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  1. Stats- D.Abram-4 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. one clean break. 10 carries=69m Brierley-one tackle. one miss. one offload. 3 tackle busts. 10 carries=93m Ince-12 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. 7 carries=66m Roberts-14 tackles. 6 misses. one offload. one tackle bust. 17 carries=106m Holcroft-one tackle. 5 misses. one tackle bust. 6 carries=38m Barran-20 tackles. 7 misses. one tackle bust. 4 carries=21m Hewitt-5 tackles. one miss. 1 carry=1m Kirk-31 tackles. one tackle bust. 7 carries=59m Charnock-36 tackles. 6 misses. one tackle bust. one
  2. Squad looks very similar to what we've been putting out the last few weeks. Think Brierley will come back in on the wing instead of Hartley. Would like to see Fletcher get a game instead of either Nelmes or Pick who have been disappointing. Hewitt should be back in at scrum half with Barran moving to stand off. This would allow Charnock to go to hooker which I think is probably his best position as it showcases his defence and completely simplifies his passing game. This is our very last chance of giving ourselves even a sliver of hope for survival. COME ON OLDHAM
  3. Been hearing through the grapevine that training has been outstanding for the last two weeks since the Bradford game and all the players are really buying into McDermott's methods. I still think we've left ourselves too much to do to avoid relegation but I think we'll give it a fair go for the last part of the season.
  4. Stats- D.Abram-5 tackles. 2 offloads. one tackle bust. 11 carries=68m Hartley-2 tackles. 3 tackle busts. 8 carries=56m Ince-9 tackles. 2 misses. 8 carries=46m Roberts-12 tackles. 4 misses. one tackle bust. one clean break. one try assist. 15 carries=105m Holcroft-one tackle. one miss. 3 clean breaks. 8 carries=72m Charnock-22 tackles. 3 misses. one tackle bust. one try assist. 4 carries=33m Barran-9 tackles. 5 misses. one try assist. 3 carries=7m Kirk-11 tackles. 2 carries=22m Owen-13 tackles. 3 misses. 3 carries=25m Reilly-34 tackles. 2 misses
  5. Absolutely horrendous again. Can't tackle, can't pass, can't kick and can't even carry the ball well anymore. A lot of League One teams would give us a good beating in the basics. Team selection was terrible again but even if we picked the best 17 possible I don't think we've got the spirit in the camp to win another game this season. Abram is terrible and has been nearly every game he's played. Green makes mistakes at full back but offers plenty of threat. Hartley on the wing and Ince at centre was baffling. Charnock back at stand off was a mistake especially as Owen didn't seem fit at a
  6. Injured. Squad is on the website
  7. Looking at the squad there won't be too many changes for this game. I'd personally like Hartley to get a go at right centre but I think for such an important game we'll go for the safe option of Bridge. Would move Ince to right wing as he looks very uncomfortable on the left. I'd move Langtree back to the right hand side where he's been all his career. I'd also go Dupree from the start even though he has been impressive off the bench as we need our best team right from the start. I've gone D.Abram at stand off but the halves are still our weakest position and could easily be Owen or Charn
  8. Fair play to Hamilton this season. Gave Diskin the squad he wanted. Gave him enough time to get settled in and then enough chances to turn around the slide in form. Sacked him when it became untenable then replaced him with a quality coach.
  9. In my mind we've been going down since the Haven game. To capitulate like that in the second half was a disgrace. And then our response to that loss has been just as awful. 5 wins would give us a chance of staying up but I can't see us winning another game. The results today just show how much the other teams fight for every result. Even Swinton who haven't won a game turn up most weeks and are in with a chance of victory. Whoever is the new coach has to be someone who can bring us up from League One next season.
  10. Stats- Green-6 tackles. one miss. one offload. 2 tackle busts. one clean break. 17 carries=129m Brierley-2 tackles. 3 misses. one tackle bust. 9 carries=43m Ince-17 tackles. 5 misses. one offload. 4 tackle busts. 15 carries=91m Roberts-9 tackles. 2 misses. one offload. 2 tackle busts. 23 carries=165m Holcroft-3 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. one clean break. 14 carries=123m Owen-24 tackles. 3 misses. one tackle bust. 7 carries=43m Barran-21 tackles. 2 misses. one offload. one tackle bust. 4 carries=14m Kirk-29 tackles. 2 misses. 4 carries=41m C
  11. The right decision but I reckon probably a month too late to save our season unfortunately. Looking at the games we have left to stay up I'd say we have to win 4/5 out of 10. Duffy would be a great appointment but I'm not sure if we could afford him. Naylor would be a great short term appointment to lift the squad but I can't see him being interested as he left for a reason.
  12. It's been a very bad season but that was the worst performance of the season for me. Dewsbury came to do a job and we made it so easy for them. At every facet of the game we look shocking. Our defence is terrible right across the park as we are soft down the middle and out wide is even worse. Kicking is very poor. Barran had a lovely 40/20 with his first kick of the game then starting doing stupid little chips straight to their winger. Our attack is embarrassing and I think would be shown up even in League One. Each player holds onto the ball for so long, ambles across the pitch then chuc
  13. Easy win for you lads. Stuck to the game plan, completed your sets and then kicked into the corners then pounced on our mistakes. Thought Annakin was very good for you as were both wingers with plenty of tough carries. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  14. I'm all aboard the Diskin out train. Absolutely awful again.
  15. Think we'll see a lot of changes for this one. I'd go something like Brierley, Ince, Heaton, Roberts, Holcroft, Green, Barran, Dupree, Gregory, Kirk, Langtree, Pick,Reilly. Subs: Nelmes, Fletcher,J Abram, Charnock/Bent. All the spine positions have to be changed for me. Brierley came as full back and looks very uncomfortable on the wing so i'd try him there. Green and Barran in the halves as at least they will try and make something happen. Bent has to be dropped for me. 2 carries is appalling and he didn't touch the ball until about the 60th min so we're essentially playing wit
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