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  1. It was probably worse for the isolated proto-punks in 76/77. Being different in a provincial town was a world away from the throng battling the Teds up and down the King`s Road. As a impartial juvenile observer, the cat-calling and intimidation the early punks faced, put me in mind of the gauntlet Quentin Crisp ran when he ventured out dressed up, as portrayed by John Hurt in the TV adaptation of The Naked Civil Servant.
  2. As a fan of minimalist Techno the "less is more" maxim has an alternative meaning for me. Some Basic Channel tracks can be 15-20 minutes long. It`s a vexed question whether Mannish Boy should be called a cover of I`m a Man, and whether I`m a man should be called a cover of I`m your Hoochie Coochie Man. On the subject of Bo Diddley covers, the Jesus and Mary Chain do a cracking fuzzed-up version of Who Do You Love, while at the other end of the spectrum someone from Neighbours or Home and Away had a hit with a version of Mona.
  3. I saw an item on regional TV of The Damned doing one of those gigs.
  4. My first post on this thread was a sober response to the content of the OP.
  5. That`s how I remember it. No fences or fuzz. Complete free-for-all. Amidst the blocks of concrete. Could have been directed by Stanley Kubrick. After one of our games there, Geoff Fletcher helped us escape by chasing all the scallies back up into the housing estate.
  6. This is most common with separate acoustic and electric versions. Neil Young has done a few, sometimes on the same album. Jethro Tull`s Minstrel in the Gallery is an acoustic version followed by an electric version in the same track. I can think of a couple of instances of the curiosity where a group do a version of the same song on each of their first two records. - Pixies do Vamos on both Come on Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa, Little Feat did Willin`on their first album and a far superior version on their second. There was only a slightly longer gap between Bowie`s original version
  7. Great minds... Wonder if I`m alone in only quite recently realising that Carly Simon is singing "your scarf it was apricot" rather than "your scarf it was a cravat"?
  8. Many moons ago I played a junior cricket fixture at Weaste C.C. which, from memory, was in the shadow of the North Stand. Judging from the extensive alterations vandals had made to the clubhouse, it maybe wasn`t the best part of town for Salford RL to be based in. The only place more dangerous for Swinton fans to visit was the old ground at Huyton. (not so much a ground as a few blocks of randomly-strewn concrete). In the interests of balance and candour, it should be acknowledged that Station Road could likewise be a bit of an adventure for Salford fans. Mercifully we didn`t play ea
  9. I was on my yacht the other day chatting to the leader of a major world power. Of the AFL he said... Awarding a point to a player who misses a kick at goal is beyond ludicrous. And some of the fumbly-bumbly passages have me reaching for the smelling salts. Those tight shorts mean you`re always narrowly missing a scandal. That`s 36 chances of something awkward popping out. Overall, it`s too risky to align the company name with such an embarrassing fiasco. He did not elaborate on poor behaviour in the NRL. To be honest, I have no interest in that subject, and he just
  10. That`s 72 hours for Lindsay Anfield to take the coaching job at Trinity taking 7 top players along.
  11. Have a distinct feeling the cited remarks will be "off the record".
  12. Not many covers of Rod originals. There is a Revolting Cocks rendition of "Da Ya Think I`m Sexy?", complete with ribald lyric alterations. In 1978 I could have sworn Rod was singing "If you want my money, and you think I`m sexy", probably because it seemed a more persuasive offer.
  13. In "Especially for you", was Jason serenading Kylie or vice versa? Who`s who in this relationship? I`ve seen some footage of one of those international rules Australia/Ireland games. They had the GAA goal and posts plus the AFL one point for a miss posts. I`d like to see a basketball hoop fitted to all four posts. The more the merrier, all the fun of the fair.
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