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  1. Ed Smith signed today. If we can keep him fit he will be a very good addition to the squad. Can play on either edge or at loose equally well.
  2. Great news again with Joy signing today. Think he's another one really ready for the step up in standards.
  3. Love Benty. Excellent news again.
  4. Great news. Love Wilky. Think he's ready for the step up to the Championship and hopefully under Diskin will improve even more.
  5. Hutchings is an interesting signing. Really strong ball runner almost in the Ryan Hall mould with left hand carry. Not a speedster but very powerful. Was very good in the academy origin last year and can play equally well on either wing.
  6. I think Charnock will really suit us whether he plays at 6 or at loose. His defence is excellent for a half and if we are realistic we are going to be defending a lot next season. A big body at 6 might be the way to go for us. Really happy so far with the squad. I think the key for us will be the props. Last time we went down because Joy and Neal missed the majority of the season and we were relying on young lads like Adebiyi or other dual regs which wasn't enough. Joy will hopefully sign this week but we need 6 props to compete consistently in the Championship.
  7. Cracking news. Was 99% sure he'd signed for Sheffield. We've got one of the best back rows in the league.
  8. Good player Worthington. Got really good basic skills from Wigan and should be a decent replacement for McComb.
  9. Was really impressed by Kay in his appearances at the end of the season. Will be very good at full back.
  10. I liked Brook but he didn't really gel with Hewitt. Think they both played better with Crook. Would like a proper stand off with Hewitt at 7 and Brook as back up for now. Not too worried about the signings at the min. The vast majority of the squad want to stay and will.
  11. m brooksy

    The Final

    We heard a few months ago that McComb wasn't staying but were told it was Dewsbury he was going to. Also was told Bridgey had signed for Sheffield.
  12. m brooksy

    The Final

    Stats Hawkyard-one tackle. 3 offloads. 8 tackle busts. 29 carries=221m Kay-5 tackles. one tackle bust. 14 carries=92m McComb-13 tackles. one miss. 5 tackle busts. 21 carries=152m Leeming-17 tackles. 2 misses. 13 carries=89m Johnson-4 tackles. one miss. 4 tackle busts. one clean break. 10 carries=111m Crook-12 tackles. one try assist. 2 carries=1m Hewitt-12 tackles. one miss. 2 tackle busts. one try assist. 4 carries=21m Joy-31 tackles. one miss. one offload. one tackle bust. 15 carries=96m Owen-22 tackles. 2 misses. 2 carries=21m Law-28 tackles. 2 misses. 8 carries=43m Bridge-36 tackles. one offload. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. 14 carries=113m Langtree-26 tackles. 5 misses. one tackle bust. 14 carries=90m Bent-67 tackles. one miss. 14 carries=55m subs- Wilkinson-19 tackles. 2 misses. 6 carries=49m Spencer-34 tackles. 2 misses. 2 offloads. 2 tackle busts. 14 carries=80m Beckett-11 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. one clean break. 5 carries=36m Whittel-26 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. 9 carries=57m Bent smashes his own record of 63 from Whitehaven away earlier in the season. Unreal. Hawkyard unbelievable again for the final time
  13. m brooksy

    The Final

    Did anyone catch the Golden gamble number? Couldn't hear it on the day
  14. m brooksy

    The Final

    Waking up today and it still feels as good. That was a Naylor performance if there ever was one. Every single player giving their absolute all. Intensity and especially desire to get the job done. What a signing Hawkyard has been. We all knew how good a player he was at Swinton and Keighley but he has been unreal for us in every single game. Got to be player of the year for me. Phil Joy the last 2 games has been sensational and looks back to his best after his dislocated shoulder a couple of years ago. Langtree was superb again as he has been for the last 7 years and we've been so lucky to get him back. Earlier in the season i was heavily critical of Hewitt and Owen but they have been supreme as the season has come to a close and when it really mattered. Hewitt with his control of the game and Owen for his leadership. Even the sneaky loan signings close to deadline day have worked out brilliantly. Kay on the wing has been excellent and his interception may have won us the game just as much as Beckett charging over to score. Beckett himself has been a cracking signing. He has played fewer minutes than the rest but has always had an impact on the game. What a team.
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