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  1. Hey Groundhopper, thanks for coming down to the game. The first game was my side London Chargers vs North Herts Crusaders (Wests won away at Skirlaugh and I think Bedford lost to Brentwood). I scored the game as 38-12 to Chargers with 8 tries and 3 conversions for us. We'll now have a London derby against Wests in the 2nd round which (I imagine) will be at Wasps FC over in Acton. This is a rematch of the last 2 season's Southern Conference Grand Final and should be a cracker
  2. anyone know who the main hopes are from this group?
  3. Sorry if this has been said - but just back from copperbox. Best game of RL I’ve been to in a long while, great atmosphere, good crowd and ridiculously good entertainment
  4. Average of over 28k for England group games I think - pretty good going
  5. No idea but could their ‘break even’ be against the budget incl. govt funding? I.e break even is actually 15m profit?
  6. Mick Hogan has just confirmed on twitter that the crowd @ Coventry will be 5 figures
  7. Also 20,000 sold already for the Elland Rd semi so 110k+ so far for semis & final
  8. Think this has been my favourite game of the tournament so far
  9. Don’t know if it’s been said, but everyone around me at St James’ was Geordie and absolutely loving it
  10. Organisers said at the end of August that East Stand (including both corners) and that the Gallowgate and Leazes End (lower bowl) were 70% sold out..I'd hope they're close to capacity now
  11. As a Wigan fan have to agree with this - Makinson one of the very very best
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