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  1. What a negative post Harry. I don't imagine NZ is a big market anyway so it makes no difference to the game over here. I wonder why we don't look for good news stories and positive quotes on this forum to start a thread. They're definitely out there but the majority of us prefer to start a thread on negatives
  2. I'd like to see League 1 continue with enough funding for the clubs, however, I don't think that's going to happen. Underneath that I think any southern expansion should be focused on the Southern Conference for any ambitious clubs to ply their trade until they are ready to step up to League 1. Unfortunately that would require investment which isn't likely to happen.
  3. I'd align Elite 1 and League 1 with p and r to the Championship
  4. Hopefully more French clubs get added over the next few years. Maybe a French RL revival is on the cards
  5. And that's where the problem is. If they did go back to amateur what league could they play in?
  6. It's suggestion for if they went back to being a community club. I'd rather League 1 secured enough funding so all the clubs could stay semi pro and Coventry Bears continued developing the community game in the West Midlands
  7. What about NW counties league with a 2nd team/feeder team playing in the Midlands league? Probably be less travelling than conference league south
  8. I hope so. Bristol is big enough to accommodate quite a lot of community clubs
  9. He sounds bitter because Catalan finished above Saints. There's no other explanation for being so negative about them
  10. Yeah I've heard it mentioned plenty of times. Would be good if they could get a deal, doesnt have to be worth much but would help raise the profile and possibly bring in some sponsorship
  11. Is there any chance that the Championship could get some sort of deal to broadcast some of their games?
  12. I've thought for a while that this approach could be used. SL clubs and any ambitious Championship clubs could adopt a League 1 club like Coventry, Skolars, Doncaster or adopt an ambitious club such as Bristol All Golds, Nottingham, Edinburgh to bring them into League 1. The SL club could loan them players, fund junior development, create pathways for local juniors and maybe play an 'on the road' game in the city. This would obviously have many benefits for the local professional club but it could also be beneficial for the SL club. They get to push their brand into a new market and any of the more promising juniors could be signed by the SL club
  13. Is it time for Avignon to step up to the Championship? They seem to have the pathways in place and could probably generate crowds and commercial income
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