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  1. thats w thats what they have got! more bad press. spout ffs
  2. fanning the flames. turn a blind eye you mean. there is nothing democratic about what i witnessed last weekend. Too easy spouting! The stewards are not interested or they would deal with it. You are joking with this tripe you have come out with "two sides" my ar%se. it was a bloo&y punch up. I guess you condone it.
  3. It didn’t look good embarrassed, to be honest reading those articles. There was also racist comments shouted when the players lined up. I used to wear my flat cap with pride but watching and listening to the element behind the sticks last week it seems to have been adopted as a uniform for political views that I don’t want to be associated with.
  4. With the threat of having our alcohol licence revoked does anyone think the mindless drunken violence outside the ground last week that featured in the media will aid the decision?
  5. independent audit please.
  6. I agree I am also positive about us winning this season butt.... I also think that the structure will be changed to a SL 1 & 2 with 10 teams in each thus well be denied again.
  7. To be honest I would feel a little cheated if we go to Wembley in the micky mouse cup and our neighbours make the final of the real deal look down their nose at us. Not for me thanks.
  8. Yes big men big minutes and a very hot day.
  9. Hope Bussy is okay he's Ben the best ball playing forward I've seen in any division this season. He always shows concern for an injured player too.
  10. One on one full back coaching for Chizzy should be first job. Not that I think he's a million miles away.
  11. Ah but we've made him into a SL quality player.
  12. Definitely a game to try chissy at full back again. I see him being used in the same way Jake Conner is he's perfect for it, Hall on the wing and dropping back to help out in defence. Why change the hookers it's not broken so don't fix it.
  13. Even my wife that over heard it thought it was very biased and she's a Wakey fan. How can you possible suggest that the Whitehaven coach would be the happier? That's what they suggested! We would of had 60 if those tries hadn't been disallowed. I Have never said that we don't need to improve ball retention but how you coach that is beyond me when we are dropping good ball cold. Perhaps "come on guys please don't drop the ball thanks. As long as they stick in the play offs I aren't bothered they van win like that every week for me.
  14. I've never heard it as biased in my life. We this we that. Haven try was superb our length of the field going through numerous hands was chaos! Shockingly poor.
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