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  1. Posted this in the women`s and girls` section, but it bears repeating. World Cup 2017 - Australia 38 England 0, New Zealand 52 England 4. World Nines 2019 - Australia 42 England 4, New Zealand 33 England 4. The 2013 WC equivalent games were a lot closer, and further back our women sometimes beat the Jillaroos, as regularly did the Kiwi Ferns who were the dominant team in the first decade and a half of Women`s RL tests. Result of the 2008 WC final was Australia 0 New Zealand 34. The period leading up to the 2013 WC was when Australia started to take the women`s game seriously, and the effects since are manifest.
  2. Attacking patterns have changed over the years, and defensive structures must have correspondingly adapted. Whatever the era though, I`ve always had the impression that in the UK we have more occasions than in Aus where a line break will lead to the ball-carrier being at least 2 on 1 with the full-back. So more of - 1 line break + 1 draw and pass = Try. Why is this? It can`t be just about numbering up or fitness levels. Maybe our players don`t read plays as well, and just robotically push up in a straight line. My favourite traumatised snowflake the Rocket posted an article that mentioned the famous "Umbrella" defence. Is that a factor?
  3. How come Deesses Catalanes were able to play Lescure on Saturday? The week before there was the women`s 9s at Toulouges. Successful tournament by all accounts, but again illustrating la folie de Rugby a treize a neuf. The approach of Albi Tigers Rugby League would better establish a distinct identity.
  4. There is a women`s Oceania double-header in Auckland on November 7th. Tonga v Niue, and Kiwis v Samoa.
  5. Every critique I`ve posted on the theme of RL clubs signing RU players has nothing to do with the quality of the players. So a list of successful converts is irrelevant. The "fool`s gold" is thinking that the short-term media attention they attract will deliver long-term benefits. Can you adduce any substantive advantage we`re currently enjoying in the UK from the scores of Welsh RU players who accepted RL contracts? No point in repeating the arguments, but I could give a myriad of enduring downsides (at dispiritingly great length). If I were offering advice to the ARU, it would be to ensure that the various public sports bodies remain committed to their 7s programmes. And to combine with their fellow Unions to keep 7s as an Olympic sport. Just as in the men`s game they shouldn`t worry too much about their immediate losses, and instead focus on keeping League out of the Union-playing schools. All this is far more availing long-term than the ephemeral effects of individual players.
  6. The question that Number 16 was asking about whether the "Rugby" girls will be in NRLW next year is one that will hover over women`s RL through the following 12 months. With the implication that without them the comp won`t be as good. Which illustrates the fool`s gold that signing RU players always is. The fixation with the 7s players was guaranteed to aggravate the already shallow media treatment of RL on the field. A celebrated moment from last week was the Ellia Green big hit on Jess Sergis. But she failed to stick on, Sergis won the floor and bounced back up to play the ball quickly with no markers. So not much of a win for the defence. But the commentary team were not primed to notice that. Someone will be along shortly to complain about dyspepsia. At not nearly enough length.
  7. Personally I don`t care, but for those who do, the bigger question is the shakedown after the Olympics. The current Aus women`s RL/RU scene is determined by the decisions and dynamics of years ago. I would hope that from 2022 it will be made clear to players aspiring to NRLW contracts that they must be playing regular RL.
  8. Good morning. Across the 7 games this third season of NRLW has been the best so far. It`s women`s SOO on November 13th, which should keep the momentum rolling. Have mentioned before that just keeping the 4 team comp going was an achievement for this year. Medium-term I think a 6 team comp providing 3 games a week for 5 rounds is probably a better option than a 4 team comp with 6 rounds. That would mean more variety in the teams, wider geographical footprint, and 132 playing contracts. At the moment there`s a special "finals" feel to NRLW, with it played concurrently with the NRL finals. If the comp stretched too far back into the year it could appear more quotidian and lose interest. As my very good friend the Rocket says, there`s a perception the AFLW has overreached itself, and women`s USA Soccer leagues have in the past done the same and collapsed. Better for NSW and QLD to continue building up their State comps for the bulk of the women`s season.
  9. Something`s just dawned on me. - Has there been a sixth tackle kick yet? And some of this diabolical ruck mess is a glimpse into the future if the RFL don`t get a grip.
  10. There were some Ukranians played for Milford Marlins a while back. Must have been one of them.
  11. Idiosyncratic use of replays. Could be someone on secondment from the BBC.
  12. You`re happy with players chucking the ball back like an RU squeezeball?
  13. Sadly we can see a baleful UK influence in their non-PTBs. Very depressing for coherent global development. On the upside there were more offloads in one play just then than we`re likely to see in the whole of the NRL GF.
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