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  1. Huddresfield and Wakefield, it hast to be at the M62 corridor. They do not want to grow the game
  2. I thought they promised it as a result of their april meeting
  3. it was dead when they chose three M62cities....imagine taking Huddersfield ahead of London, Newcastle...
  4. the World series with the Eurpoean participant are 2025, in 2024 there will be a 4N as there are only 4 IRL members remaining - and only they will be allowed to qualify
  5. yes, and they had the perfect world with very succesfull 4N-tournaments
  6. best three years, but to be honest including the tours... and it were the last ashes due to Uk being incompetitive and the destructive effects of the SL War
  7. nothing more desperate and short-sighted than your average M62 club assuming his existence is saved by 50 more away fans by another M62corridor club
  8. Rugby League Live can confirm Toulouse's games would be part of the package, with the French club also thought to be willing to contribute financially to ensure their games are shown. With that, it's hoped that they could get their games shown on French television, though there's plenty of work to do in that regard.
  9. you just have to take Scotland and Ireland away from their menber status and they stop using the heritage players and do it the right/hard way???????????
  10. close to the M62 corridor, attractive city York, Newcastle, Sheffield(!), Birmingham
  11. this only will happen if there are 12 Grade A Clubs which nobody expects soon!?
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