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  1. Worst conditions I’ve ever seen at the AJ Bell. Very difficult to judge either side but another solid win.
  2. A sizeable proportion of Super League players already have their contracts for the following season finalised by mid-Summer. Ending the Championship a few weeks/ a month before the Grand Final does not solve that problem. Something does need to change. That change has to deliver the maximum growth for the sport and the most efficient use of its resources. It also needs to be decided independently of the clubs.
  3. The pack definitely stood up tonight, King especially was excellent. They must have had a dozen sets on our 20 due to handling errors and yet we looked largely comfortable in defence. Elijah & Shane Wright got through an unbelievable amount of work.
  4. Not bad for the worst pack in Super League. Sneyd was phenomenal but we looked to have strike all over the pitch. Cas just could not handle our left edge.
  5. Salford had sold coming up to 900 by lunchtime Thursday so should be a cracking atmosphere.
  6. Only 1 game but I don't think Saints had to play that well to beat that Catalans side. Do worry they've fallen back to their old ways relying on big name antipodeans again rather than building on the French core that gave them some identity last season. May & Pearce were anonymous, Mcilorum just doesn't have the zip anymore and Tomkins was poor. One of the few bright spots was Dezaria.
  7. Surprised they aren't in for Escare tbh
  8. Why does this matter though? These are Premier Sports' own figures. They pay the rights fees. If they're celebrating the TV figures then that's: a) greater leverage for the RFL when it comes to re-negotiation; and b) perfect ammunition for every Championship commercial director when it comes to seeking new sponsorship. The methodology used & even the actual veracity of the figures themselves is irrelevant.
  9. This and the news that KR will soon be acquiring the freehold on Craven Park is as important/exciting as any other in Super League right now. The more control SL (and potential SL) clubs have over their major cash-generating assets the better the sport's growth potential. Hopefully Salford will soon be following with the long-term leasehold of Moor Lane & FC can re-negotiate the lease at the MKM.
  10. I don't think we make the top 6 this season (I think this is the strongest Super League in years with the way Leeds have strengthened, KR adding Coote etc) but I might have to take a bit of 7/1.
  11. Having watched both pre-season games I'm confident we'll be competitive this season. Avoiding injuries to the middles will be our issue. Wells has impressed me every time he's played but his injury record is a huge worry, King looks very strong (albeit raw) and contrary to other posters on here Burke has been an extremely reliable part of Grand Final and Challenge Cup Final squads. Sam Luckley is improving all the time. Add in Akauola, Ormondroyd, Gerrard and Johnson I don't think depth is an issue. The sheer amount of work Taylor & Wright get through in the back row will help as well. On Croft, I'm already resigned to a bigger club coming in for him next season tbh. I'm going to enjoy him whilst I can.
  12. Gary Carter reporting that negotiations are ongoing for Toulouse games. Hopefully this is the start of a permanent relationship with BeIn rather than another short term, isolated agreement.
  13. It's long overdue but if they are going to commit to a strategy of supporting local community clubs and Welsh players then it would be welcome to see them seek involvement in Salford's partnership with WRL & Coleg Y Cymoedd.
  14. Played Salford up here at the weekend in a behind closed doors game
  15. Announcement on 11 January with PM Castex, Lacoste and IRL President Troy Grant: https://www.ffr13.fr/la-france-organisera-la-coupe-du-monde-de-rugby-a-xiii-en-2025/ L'Independant suggesting a 60 million budget, 40 towns/cities to play host and 4 concurrent tournaments (Men's, Women's, Wheelchair & Youth). Great news that it finally appears to be over the line and let's hope this can be the catalyst which takes Catalans' and TO's respective successes outwards into the country. Would also be an opportune moment for the FFR to professionalise.
  16. Given the COVID rates in NSW recently it could be that. I'd be surprised if anything happened for the 2022 season.
  17. That article is just an overview of what was said at the fans forum. I certainly didn't take that quote literally having been there, it's just how Paul King seems to get his message across.
  18. We don't have a full-time professional competition if clubs don't generate commercial revenue. All it does is make it increasingly clear that your actual point is 'I don't like Catalans' rather than 'what do they actually bring to SL?' That's fine. You don't have to. Just say it rather than dressing it up as something else.
  19. This is your most absurd reasoning yet. By whatever metric you choose, Catalans are now one of the big clubs capable of winning Super League. Plenty of clubs have had the time in the competition to be one: Salford, Castleford, Wakefield Plenty of clubs have had the resources to do so and not managed it: Hull FC, Huddersfield, Leigh None of these clubs have been able to combine consistent off-field revenue, on-field competitiveness, attendances and attracting star players. There is nothing to suggest the Cumbrian clubs could. That isn't to say they don't bring a lot to rugby league. They do, like the above clubs I've highlighted (one of which being my own), but you can't simultaneously want northern hemisphere RL/ Super League to grow and be critical of a club that has established itself as a big club.
  20. Maybe not, but there are consequences to that: Who is going to fund the work of the ARLC, NZRL and their southern hemisphere counterparts? It may be the NRL, but that's a lot of cost and resource. Will players accept being barred from playing for their country? I'd argue many of the players who switched allegiances to the Tier 2 nations are pretty invested in representing their heritage. The NRL can do as it wants but the reality is they won't expand their player pool if the sport has zero international presence/visibility.
  21. Whilst this may not be good news for international rugby league as a whole, I see it as a positive for our international calendar. The chance of England playing a southern hemisphere side mid-season is nil anyway. The obvious move is to invest long term in mid-season England internationals against France and Wales (and dare I say the combined nations if necessary) whilst negotiating annual southern hemisphere series (home or away) with nations who will be more incentivised to seize the one window of opportunity they get each year. The NRL shunning mid-season internationals should only provide more clarity and structure to our international schedule, not less.
  22. I like Luckley a lot tbf and if he kicks on again he will definitely be in the 17. I think we all want an extra prop but that isn't sounding likely. If Akauola can deliver then we'll be fine but that remains to be seen.
  23. Fair point. I am expecting our discipline to be much better in 2021 under Rowley after hearing some of the stories from last season
  24. Brierley Sio Watkins* Sarginson Burgess Croft Sneyd Wells* Ackers Vuniyayawa Wright Livett Taylor Atkin Burke Akauola Johnson Asterisked Watkins and Wells as their selection is heavily caveated by their respective injury records. If not, Lafai and Ormondroyd/Luckley will come in. Time will tell but very happy with our recruitment bar reservations over Akauola.
  25. Salford weren't granted an academy licence and therefore can't run an academy team.
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