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  1. What's the matter Gittsinfan too difficult for you to consider? Tolouse have played 11 we've played 16 so far 5 more games in which to pick up injuries which we have, we now have 4 players are now out for the season all of which are SL standard. How many injuries have TO picked up this season?
  2. Yeah an bbo chance of picking any injuries up either. It's a joke.
  3. I expect he is getting fit for one or two games in the playoffs. Player management. Same with koppy and moors. we need our biggest pack against TO in the final if we're lucky enough to get there. Planning ahead!
  4. Warrington v Catalan lmao doesn't get bigger rivalry than that.
  5. Another that didn't want us in SL.
  6. Good job they haven't seen the bar receipts
  7. Fingers crossed for a England spot for him next year.
  8. Except the one that put us out of the top flight for 20 odd years
  9. Use this as an opportunity to show the RFL and Rugby League what potential Featherstone and its fans offer, by the supporters raising enough to pay the fine through GoFundMe. It certainly shows how much backing this club has. Get behind them, they may have done wrong but on the other hand I think the fine in our sport is disproportionate.
  10. We've been serving a 25 year penalty already
  11. It pisses me off when the RFL help themselves to the money, time and effort volunteered by willing, loyal supporters.
  12. If the RFL has any say he'll have his teeth pulled and and Tolouse awarded all our points and all the cash that people donate to the club.
  13. i turned it off. refereeing is woeful in SL. The game is being strangled by them. Same for the Leeds warrington game.
  14. It's not fitness that's the issue. It's timing, positioning, running routines, moves etc. You can be the fittest on earth but if you have no idea what is going on your up against it.
  15. We need to get back to regular training, those soft tries will not happen next time around, to be honest as bad as we were we created far more at pivot than they did. We needed to control the Speen of the ruck which we failed to do leaving. The ref didn't help in that regard he allowed them far mor time to lay on than he afforded us.
  16. Totally agree that's what being full time buys, the ability to bend to rules and play the ref. I would like to know the stats for their play the balls and ours. They were allowed far more latitude at the play the ball than us. We certainly looked like we haven't been training together regularly, you can get away with it against lesser teams and rely on talent but the better sides you have no chance.
  17. The cynical side of me thinks this year he wants 2 promoted to dilute the chances of Hull kr being relegated next season. I have no time for him and his own self interests.
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