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  1. Who was that who did the pineapple trick? My memory seems to say Nicky Kiss, but I could be totally wrong.
  2. Bingo! Everyone loves a winner, kids like to be associated with success, one reason why the Raptors are so loved. Not sure about any New York derby coming anytime soon, I’m still sceptical that NY will even get off the ground.
  3. Guess we should just give up trying then, maybe Ottawa should have gone to the other code. Hardly a “welcome to RL” message.
  4. We get a lot of Aussies coming to Canada, especially the West Coast, if you asked the average Canadian to rank sports in order of importance in Australia (giving them a list) they would so 1. Soccer ( because they saw them in the World Cup) 2. RU (again seen in the World Cup) 3 F1 (the Grand Prix is on TV) 4 Aussie Rules (because a bunch of backpackers from Melbourne worked in the local bars) 5 Cricket (those same backpackers talk about it) 6 RL ( didn’t even know this sport existed till Sportsnet started showing games due to COVID). I have actually had people tell me they have now seen that sport that I blabber on about and they think it’s great. Once again that list is influenced by TV and personal experience, and by the way most west coast Canadians, if they visit Australia, tend to go to Melbourne.
  5. I sort of suspect that too, but at least if the coach is prepared to sign 4-5 and give them game time against the lower ranked L1 teams then there’s a chance of finding 1-3 that could make it, if all you do is put out your best 17 against West Wales then you run up the score, but for what? I would prefer them to play West Wales with 4 Canadians in the game day squad and win by say 10-12, at least that way you are trying to really develop something.
  6. Interestingly we have a lot of Aussies who come to Western Canada to work in the tourism industry (although obviously not now). They are your typical middle class backpacker kids and I have had numerous come into my store as customers (they like their liquor). From time to time I have struck up conversations with them, I only ever encountered one RL fan (she followed the Roosters), and if you used these guys as a benchmark you would think that the ARU is substantially bigger and more powerful than the ARL, and the NRL is merely a feeder competition to RU, so it shows how, with nothing much else to provide counter evidence (remember that until COVID the NRL was hidden away on a subscription ghetto channel) people can get a distorted picture. It just says to me that it is 1. Really important to have regular international’s and 2. Get RL regularly on easy accessible TV channels, even if that may mean a lower TV deal.
  7. And that probably reduces to zero if the RFL announces there will be no P&R this year.
  8. A comment was made earlier that replacing Wakefield with Leigh wouldn’t change the game as a whole, I’m not so sure. Not picking on Wakefield, because the same could virtually be said about Salford, but Leigh seems to be ahead on a number of fronts, give them Wakefield’s Sky money and I suspect that in 5 years time Leigh would be quite a way ahead. I think we could get to 16-18 full time clubs quite easily, probably playing in conferences, outside of that the part time clubs, or those reliant on DR to field a strong team, would be better off in a separate comp, rather than the annual scramble to avoid relegation/survive.
  9. I think if Rowley is appointed you can forget any idea of any Canadians being part of this, he seems to have a lot of past form, both in his seeming lack of interest in player development and in his obsession in putting out the strongest team each week, leading to uninteresting blow out games and player fatigue at the end of the season. Also as many have posted in the past, he has this ability to make his teams disliked by the rest of the RL world. Please let it be Laurent!
  10. Not if you are buying your beer in the Czech Republic!
  11. But if you have 16 teams, 8 games played in 1 hub city, 4 Saturday, 4 Sunday could mean you only need 4 officiating crews. Playing at the home ground of the team drawn first means double the officials needed, plus maybe some visa issues too. I suspect that if this does get off the ground they will need to announce hub cities for the first 2 rounds as well as the semis and finals and to keep costs down, plus minimize visa issues, these hub cities will be ones which a. have an airport nearby which is serviced by a low cost airline and b. is in the EU. Suggestions anyone?
  12. Interestingly in a post Covid world, with social distancing, number limits in stores and encouragement from both governments and health officials to make fewer trips to shop the big is beautiful model may be back in favour again. If that were to happen, which clubs would be in a position to benefit, Wakefield is a pretty big place, could they finally get some luck?
  13. Travelling from Dublin to Turkey doesn’t seem like a breeze, is it likely that all of the games take place on one weekend in one city, it may eliminate some of the travel difficulties and may reduce the number of refs required. Given that the origin of this idea is Valencia what odds that this is the chosen hub city for games?
  14. Now I joined this thread really late, and to save me scrolling through all 43 pages would someone be kind enough to briefly answer the following questions. 1. How many of these 11 teams actually currently exist? 2. Where will the players come from? 3. Are there any sponsors, broadcasters, kit deals confirmed yet? 4. I’m assuming the players are amateur or at best part time, so logistically how is it planned to work with players getting time off work? 5. Where will the referees come from? From what little I have read I’m open minded, part of me thinks this hasn’t a hope in hell of getting off the ground, part of me thinks that if enough people are committed then you never know what you might achieve.
  15. Yep, the average Lions fan is 55 years old and lives in Abbotsford or Maple Ridge, the polar opposite of the younger professionals who are the only people who can afford to live in Vancouver itself, mind you the average Lions fan plays a mean banjo!
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