re not conscious that it`s purpose was to encourage "play-on". And there`s the triggering effect of seeing the ball on the ground and the consequent desire to draw a clearer line under anything that looks untidy. Worse in Oz, but a factor over here too.
  15. Seen video of a handful of Giants games in 2021. Perceptible improvement during the year. I think they recruited a few players. Younger ones made progress. All led around the park by Bethan Oates, who`s a player who wouldn`t be out of place at Saints or Leeds. Hopefully she`ll remain at Huddersfield. For the health of WSL, we need the better players spread throughout the competition. P.S. - No offence intended, but I wish people would shut the heck up about "wrestling".
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