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  1. How did James duerdan and Connor saunders go today?
  2. At craven park on a game day look on the field lots of local lads on the pitch. Also some younger ones eg Charlie. Cresta is very good at bringing them in steadily. Also we have Furness raiders getting them used to the raiders systems. Two ladies teams. And even better a crowd full of young kids the future players and fans.
  3. O good. Outstanding for us always gives 110%.
  4. What has happened with Forster?
  5. Would love to see Callum bustin back.
  6. Should have been at craven park today haven fans were trash families should not have to listen to the stuff they were coming out with. Like being at a football match. Had a chat with some true haven fans they were discussed and very apologetic.
  7. If they went back to playing amateur nowt we could do. Don’t think barrow have signed him he’s just been training with them to a get back in to it.
  8. Or did he realises getting stuffed every week wasn’t for him. The lad talked about issues he had in his life out side rugby wanted to get back in to it so fair play to the lad. Which club would you choose at the present time?
  9. Isn’t the championship fantastic. Always unexpected results. Well done raiders.
  10. Should change the title to Warrington & Widnes.
  11. Personally think Brett has done a decent job for us since he’s been back.
  12. Proper old school ground mate not many left. Talking to some Huddersfield fans when they were up they loved it.
  13. Just nipped to b&q in barrow great to see plenty of fev fans about.
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