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  1. Much of this applies to any area where the pro club allow things to slide for long enough. Up to the mid-nineties most RL clubs were owned by tin-pot local businessmen keener to spend money on Rugby Union players than invest in building a fanbase for the long-term at grass roots level. Combine this with TV coverage more likely to put people off than otherwise, and you wonder where would anyone acquire a positive awareness of RL from. In recent times the RFL should be commended for promoting women`s and girls` RL, physical disability RL, and wheelchair RL. These all widen the network of awareness, but Tag RL is where they continue to miss the boat, for there is where the really big numbers could be.
  2. Huge relief last year when they finally dispensed with the Crystal Palace shirts. Always a danger they could return for sentimental reasons though, (Andrew Johns- Darren Albert). Vertical stripes are for Soccer or Aussie Rules.
  3. This is the real deal Parra jersey. They should keep it as standard.
  4. No change needed. There are multiple teams around the world now called the Rabbitohs playing in a jersey like this. There`s clearly something about the combination of colours, design and bunny that captures the imagination, particularly in developing areas.
  5. Always liked the Roosters away jersey, especially under lights.
  6. Others might have covered this before but would it not be more profitable in the long run to establish a classic design, stick with it, then sell merchandise on the back of that strong identity. If say, you paid to see St George, and they ran out in anything other than a red vee jersey you`d surely feel cheated. The Warriors are the most misguided. Their only iconic feature, the one strong part of their identity, is the badge.
  7. Parochialism has always been a besetting problem in every RL nation. We don`t build networks within and between our nations as well as that other game. The IRL should not overlook the value of Treizistes from small towns to RL evangelism. Ayguesvives cadettes have recently been in Thailand spreading the word along with NRL Asia. Domestically there are Greek and Serbian players currently turning out for small French clubs. My French is awful but I think Lescure have even signed a Belgian. All these small connections help widen the game`s reach.
  8. There is a version of Tag promoted by the RFU where there is no PTB. The ball-carrier just has to pass the ball when tagged. It`s a nonsense. There`s no structure to it, it`s not much more than a bunch of people milling around with a ball. This is why Tag is such an advantage for League, but only if we fix firmly in everyone`s minds the connection with our Tackle game.
  9. Any area struggling with lack of awareness of RL will have to build it from the grass roots. Can`t see it ever happening top-down. One option is a big push for Tag RL. Because of the strong contact element, Tackle RL will never be a mass participation sport, but Tag could be. It can be played by people of all ages and all abilities, and gives an understanding of the game`s basics- PTBs, dummy-half, markers,6-play limited possession etc. If every pro club had an extensive Tag league operating under its aegis each player, and their circle of family and friends, would be potential fans. Many would be new to RL, having never previously paid attention to the Tackle game. The Auckland RL with Kiwitag have belatedly realised the value of Tag and many junior clubs in NSW have more players, members and volunteers through Tag. One club chairman in Western NSW said that without the influx of new people from LLT (Ladies League Tag), the club would have folded. Here, I wish it would be called Tag Rugby League rather than Tag Rugby. It might seem pedantic but when you see pictures of Tag players in the South they`re all wearing RU jumpers. They appear to feel no connection with RL despite regularly playing a non-contact version of it. Why aren`t the Broncos across this? And in Ireland you wonder if the thousands of Tag players have even heard of Rugby League.
  10. More than just a pleasure sometimes. After watching one of our games, I need quickly to see a video clip from overseas of correct PTBs. It puts a soothing balm on seething frustration.
  11. Not keen on your comment about the Kiwi girls, but fully back your compliments to the St. George women. They should sign Elle Frain from Leeds.
  12. One point of empathy. If you Southern League fans feel yourselves a persecuted minority, that`s very Rugby League. It ought to breed resilience, and other things.
  13. The 20% here remind me of alternative/ indie music fans in the eighties. We`d always say that what we liked should be in the charts, but in truth we preferred it to remain esoteric. There`s melancholic joy in an "Us against the world" communion.
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