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  1. Had 2 stints, approx 30 mins in total. Held his own and nearly scored a try (double movement). Impressive performance considering he was down to play in the reserves yesterday and got thrown in last minute after only a few days full-time training. Look forward to seeing what he can deliver towards the back-end of the season.
  2. Strong performance from Salford despite only having 1 Prop on the bench (making his first Super League appearance no less). I'd be seriously concerned as a Leeds fan. Our defence has tightened up last 3 games but we looked extremely comfortable throughout and should have scored more. Croft on drying pitches is a joy to watch and Watkins is putting himself back into England contention (did not think I would be typing this last season).
  3. It's frustrating when people cannot separate the Koukash era (and its legacy) from the post-Koukash era. I appreciate it might not be obvious from the outside, but this caricature of Salford being content to take the TV money and focusing on self-preservation does not align with reality. The club is working incredibly hard to regain the academy status that Koukash torpedoed and is thinking innovatively by investing much of its resources in Welsh rugby league through the partnership with WRL, Coleg y Cymoedd & UCLAN. This is already paying dividends with- just last Friday- 4 young welshmen being signed to the reserves. The club has the first Super League partnership in Africa with Ghana RL and has already had coaches over from Ghana in order to aid their development and improve the RL infrastructure in the country. There is a long-term aim to give a pathway for young Ghanaians into professional rugby league. I'd argue few Super League clubs are more engaged in the expansion of the game than SRD right now. The club's womens' team was only established this year yet has already beaten Super League opposition; PDRL sessions have also been launched. The Building The Future game against Leeds last Friday saw schoolkids and grassroots from Stockport to Bolton in attendance. The club has completely rebranded since the Koukash era. This isn't a club just relying on old men from Weaste and Eccles. Ian Blease- just one of a number of shrewd operators at the club who have enabled SRD to punch above its weight and begin to build long-term again after Koukash decimated the club's infrastructure for short-term gain. The value of SRD's sponsorship deal with Selco BW means that, even if SRD were relegated and penalty clauses applied, the club would earn more in the Championship than several SL clubs earn from their main shirt sponsor. The commercial department is growing in size, not standing still or shrinking. This is why the fanbase are largely positive about Moor Lane. The opportunity to control our own destiny and retain sponsorship, f&b and other matchday-associated revenues is a huge positive and what all Super League clubs should be aspiring to. SRD have inherent disadvantages due to poor attendances and the damage Koukash inflicted on the club. The fact that we've been so competitive over the last 5 years highlights the incompetence & complacency of bigger, better resourced and more illustrious competitors. It is not something SRD should apologise for.
  4. What does this even mean? Our 'rent money' is whatever money is mutually agreed between the parties. The original rent agreement was agreed between previous parties and based on incompetent (I'd say negligent) projections. Rent agreements, like any other contract, can be re-negotiated. This applies to SRD as much as any other company in this country.
  5. They're rightly criticised at times but Sky deserve huge credit for this segment. I'd be happy to watch an hour of Wells & Lomax on the touch screen every pre-game Monday Night Football style.
  6. Plenty of selection headaches already for the World Cup already for me: 1. Williams or Dodd at 7? No doubt the latter is in the better form but the former's experience and proven quality may just pip it for him 2. Centres? Absolute minefield- any of Percival, Newman, Gildart, Farnworth, KPP & Welsby are realistic contenders for me 3. Who is your utility 14? Clark to speed up the game from dummy half or Welsby for his sheer versatility & ability must be the front-runners 4. Who are the bolters? Young, KPP, Pryce & Farnworth the obvious ones but I'm sure there are more
  7. the idea there isn’t french talent who can compete at the top of Super League is surely dispelled after these last 2 performances. Jullien, Da Costa, Seguier, Dezaria, Goudemand should be playing Super League every week.
  8. Barrow getting Josh Johnson and Jack Wells on loan should certainly make this more competitive. I'd be surprised if the latter doesn't become an important part of Salford's best 17 this season fitness permitting.
  9. Without wishing to go into detail, it is a standard part of a commercial property contract for improvements/alterations to a premises to be disregarded in any rent review. Besides, the landlord will be Salford City Council, just as it is now for Salford City FC. It would not be a comparable landlord/tenant relationship to Hull, Wigan or Salford @ AJ Bell. We would 'effectively' own the ground, it wouldn't be like someone renting a house. Commercial property is not residential property. Given your Super League score predictions have proven more accurate than your understanding of commercial property law I'd suggest not taking this further.
  10. AFAIK Salford receive nothing from food and beverage/hospitality on top of the price of the match ticket as it is the stadium management company who control hospitality
  11. Well this is what I said on the Moor Lane thread having just left the Fans' Forum led by our Managing Director Paul King: "Due diligence suggests v feasible/affordable. Discussions ongoing with architects/construction sector about increasing capacity to between 6.5k and 8k (can build up, not out) subject to planning permission (PP not expected to be major obstacle, more dependent on what we are quoted for the work)." Is he deluded? I have no idea where any confirmation of a 15 year lease has come from, it certainly wasn't me. Again, from the Moor Lane thread shortly after the Fans' Forum: "Effectively yes (Salford would own the ground) as it would be a long term leasehold (as Salford City have now) between 21 and 100 years with full control over the stadium's commerciality"
  12. My guess wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s written on and I go every week! Well we took 0 to Wembley thanks to COVID but the Grand Final had anywhere between 12,000 and 20,000 ‘Salfordians’ (ie supporting Salford due to more than disliking/loathing St Helens) as a rough estimate. Now I’d love to know the data on all those people in order to encourage them to come every week but I can guarantee you they don’t see the AJ Bell as an attractive stadium experience and don’t live on the largely derelict land around Barton with the sub-standard transport infrastructure.
  13. It might or might not be an unreasonable estimate but what it is is a figure plucked out of thin air
  14. ‘Likely’?! Please submit your business plan to Paul King as I’m sure he’d love to know how to get 10,000 fans ‘likely’ attending Salford games. If you want a good-faith discussion on the viability of our various stadium options then please direct this to the Moor Lane thread so as not to pollute the attendances thread further. However, your obsession with capacity and complete ignorance of geography does not suggest you understand the crux of the discussion amongst Salford fans re AJ Bell/Moor Lane. I’ll leave it at that
  15. As stated in the Moor Lane thread, if Salford proceed with Moor Lane it will be a minimum 15 year lease with full control over naming rights and sponsorship and full control of all matchday revenues (unless anything has materially changed from the last fans’ forum). Commercially, that is as good as owning the freehold (if you want to argue that it isn’t I refer you to my posts on the Moor Lane thread).
  16. Not in this instance tbf, no. But it has been a theme of the last few pages. It's just the statements of personal opinion as fact highlighted above and elsewhere by people unwilling to do the most basic of research that becomes irksome.
  17. Again. Have you bothered to read any of the now extensive detail on the Moor Lane thread before asking these questions? You, and any other poster, have every right to think whatever you wish with regards to Salford. I have no interest in changing that. All I do ask is that you stop telling Salford fans and the people of Salford what they do or don't think and what they can or can't do without even pretending to engage in the substance of any of it. It's a forum at the end of the day so you can do as you like but I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it tedious.
  18. Have you consulted a single Salford fan before reaching this conclusion? I must say my favourite genre on here is telling fans what they supposedly think about their own clubs.
  19. Strong effort given the shocking weather and absence of away fans
  20. 2 excellent performances from King Vuniyayawa. Looks a very shrewd signing.
  21. Worst conditions I’ve ever seen at the AJ Bell. Very difficult to judge either side but another solid win.
  22. A sizeable proportion of Super League players already have their contracts for the following season finalised by mid-Summer. Ending the Championship a few weeks/ a month before the Grand Final does not solve that problem. Something does need to change. That change has to deliver the maximum growth for the sport and the most efficient use of its resources. It also needs to be decided independently of the clubs.
  23. The pack definitely stood up tonight, King especially was excellent. They must have had a dozen sets on our 20 due to handling errors and yet we looked largely comfortable in defence. Elijah & Shane Wright got through an unbelievable amount of work.
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