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  1. Old World disease eradicated over here since the 1950`s. I recommend bathing more than once per week. Kiwis: Not enough wins and too many heavy losses to be taken seriously. Bit like London unfortunately. World Cup Final: If you or anyone else can beat us 2x`s out of 3 on a regular basis by that score or less I couldn`t care less. Test matches don`t have to be entertaining, they have to be gripping. Tonga keep beating us, they will get a better timeslot and they will rate. Is that tight enough for you? as the actress said to the priest. Thought I`d throw in that low-brow Benny Hill-esque single entendre for you, as I know you Pommies love them.
  2. I thought Leigh won that debate on that other thread (through sheer attrition ) and thereby gained promotion.
  3. Had to google that. Hedgehogs and echidnas, Brits and Aussies, cousins. Okay mate, good luck with your season restart.
  4. I saw an echidna, creature a bit like your hedgehog, about 5 years ago. I was about 40km out of town and there it was wandering across the road. Always make me glad because If you see one it usually means there are more around.
  5. I know you get the ##### (5 letter word starts and ends with S) with Aussies giving free advice on your comp, but I just want you bastards to give us a decent series. Much as it pains me to say this we have the afl up our jacksey over here and one thing we have that they don`t is international competition. And there more good international footy we have , the more we can rub their noses in it.
  6. Plenty of convicts in my family and a really nasty crime figure (dead now but he`d be offended by that)Google George Freeman , Racing identity. My old man got arrested once on suspicion of being him `cause they looked alike, it was a matter of a stolen car. Couple of other things, you`ve been baiting me for a few days now, that`s O.K. Careful though or I`ll skitch Mitch Johnson onto you. I know how much you guys loved him. Last thing, in your above quote I can`t work out the 6 letter swear word that was blanked. You might have to give me a word that rhymes so I can work it out. ..OOOroo.
  7. How good would that be. They should have four by now and maybe Wellington another one.( GF that is ). Ali Lauitiiti standing in tackles like a colossus waving the ball round in one hand, Clinton Toopi aggressive dangerous centre, Francis Meli that was a great team. By the way if I`m over here last night posting at midnight and your responding isn`t that like 3.00a.m. your time. Get some sleep man !
  8. No reference to the above quote, just wanted to say that you do come across some pretty funny one liners around these pages sometimes. Puts a smile on my face.
  9. Am I correct in saying that if they were regular top 4 they could be huge in N.Z. I base this on the memories of their two GF`s and the scenes at the airport over there , it looked to me that the whole of N.Z. was behind them.
  10. The Warriors are doing their bit . Great win tonight, only heard it on the radio but sounded like a high quality game,
  11. If you had to watch unjon, then Kiwi union would be the union of choice. The quality of the backline play is not much different to League. If they had a ten metre rule then the forward play could be interesting as well. It always shocks me when League forwards go over to Union and they play them in the backs, often centre. Blokes like Sam Burgess and even Andy Farrell, who was an out and out prop forward played centre in union. Not enough room around the forwards for them to show their skills.
  12. We keep on hearing about it over here as well, OZ rugby writers trying to convince us how good rugby can actually be. Because the local product is unrelenting rubbish. Hope you have a second team, as a Dragons fan it pays to have a couple, one of them is the Warriors, unfortunately I have had to resort to my second second favourite team this year.
  13. That`s were I heard it . ARL,NRL it gets confusing. I hope you don`t mind me asking you this unrelated question but do you know what the word in N.Z. is about how many Australian Super Rugby Teams they are going to allow in your comp. As a dedicated Australian Rugby Union Deathrider the less the better.
  14. There was talk of the NRL/ARL provided some annual funding for NZRL. It seems no a no brainer to me. There looks like there is so much to work with. A couple/few million a year would be very handy.
  15. Post from OZ, Saw a Black-Necked Stork in a swampy area I have fenced off to keep the cattle out. Probably seen about ~8 over the last 15 years. Magnificent creature. It was very shy and flew away soon as I appeared, it circled and returned to the same area , unfortunately I was working in the area and it flew off again. There was other smaller storks in the swamp who weren`t concerned by my presence nearby. They can have a wingspan of up to 2m`s, this one was probably 1.5m`s.
  16. Eddie, I reckon that you have to be Rugby Leagues greatest cheerleader. I always read your posts because I know they will be positive.
  17. I watched the highlights of the Digicel Cup the other day and If Pacific Treize can start throwing up talented footballers like those on show, should be really good news for French League.
  18. I don`t really follow the Union but what I saw of Umaga I really liked the look of. Big, fast and always looked hard to tackle, there was always rumours of him coming over but never eventuated.
  19. Tana Umaga trialed for the Knights and possibly the Tigers. Neither wanted him, hard to believe.
  20. It`s Morning, I`m just typically being a little over optimistic.
  21. Good evening Jim, how about 4/5 players every year . It`s midnight over here , I`m off to bed . Hooroo.
  22. I was going through the populations of the countries involved: New Caledonia 285 000 ; Vanuatu 290 000 ; French Polynesia 280 000 ; Solomon Islands 670 000 ; Fortuna and Wallis Islands 12000. These countries typically have young demographics so I expect with a total population of over 1.5 million that there is a very large potential player pool. This combined with very good pathways into a highly professional Rugby League system i.e. Australia/Queensland , we may well see a good quantity of French eligible players coming through.
  23. I had been arguing for 20 yrs that N.R.L. should tap into the success of "touch football" . Thankfully about five years ago it was brought in under the Rugby League `umbrella`. Massive Touch Football tournaments ,with literally hundreds , if not thousands of participants are regular occurrences now. If I may add, it is the play the ball aspect that touch has in common with Rugby League that allows us to claim it as being more related to our sport rather than RU and of course following on from that limited tackle/touch count.
  24. Forgot to mention when Robinson was in England for WCC , he went and visited Farnsworth`s family about him coming to the Roosters, apparently there were several clubs after him plus the bloody ru.
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