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  1. The old guy at Headingley who used to sell Open Rugby mag £2 each or 2 for a fiver! But he might still he around? but i’d like to bring back drawers for regular round games and Full back kicking duels but thats probably fancyfull
  2. Great idea, I’m still flabbergasted that Clive Sullivan is not in the RL hall of fame ! whats that all a out? Sort it out RFL.
  3. Didn’t Bradley Clyde get sent of in 94 for trying to decapitate Shaun Edwards arm!!!
  4. Seem to remember (distant memory) it was by the days standard not that bad a tackle, Harragon swinging arm, Lucas ducked under it and got hit /scuff over the top of the head that jolted his neck which did the damage. It was the type of tackle that often was not penalised back in the day. plenty of far worse incidents before and after gone unpunished. Mcdermotts elbow on Sironen springs yo mind 2 years later. not saying it was right though ended a guys career and should gave been a yellow and would probably be a 1 match ban if happened now.
  5. Just fantastic news, this plus all the coverage the game got yesterday with Sir Kev and Rob.I’d imagine Adam hills and the hugely popular last leg is all over this on Friday.
  6. I voted strongly disagree to Golden point six again rule. and as a general comment stated the game needs stable league structures and stable set of rules, constant tinkering with formats and runs has damaged the game.
  7. very sad news, one of the last Barla tourist players to sign full time pro at the top level. He played on the same Tour in 94 as some of my former team mates, 4 years later a GF winner.
  8. Saw him in Pub Saturday, still lives in K town or there about. I’m sure ge be also appreciates people remember him for the Second test and not the 94 Old Trafford Second test, had a mare that day.
  9. NRL already has second division of a sort. They have Queensland cup and NSW league which are semi pro leagues.
  10. 1. Joe Lydon - his best position often used too much as a utility at Wigan. 2. Ryan Hall - his international try scoring tally is second all time 3. Keith Senior 4. Paul Loughlin - under rated and all ways played so well for GB even though there are more talented players possibly Newlove. 5. Martin Offiah 6. Gary Schofield - still never replaced him at stand off fir international was at one point the best 6 in the world and maybe only Lewis maybe Kenny better in my lifetime maybe ever. 7. Andy Gregory - like Schoey never been replaced up there with Sterling Johns Thurston 8. Kevin Ward - monster can’t believe more have not mentioned him. Should be in hall if fame. 9. Lee Jackson - tough one this Roby and a few others better all round players but Jackson electric hooker international, but poor defender 10. Lee Crooks - superb taken, yes his career had ups and downs and he should have achieved more but what a ball player and RL brain for a forward. 11. Adrien Morley- up there with the best forwards of all time, hall of famer in waiting 12. Jamie Peacock - prop or second row, could of gone for Betts or Ellis tough category 13. Ellery Hanley bench Jonathan Davies Kevin Sinfield Denis Betts Karl Harrison close unsung heroes for GB all players who played above their perceived ability and could slot in internationally easily. Roy Powell Carl Gibson Paul Eastwood Henderson Gill Mike Gregory Martin Dermot both Hulme brothers Hugh Waddel
  11. Thought the mascot thing was a “rover” rather than pirate
  12. Cas were the Glassblowers but that hardly ever got used, only one glass factory in Cas but 3 in near by Knottingley and the modern glass mouldings were invented by the post master in Ferrybridge. Fev Colliers, but more known as The Flat cappers, which was originally an insult/slurr but now reclaimed by the Fev fans.
  13. Yep, came to RL as he felt he was often overlooked because of colour and felt League was more inclusive (which it mainly is) with the exception of Davies mostly big name union converts failed spectacularly, Gallagher, Terry Holmes, Bishop Dai Young, the better ones were all lesser names who suited league better likes of Bentley, Roland Phillips, Kevin Ellis and off course Offiah.
  14. Channel 4 would be great, they used to be a good sports provider, but have neglected sport for a long time. Big athletics and cycling 80s 90’s introduced NFL to UK, Italian football in 90’s Gaelic sports and even Aussie rules st one point. What do they show now apart from horse racing. could be a statement of intent from them.
  15. Bargain compared to HS2, it would cut the journey from M6 Lancaster to Barrow by more than half, which is better than Knocking 10 minutes of London to Birmingham, but Barrow us not Birmingham nir us it the Humber bridge Hull to Grimsby
  16. Not sure they do. Problem with Cumbria is like, its like if Cornwall was a RL hotbed, it’s sparsely populated spread out, poor transport links, no main central big town or city. No one side area is big enough to support a competitive SL team the only possible viable merger would be Whitehaven and Workington, and call them selves Cumberland (historical county name) or west Cumbria. Barrow could only be involved if that bridge over Morecambe bay ever happens and the have a motorway up the west coast, but none of that will ever happen.
  17. All Cumbrian sides in championship next year, Well done
  18. Agree, but i’d just scrap the 6 again full stop, it’s arbitrary and randon and as you state us often used in cynical play.
  19. That ref decision at the end was up there with the chris joynt voluntary tackle, Cats penalty all day and it would been extra time. Ref F***** it
  20. Saints gifted that there, got given everything, sad that the games now all about which side can simply cheat the best
  21. Wow wow saints messing all night moving off the mark a catalans get penalised for that
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