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  1. Doesn’t RL need a few more people like this, instead we ridicule and criticize then wonder why we struggle to attract investors. For what it’s worth I’m still hoping Leigh can scramble together enough wins to survive.
  2. Leigh were on a hiding to nothing before a ball was kicked. The best they could hope for is that one of HKR, Salford or Wakefield had a devastating season with injuries so that they could scramble a few points more than one of those three. Possibly it might have been different had Toulouse got the nod, but COVID put paid to that and none of the rest of the prospective applicants would have done any better. Leigh had insufficient time to get a SL squad together and that’s the big issue, as has been stated before the promoted team is always up against it time wise when it comes to recruitment, plus if existing SL clubs are already targeting your best players (see Fev with Harrison) then it’s no surprise that this scenario happens. I don’t like franchising and a closed shop, but something needs to be done, perhaps the 1 year exemption from relegation is the answer.
  3. Before the season started I said that 10th-11th would represent a phenomenal performance by Thunder, such was the step up. Having said that the really poor starts, which have seen the team chasing the game, is a concern, and one that probably has a lot to do with coaching. We seem to have coaches who are strong at developing kids but not up to the senior level, just hope I’m wrong on this.
  4. Cowboys, Warriors, Sharks, Titans, Roosters, Storm, Panthers, Sea Eagles Total points 362 biggest upset Sharks v Dragons home wins 5
  5. I have a similar feeling. I’m still assuming that the play off final will be against Fev, although as this season is going to be decided by injuries and squad depth who knows. I just get the feeling that Toulouse will come up against one of Fev, London or York and that in a one off pressure game they lose.
  6. Thanks for the goodwill messages guys, I’m pleased to be home although a little weak but believe me it’s no fun being in hospital during a pandemic, it’s stressful for everyone there.
  7. Missed out last week, due to being admitted to hospital. Now home need to make up lost ground so winners - Knights, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Eels, Storm, Panthers 5 aways 1-2 teams score less than 9 total points 360
  8. The question has to be, why did he have this inconsistency? Was it something to do with his actual coaching, or was player power an issue? For such a big club, Hull has underachieved over the years, so it’s not all down to Radford. Maybe Cas is more his size of club, hopefully fewer player egos and fans not demanding a GF every season.
  9. Highlights package would be the best way to go, do something like RL Raw, but sanitized so it can be shown at an hour available to a large audience. The problem with live games is your fixture choice is more restricted if you avoid potential blow out games and avoid those stadia that might not be so well geared up for live broadcasts, meaning that some teams might just not get seen. Highlights overcomes these, even blow outs don’t matter if the package is well put together. Of course finding someone to pay for such a package (as indeed would be the case for live games), is the real challenge, especially if you are trying to reach the largest possible audience.
  10. Not that many years ago Seattle nearly lost the Seahawks as the then owner, decided that he could get a better deal moving them down the cost to California. Had it not been an intervention from the late Paul Allen, the team would have been lost to the city, a city with a very passionate supporter base and where getting game tickets is almost impossible. It just shows the danger of having very rich individuals involved, on the one hand it’s great for investment in the club, providing your owner is actually a fan and not just in it for profit, tax breaks or pure ego, on the other remember rich people like to get their own way and when they get bored, or are advised that the money may be more tax efficiently spent elsewhere, they walk. By all means let’s get more rich people involved in the game, after all we need the money, but please be careful to do due diligence on their true motives, and always ensure there is a structure to ensure the team survives when they are no longer around.
  11. City of brotherly love, although my experience of Philly and its sports fans often suggests the opposite. It’s a tough, tough city.
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