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  1. Stats- Abram-7 tackles. one offload. 9 tackle busts. one clean break. 20 carries=152m Kay-2 tackles. one tackle bust. 10 carries=70m Croft-11 tackles. 2 tackle busts. one clean break. 10 carries=93m Leeming-21 tackles. one miss. 4 carries=21m Johnson-3 tackles. one miss. 2 tackle busts. 9 carries=43m Charnock-9 tackles. 2 misses. one offload. 4 tackle busts. one clean break. 8 carries=54m Hewitt-10 tackles. one miss. one clean break. one try assist. 2 carries=13m Joy-28 tackles. one miss. 3 tackle busts. 16 carries=96m Owen-23 tackles. 2 misses. 6 carries=33m Spencer-25 tackles. 2 offloads. 2 tackle busts. 11 carries=90m Langtree-29 tackles. one miss. 2 offloads. 3 tackle busts. one try assist. 14 carries=107m Bridge-40 tackles. 3 misses. 5 tackle busts. one clean break. 11 carries=102m Bent-47 tackles. 12 carries=81m subs Wilkinson-24 tackles. 2 misses. 5 tackle busts. 2 clean breaks. 5 carries=85m Beckett-21 tackles. one tackle bust. 7 carries=71m Fletcher-24 tackles. 5 misses. one offload. one tackle bust. 7 carries=43m Gwaze-26 tackles. one miss. one offload. 4 tackle busts. 9 carries=57m
  2. Abram was fantastic at full back and that was definitely a penalty try. one on one with the full back steps him then gets tripped. Actually thought the ref was superb, firstly telling Bridgey to pipe down shouting at him and then the pens they received in the second half were all deserved. Thought Wilkinson was superb again and he is starting to play bigger minutes as Diskin can't take him off. Langtree was immense in both attack and defence with a couple of absolute bone rattlers. Croft on debut looked good and had one excellent break in the first half. As everyone has pointed out at 0-8 or 4 -14 we really should have put our foot on their throats and kept them in that bog in the corner and ground them down but some very sloppy play let them in our 20 and with beasts like Aiye you always have a chance. Get in Oldham
  3. Get in. We made that so difficult but a win is a win
  4. To be fair the dewsbury fans warned us this could happen. Rather have Gwaze, Fletcher and Beckett if he isnt interested.
  5. What we reckon the team will be if the game is on. I'd go with Abram, Kay,Croft,Leeming,Aaronson,Charnock,Hewitt,Joy,Owen,Beckett,Langtree,Bridge,Bent. subs:Wilkinson,Spencer,Fletcher,Gwaze. Would split up Joy and Spencer and keep Spanner on the bench so we've always got some experience on the pitch at prop. Both centres would be a huge boost as we have struggled hugely there at the start of the season. Croft may be young but he had a couple of cracking performances especially against Saints.
  6. Charnley has turned into a right carthorse since he's come back from Union. Got absolutely roasted by Burgess in Round 1
  7. m brooksy


    Stats- Brook-6 tackles. 2 misses. 9 carries=32m Kay-2 tackles. one miss. 10 carries=50m Johnson-12 tackles. 5 misses. 9 carries=52m Abram-21 tackles. 9 misses. 4 carries=19m Aaronson-3 tackles. 4 misses. 6 carries=44m Charnock-21 tackles. 5 misses. 3 offloads. 8 carries=46m Hewitt-8 tackles. 4 misses. 3 carries=11m Joy-30 tackles. 4 misses. 9 carries=53m Owen-14 tackles. 3 misses. 1 carry=4m Spencer-24 tackles. 2 misses. 2 offloads. one tackle bust. 10 carries=39m Langtree-23 tackles. 9 misses. one offload. 10 carries=83m Bent-35 tackles. 2 misses. 11 carries=43m Fletcher-23 tackles. 2 misses. 4 tackle busts. one clean break. 6 carries=52m subs Wilkinson-10 tackles. 3 misses. 2 offloads. one tackle bust. one try assist. 4 carries=31m Gwaze-23 tackles. 5 misses. 2 tackle busts. 9 carries=65m
  8. Gwaze now signed on loan. Played well last year and had a massive engine getting through tons of work. Think he will have improved having another super league pre season as well playing in all Wakey's games I think. With the signings of Fletcher, Beckett and now Gwaze our prop stocks have really improved even though they are all 20 or under.
  9. Stats- Abram-9 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. 10 carries=62m Kay-4 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. 12 carries=95m Worthington-11 tackles. 8 misses. one offload. 8 carries=50m Johnson-14 tackles. 4 misses.8 carries=28m Aaronson-0 tackles. 2 misses.10 carries=68m Charnock-17 tackles. 2 misses. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. 3 carries=28m Hewitt-8 tackles. 4 misses. one tackle bust. 4 carries=10m Joy-29 tackles. 12 carries=95m Owen-34 tackles. 3 misses. 2 carries=7m Spencer-28 tackles. 2 misses. 7 carries=41m Langtree-33 tackles. 5 misses. one offload. 4 tackle busts. 7 carries=69m Bridge-17 tackles. 2 tackle busts. 7 carries=48m Bent-47 tackles. 2 misses.10 carries=45m subs Wilkinson-17 tackles. one miss.one try assist. 4 carries=38m Fletcher-26 tackles. 7 misses. 2 tackle busts. 12 carries=94m Beckett-30 tackles. one miss. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. 10 carries=72m Igbinedeon- 9 tackles. 4 misses. one tackle bust. 7 carries=41m
  10. Oldham fan here but Widnes were superb yesterday with the spine of Smith ,Craven ,Tomkins and Owen being excellent. Brought a huge following as well. Will be up there at the end of the season based on yesterday if they add a couple more forwards to go with their backs.
  11. Disappointing result but on the day Widnes looked superb. In terms of physicality we could match them but their ball movement and angles were something we haven't faced for a long time and they cut us apart out wide. Smith and Craven's kicking in the second half was brilliant and the halves passing combined with Tomkins at hooker was slick. Beckett was fantastic playing big minutes and having a big impact. Fletcher was also impressive again with ball in hand even if he missed a few tackles. I thought out wide we looked very small and were outclassed. Abram did nothing wrong but had no space to do anything. Kay again played ok but butchered our best chance in the first half hesitating instead of going for the line after Charnock's break. Both centres really struggled in defence and that whole left side was very poor with Hewitt, Johnson and Aaronson all being very ineffective. Bridge getting injured didn't help that side but both himself and Langtree just couldn't get into the game such was Widnes's quality. If Leeming is out for a significant amount of time we are desperate for a centre as Johnson just isn't up to that position in this league. We looked a lot better with Wilkinson on the pitch again and he has to be close to forcing his way into the starting position instead of Owen. Charnock went ok and had that one great break but his kicking wasn't the best kicking it dead twice and Hewitt really struggled both in defence and attack.
  12. Think the RFL have a directive that you have to wear the away strip unless there is a clash and then you can revert back to the traditional shirt.
  13. Beckett was impressive last year and obviously scored that hugely important try. Think he has a lot of improvement in him with regular game time which he will get with us Glad he's back
  14. Can't wait for the start of the season myself. Pre season has been a bit stop start with the Rochdale game being the only major worry. Going from Naylor to Diskin may have some teething problems at the start of the year but I think it was necessary for us to kick on in the Championship. We are trying to promote the ball more which has looked slick at times and at others has looked extremely sloppy but we had to change to have a chance at staying up. We know we don't have the squad numbers at the minute for the whole of the season but the 17 we put out on Sunday is good enough to win. Widnes will bring a fair few fans so this should be a cracking atmosphere to start the new season and whilst they may think this game might be a easy start we won't make it so. Some of the new lads look extremely promising especially Abram and Fletcher who look like they can really add quality to our team. Loved going to the Fold in 2016 and 2017 and can't wait again to go to every game there this season. Come on the Yeds
  15. Was fantastic for Penrith 3 or 4 years ago. Really aggressive and has wonderful hands at the line. Gould was raving about him when he was coming through. No idea what went wrong at Titans but almost every player aside from Arrow seems to have gotten worse when they've signed for the Titans.
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