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  1. Thats what I thought this thread was about. There's quite a few towns and cities, especially in the North West, that could be targeted for expansion at amateur level. Even towns with a few clubs could be targeted to increase the amount of clubs and even strengthen some existing clubs. Leagues such as NW Counties, Yorkshire League, Cumbria and Hull and District as well as NE League should be working with the RFL and Super League to increase playing numbers and clubs
  2. I think most top sportsmen are interchangeable between sports as long as they start the game early enough. Most children who excel in one sport are usually good at others too. A lot of footballers would have made good RL players but football hoover up most of the top sportsmen as children denying them the chance to have a go at RL
  3. Sounds like someone is trying to derail this positive thread
  4. How long is the drive from Workington to London Skolars or Newcastle to West Wales?
  5. I agree it's not the right set up in Elite 1 for this yet. The French League would need a revamp or a league above Elite 1 to be created with these clubs and clubs representing population areas in France competing and maybe even cross conference games with League 1. Like I say it's not doable yet but that would be my preferred choice if the chance ever arose
  6. I think if League one is to continue spreading it needs to be in conferences. If the money was there I'd like the French Elite 1 to be used for teams around the Mediterranean and southern Europe. Valencia, Belgrade etc could join and other clubs could be admitted with French Cities and regions, eg Aude, Avignon, etc. I know this isn't doable at the moment but if these clubs got together maybe it could happen
  7. Whoever finishes bottom as they've performed the worst over the season. The better run clubs don't usually finish last so I'd be happy with whoever
  8. I agree. If Halifax folded I wouldn't become a Bulls or Huddersfield fan I'd just watch amateur RL and hope they were reincarnated at some point. I do think though that if that did happen the other local professional clubs could target local schools and clubs in Halifax to recruit junior fans who maybe wouldn't have the option to be Halifax supporters
  9. I agree. A 13 used to be a bit like a 6 but bigger. Fullback has replaced the 13 as a ball player, linking the middle to the outside backs
  10. I agree Warrington look the strongest but I also like the look of Catalan's spine
  11. Id definitely ditch Sky and subscribe to Amazon if they got RL. How many would do the same?
  12. I agree. If some investment can be made into Africa and African communities in Australia and the UK then we may have some competitive countries in Africa in the future
  13. After reading the thread about Greece I think if they can get their domestic scene in order they can quickly rise to be one of the top NH teams. 7 clubs is a good base and if they get recognition and investment then I'm sure they can expand and increase the amount of clubs and players. Add to that the amount of heritage players they can call upon and they should be quite a strong team. Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon and Jamaica could provide quite a competitive NH tournament. England can continue to play the top SH teams outside of WCs with maybe a mid season international against the winners of the NH tournament. Regional qualification tournaments could be played mid season to qualify for the NH completion such as European A,B, C etc, North America, Middle East/North/Central Africa. This would provide plenty of competitive fixtures for all the nations on a regular basis
  14. Tough, skillful forwards has always been the trademark of the English pack. Whitehead and Bateman fit that mould but we need at least one of our props and our loose forward to play that game in my opinion
  15. I'm not usually one to criticise and have been happy with the national teams performances up until now but these performances have been poor. We seem to lack in so many areas. Our back line needs a complete overhaul as we don't seem to have any gamebreakers/danger men and creativity in the halves. In the pack I think we missed a Sam Burgess/Adrian Morley type player who rips into the opposition and feel that our front row were a bit too much just up and down without much skill
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