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  1. Completely agree. I spent time playing in Carpentras around 20 years ago. They loved the game. Would aligning the season with England be beneficial? Could run some kind of joint play off with League 1, like the Treize Tournoi. Either as a standalone competition or for a place in the Championship. Would you prefer the French teams to stay in Elite and grow that competition? How would you like to see the game developed?
  2. Following the Internationals that have been played recently plus the NRL and SL seasons this year who would make up a World 17? Would they all be NRL? How many nations would provide players?
  3. For me Wakefield, Bradford and Toulouse are the clubs with the most potential currently outside of SL to become one of the bigger SL sides.
  4. I’ve always thought Wakefield have a lot of potential. Decent sized city, strong local amateur game, lots of interest in RL. Lack of money and facilities has what’s been holding them back. If they can get to A grade and get some success on the pitch and invest in junior pathways then they could be one of the bigger clubs
  5. I played for Carpentras in Elite 1 just over 20 years ago. Lovely part of the world
  6. What’s the potential tv audience for this game?
  7. More RL in general. Lots of football fans like everywhere but they also have a passing interest in RL. The area also produces a lot of professional players, mainly through the Siddal club
  8. I’m from Halifax and there is a lot of interest in RL. The Calderdale area is closer to 200 000 with plenty of interest in places like Elland
  9. But they all ran out of money which is what was quoted
  10. Wigan vs Leigh, St Helens vs Warrington and Salford vs Catalans at the Etihad could sell well if marketed. Likewise for Hull vs Hull Kr, Leeds vs Castleford and Huddersfield vs London at Elland Rd
  11. I prefer your idea rather than all games in WY
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