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  1. How sure are you of a causal relation between inadequate off-field entertainment and lower crowds at these major events? My instinct is that failings in this broader area, day-to-day, week-to-week, are where the problems lie. Encapsulated by the RFL website - desultory, unreliable, banal, frustrating.
  2. Somebody must have told our lot that they can`t say "We have a decision". So they`ve concocted that clumsy mouthful.
  3. What`s the alternative? Natural habitat? Ancient territorial resting places?
  4. Ray French on Andy Gregory - "Pocket Battleship"
  5. "7 Tackle Set" This is a media phrase. Should be "Zero Tackle". The refs usually get it right. At a 20m restart they say something like "Zero coming".
  6. Agree with most of what you`ve said, but not this. Possession is more important in RL than in any other code of football, with the possible exception of Gridiron. Hence, an incident that leads to a transfer of possession is never trivial. It should always be replayed. The fact that it currently sometimes won`t be is a sign that TV directors don`t understand the game.
  7. Don`t forget "Fourth and antepenultimate". Care to buy a username? One careful and weary owner.
  8. "Play-the-ball" is used as a compound noun in RL. So "Play-the-balls" is correct.
  9. @Tommygilf hasn`t yet given any examples of NFL presentation styles at Premier League games, but it matters not since I haven`t made any argument against them, whatever they are. My main point was that factors like these - are more relevant to the popularity of Soccer in 2022. And that no amount of off-field "entertainment" would have had any effect 40 years ago when that game was perceived to be in terminal decline. I agree the presentation should fit the occasion. Just doubt that anyone would care much if the GF were guaranteed a capacity crowd every year.
  10. So only part of it went Pete Tong. I think ultimately the public perception of the content has to carry the event. My recollection is that Soccer became more fashionable and popular after Italia 90. Thereafter, all forms of promotion and presentation became easier. The RFL`s primary aim should be to change the perception of RL in the UK. With that in mind, the threads on here about inarticulate commentators and general media coverage are more germane than those about GF "entertainment". That`s not to say that the "entertainment" doesn`t sometimes make things worse when that "entertainment" aligns with the media coverage.
  11. Notice in what way? Would there be endless pages of existentialist angst on Soccer forums?
  12. Strangely enough, I can`t remember the names of minor sports administrators from the 1970s. What I can remember is that it became de rigueur, following an action-packed outbreak of hooliganism, for Jimmy Hill to advocate all-seater stadia as the remedy while other pundits urged Soccer clubs to replicate the North American sports event experience. Among the players, these sentiments would surface in interviews with George Best and Rodney Marsh when they came back from the U.S. and went to Fulham in 1976. There`s a quote from Marsh when he signed with Tampa Bay Rowdies earlier that year - "Football in England had become a grey game, played on grey days by grey people". BTW, I saw the pair of them in Fulham`s 2-1 defeat at Burnden Park. George scored their goal, and Rod graciously accepted and put over his shoulder a lady`s handbag. Gifted by a Bolton fan who ran on the pitch before the game.
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