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  1. Boom or bust. Must have fond some brass down back of the sofa or not learning any lessons from this year. Hope the begging ball doesn’t come out again this year cause I won’t be putting out in.
  2. London came to barrow not to long ago and were the best side we played at craven park this year in my opinion. Brilliant to watch unfortunately
  3. But he did and we finished above you.
  4. You would have thought this weekend game should come before a meaningless game for Malta. I’m shocked
  5. Good stuff. Will sleep much better tonight. Well done lad’s
  6. It was the young coked up and drunk haven fans. Majority of haven fans are sound good banter.
  7. Totally agree. I think this year we have been missing the local passion.
  8. Been going to craven park for over 30 years now (barrow) only time the atmosphere has been dodgey is the last two years when the young coked up chavs from haven come.
  9. 3100 yesterday but crowds have dropped off a bit 1800 for the fax game. We always have floating supporters who go from football to rugby depending on which clubs doing the more winning. Quite simple if they think we going to get beat they don’t turn up. Still plenty of young families going just hope the yobs from up the coast haven’t put them off.
  10. Get him back just need something different. Great crowd today just a pity about the #### haven bring with them.
  11. Bring him back Will definitely lift the team a specially his good friend sammut who is not playing as good as he can.
  12. Butch

    v Halifax.

    Was nice to walk out the ground with a smile hopefully more to come.
  13. Butch

    v York.

    Must win game next week or we will start getting to far behind
  14. Butch

    v Sheffield

    Well said. Unfortunately if they carry on crowds will drop off.
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