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  1. Surely somewhere like Carlisle would be a good place to target as a place for new community clubs. I'm surprised Newcastle Thunder haven't tried
  2. I think most of the money was spent on players wages rather than anything else. I think the increase in spectators can cover whatever it is a club does to market themselves in the local area. Halifax didn't do much razzmatazz but still went bust!!
  3. I think it was a combination of a winning team, aggressive marketing, and making each game feel like an event. I remember them taking some Halifax fans at the time too! There weren't many tears shed in Halifax when it did fizzle out. Think it was basically them going bust and also the man behind it all leaving the club. I have fond memories of standing in the scratching shed at Thrum Hall in the late 80s, early 90s. One of my favourite games was when we give the Kangaroos a bit of a tough game
  4. Not sure if you're fishing here but I'm a Fax fan so not really bothered
  5. I'm not sure if you're fishing here but I'm a Fax fan so doesn't actually bother me
  6. I remember the Bulls putting a lot of focus on their full match day experience. Their crowds grew a lot. Being on TV didn't effect that. They were the benchmark at that time. That's being said begrudgingly from a Fax fan!
  7. Ha, I've tried it all. Just going to have to try and find someone else to live through
  8. I'm not sure if it will affect attendances too much. In fact, if the game can raise its profile by being on TV more then it could actually have a positive effect on attendances in the long run
  9. If I had to choose a player for England who hasn't grown up here it would be Radley. Dad is English so has a strong claim
  10. Maybe the Southern Conference could be used. Have around 8 teams in a League 1 South using existing semi pro clubs and any Southern Conference teams that would like to step up. Then keep East and West leagues below that. If League 1 is going to die then at least there would be somewhere for the clubs to play. It doesn't even have to be semi pro but maybe funding could be given for travel etc
  11. I feel the pain. Mine isn't interested in RL, Union or Football. I've made my peace with it now
  12. I was actually thinking that as I was typing. Makes sense really
  13. Does he have to turn down an origin career? I thought they can play origin and still declare for another country if eligible now
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