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  1. If I ran a champ club my first call to fans would be to not buy the subscription
  2. Survival is important and income to do so helps, reducing that income is a no no
  3. Ask Batley would they like Bradford at home Sunday or Monday with no fee for being on some 10 bit subscription channel just as their tv money is slaughtered
  4. I will not state the RFL are a complete disgrace until I know how many millions the deal is worth and the protection against the key fixtures being moved to a Monday. I will assume asking fans to pay an extra £150 pa has benefits tbc
  5. If Fev are even close with 25 left just wait for 15 mins without the ball, Fev would have to spend a fortune to get the ground ready for a Sky night game
  6. David my understanding is SL pay about £250, I would suggest you put a 0 on that when signing a FT SL contract not the academy one. My other question would be which club ie the one they had spent 8 years at or the one the SL club asked them to play at?
  7. You could do this now but with a 16 team SL and let the 4 newcomers build in quality. It must be done on factual markers and I would propose regional academies centrally funded rewarding the amateur clubs when a player signs a SL deal. stadium, Financial situation, average comparable gates, potential gates, 10 year result stats could be used to decide the 16 but I would also welcome a bond returnable in leaving for all applicants, if 16 clubs left £3m as a bond that should comfortably generate £5m pa to market the sport with any decent broker
  8. He signed a full time contract, if he then refused to sign a SL contract surely he would have left when a SL place was given? If a club has a player on a FT championship contract and wins promotion - can they just rip them up saying its not applicable in SL?
  9. Saints and Leeds are superb in this - I thought it was a players version of the Mexican wave for a while
  10. one of the key skills of the top SL sides was a player faking injury defending a set restart or after a penalty - we were really poop at it
  11. If we had stayed in SL he would not be head coach, next season will be a great opportunity for him with a mentor to fall back on
  12. My take is that Haggerty has shown some promise which can be nurtured/mentored in the Championship by an amicable and experienced DoR.
  13. Tight hammies are a ###### when it comes to a teamsheet - any player not wanting to play can find a reason not to. We had a squad on its arriss, no middles and 4 hookers/halves on the bench at one point but still no hand went up. Suppose the club can't call him out as very difficult to prove.
  14. We had the religious guy post game at Hilton Park - his banner was ''The end is nigh'' with the crowd responding '' you watched the game then''
  15. Thank you Did Salford owe the council £1.3m in un paid rent, and is the rent £0 at present
  16. Thank you for the correction, so that I am up to speed What was the deal? and what was it previously? Someone told me the council agreed rent free unless over 8000? What was not repaid when the CVA was broke?
  17. You will have some clubs with a vote who would lose nothing by staging a Mon night game - they will take anything
  18. Having been to the old Moor Lane when Swinton played there I can only comment what a total hole it was then and that the fun of 2000 Wire or Saints fans descending on the area for parking is worth a tv channel on its own. As commented on Salford decided not pay rent but players - and have got away with it
  19. I enjoy your reasoning, it brightens up a cloudy day. Historically about 50% of boxes are for season and are at about £1k average, higher for some and lower for others - 10k loss 100 diners lost would be about 6k Main match sponsors reduced by £5k Plus gate drop by 1000-1500 plus secondary spends will be 40-50k in total plus ###### off fans who have had their day taken away = immeasurable. This needs filling from the deal otherwise you are expecting clubs whose central funding has been decimated losing even more
  20. Leigh were told in 2001 to fit out the TS stand with seats in order to meet Framing the Future requirements and gain entry to SL, despite numerous SL clubs not meeting those requirements and still dont. Leigh spent what was in the squad strengthening budget on meeting that criteria - Widnes brought in players and won promotion. The RFL/SL are not to be trusted
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