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  1. I think my frustration with Lewis was that had he just stuck around another couple of years then the game would have been in such better shape. I feel that Wood was a bit of a war leader type of guy, good in times of difficulty but not one to make real progress, Rimmer seems cut from the same cloth. The challenge for the sport is whether Rimmer can be the right post pandemic leader, and of course will he be actually be able to lead, without the big SL clubs getting in the way. Elstone I feel was just a salary wasted.
  2. Normally I might also be forgiving, but sadly his previous extends to Salford. I feel for Fev, a club I have admired so much under Longo. He needs to be kept on a short leash and don’t let him bring Brian Noble along!
  3. It’s a little ruff, but probably still better than Vickers.
  4. My dog would be a better candidate than Martin Vickers.
  5. Strength in depth could be an issue, which may hurt both London and Widnes, York look a fair price, Fax I think will do a little better than the bookies are offering, Newcastle is about right and Sheffield will do OK. Still feel it’s a 2 horse race, I could easily see Toulouse winning the regular season then losing out to Fev in the play off final.
  6. Finally figured out how to watch YouTube through my new smart TV (yes the TV’s smarter than the owner) and I’m watching Avignon v Albi. Great to see some live sport other than NHL and NBA and I’m pretty impressed by the production quality (although a little over enthusiastic over the replays resulting in conversions being missed). My questions would be 1. Is there any indication as to the viewing figures for these games in France? 2. Had this been a COVID free world and this game was able to have fans present, how many fans would normally be expected for this game? Have to say I
  7. So in other words, never audited. Sad to hear, if these guys are being brought over with a wealth of experience then why not get everything we can out of them, guess a lot falls down to the willingness of the clubs to do development work, rather than sit back and wait for someone else to do it for them.
  8. Of course I should add that none of the Aussie or even US ads I have seen during games would ever be for products that would be banned in either Canada or the UK, they all seem to be for Cars, Insurance, Fast Food or Furniture stores. Plenty of beer ads, but they are for beers available in Canada so ads for the Canadian market. Is beer advertising allowed in the UK these days?
  9. Not for the live feeds of NRL games on Sportsnet World, it comes direct from Aus, ads and all, of course its behind a paywall, at a time when most of Canada sleeps and I PVR the game but fast forward through. Don’t know if the reruns are edited in any way as I don’t wait for them for fear of finding out the score (not really a problem now in West Kelowna as long as I avoid the internet, but when I was in North Van I had an Aussie customer who would come into my work and want to talk about the game, often I hadn’t had chance to see it all!). As for pop ups, I know exactly what GJ refers to
  10. I certainly don’t, apart from being a Canadian resident who can see that we have little prospect of seeing fans back in stadiums till mid fall at the earliest. NHL currently behind closed doors, schedule is Canadian teams play each other only till play offs, which will probably end up in US cities or Edmonton, Raptors NBA playing all “home” games in USA, Blue Jays baseball looking like it will go the same way and CFL has no idea what’s going to happen. Given all that, with travel restrictions, no or very limited crowds and other logistics issues I can’t see any way you could get Ottawa up and
  11. One thing I have wondered for a while, when clubs bring in veteran Antipodeans is it ever written into contracts that they are required to do a certain number of hours development work in the community? The reason I ask is that a couple of my eldest sons former team mates (yes I know it’s gridiron but there are parallels) landed contracts to play gridiron in Europe, the pay is pretty paltry, the attractiveness is the chance to see a bit of Europe for a couple of years before joining the rest of us in work drudgery, however their contracts require them to spend a set number of hours coaching yo
  12. My feelings too. I was last in Hull in 2008, Bristol ironically the year before that, if anything I felt that Bristol was more sketchy than Hull, however as was pointed out it does have easy access to London and Cardiff, plus his wife lives there. With what he will be getting paid I don’t think he will be living in any undesirable areas.
  13. Part of our problem too with Sportsnet World in Canada, live games are on at god awful times, so they cut to the games literally 1 minute before the scheduled kick off, only of course the kick off seems to be delayed for what seems like a never ending stream of ads for Harvey Norman and other Aussie companies, plus KFC ads for deals only available in Aus. The game then kicks off 10 mins later than stated, however unless you PVR the following programme (yes it’s still a god awful hour), their scheduled time slot ends, the game continues on into that time slot for the next programme (usually pla
  14. Sadly we did not get this game in Canada, however over the past couple of seasons I have missed the endings of several NRL games because they seem to kickoff way after the scheduled time, I took to having to PVR the next programme to be sure of not missing out, but why this seems to happen a lot with games down under I just don’t understand.
  15. I’m never quite sure what the salary cap has done for RL, it hasn’t stopped clubs from getting into financial trouble and it hasn’t led to more parity in the league, primarily because not all the SL clubs can actually afford to spend full cap. In fact if you look at salary caps in other sports it appears that it’s main effect has been to make the role of GM more important, as these guys are charged with ways of circumventing the cap. Take the NFL for example, there are a multitude of ways that clubs avoid breaking the cap, all of which are creative and legal (restructuring contracts, convertin
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