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  1. Did Stuart Littler rob your lunch money as a kid or something?
  2. Thanks, I appreciate it. My issue is when people try and use things like this as a stick to beat Salford with such is their desperation to attack clubs like us. Criticise our crowds. Criticise our poor performances on the pitch. Criticise the Koukash era. We're a long way away from where we should and need to be. Just don't try and manufacture contrived arguments over things which are positive and promising.
  3. It's a matter of pedantry. Unless we were planning on having an open top bus parade to celebrate the official copies of title stating Salford Red Devils as possessing the freehold then the practical and commercial implications of a having a long-lease instead are nil.
  4. Our university partnerships and player pathway scheme were discussed in depth tonight: We have an existing partnership with Salford University and are also working with UoM and Manchester Met 3 players who have graduated from our partnership with Wales Rugby League and will be playing in our reserves this upcoming season are to begin scholarships with UCLAN managed around their rugby. Our new reserves coach works at UCLAN and is developing this relationship further. We now have 3 player pathway partnership: Wales RL, Ipswich Jets & Ghana RL. The latter is longer-term but the aim is to bring players from all 3 into our player pathway and provide opportunities for them to study with Eccles College/UCLAN/Salford Uni and develop into potential Super League players. We now have 84 partner schools in GM, the vast majority having not played rugby league before We are working on pathways for ethnic minorities similar to the RFL's Tackle It Academy We have just launched the REDS programme for 14-17 year olds identified as having potential to come and train with the club with the potential of entering our pathway. I get it's fashionable to clobber Salford for holding the sport back (understandably so given our recent history) but the present and future look very encouraging so long as the stadium issue is resolved.
  5. I have no idea what wider point you're trying to make here but the differences between long-term leasehold and freehold are immaterial in this context. What matters is who has effective control over the assets of the property. That would be Salford.
  6. Effectively yes as it would be a long term leasehold (as Salford City have now) between 21 and 100 years with full control over the stadium's commerciality.
  7. It is effectively Moor Lane or nothing. The good news: due diligence suggests it is a feasible solution The club are meeting with architects/builders imminently to discuss the possibility of expanding the capacity to 6.5k/8k (we can build up, just not out) We would have full commercial control over the stadium in terms of corporate hospitality & executive boxes (yes, they exist), sponsorship (good news considering our commercial revenue has doubled since February) and food & beverage Obstacles remaining: Cost of expanding the stadium (all depends what quotes we are given) Training base & HQ Car parking (park & ride logistics already thought through and other local parking solutions are being discussed with the relevant parties)
  8. Yes. I think O'Hagan will be the best half in the comp provided he can keep himself fit but that remains to be seen. Nu Brown is a big loss for Fev and I'm not sold on Leigh or Thunder's lot. As I say, Fax *may* have the best halves pairing in the comp. I'm not saying it's clear cut.
  9. Don't think you're far off here barring the outside backs. Only see Tom Davies cementing his place off the back of another strong year with Catalans and Newman will be taking 1 of the centre spots injury permitting. Welsby absolutely has to be, at the very least, a utility interchange. Don't think there are many other potential bolters. Likely to be just too soon for Pryce, Dodd, Pearce-Paul and Smithies but who knows...
  10. Leigh, Newcastle, York, Featherstone and Halifax all look likely to be assembling squads capable of winning promotion. Feel York have a really good chance if they can keep O'Hagan, Brinning and Pauli fit all season; Newcastle's pack looks very strong on paper; I like Leigh's focus on younger players but the jury is out until the new coach is appointed; Fev have the quality in the backs and Fax might have the best halves pairing in the comp. It really should be a brilliant season.
  11. Whilst in theory you're right it isn't that simple. Marquee- about 4 clubs (to my knowledge) currently use both spots so that isn't a significant impediment. Club grown- we need a Cat 1 academy first which the club is rightly prioritising but, even so, it is a fact of life the best local talent will always go to Wigan or Saints. New talent/returning talent- rarely gets used, let alone successfully International bonuses- what internationals? This isn't me arguing that money doesn't matter. Funnily enough, I don't expect Salford to ever trouble the top 5 places for this exact reason. But, in a salary-capped sport where 5/6 clubs are spending the same level on salaries, it is not money that makes the difference between these clubs. I'm surprised this is so controversial.
  12. I just think it is an over-simplification. Wigan, Warrington, Saints, Catalans and Leeds (and maybe even Huddersfield with Davy's recent spending) are all on a level playing field under the salary cap. Saints have dominated the last 3 seasons because they have been far and away the best club holistically speaking. Wigan can have the exact same money to spend but when half their squad are back rowers, they have 1 senior centre and no halfback that would start for any of the aforementioned clubs I can say quite confidently that they won't be lifting Super League next season. The structure, culture and organisation of a Super League club are, for me, the most important factors in determining success. Finances will always restrict a Salford from consistently competing with the above but there are still plenty of teams competing on exactly the same terms economically who are very far apart on the rugby pitch.
  13. Good thread to share this: https://l.messenger.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fthunderrugby%2Fstatus%2F1456663765345349635%3Fs%3D21&h=AT1pTZzdaqn8IWGqW6VvuX84tsyspdHfgph5FA-fga-N81w2tkF5Ip6bxosFfn_3wz2GUTvvlqoAXqVce2RJZGkEHgcp4QuHoorJGFbbvCmPo2bGEnsZJuO9mcLedD3oHGv_6g After the events of the last week its great to see what expansion can look like when done well. Investment in the grassroots and community clubs should eventually have an impact on Thunder's gates. I really hope they reach Super League in the next few years with a couple of geordies in each matchday squad.
  14. 1. Comparisons between the Premier League and Super League on this forum are always bemusing but I think this may be a new winner. One sport is salary capped, the other isn't. One sport has ownership structures ranging from multi-millionaire business people to sovereign wealth funds, the other has ownership structures consisting of 'local boy done good' to varying extents. 2. PSG are going to win Ligue 1 99 times out of 100 (apart from the 2 seasons in the last 5 years when PSG didn't win Ligue 1). Even in the football's distorted landscape, teams can punch above their weight and teams can punch below their weight. None of this is to say we are currently competing on a level playing field with other clubs. Of course we aren't. But I'd take a Category 1 Academy and retention of all matchday revenue streams over another Koukash. This black and white argument that, in a sport where 3 or 4 clubs are actually spending the full cap with 2 marquees, the financial disparity in Super League renders coaching immaterial is quite baffling. Coaches matter. Recruitment decisions matter. The culture in a squad matters. Injuries and form matter. Super League is not played on a Balance sheet. If it was, Wire might have won Super League by now...
  15. Sneyd signing could be massive for Brodie Croft. Get his running game back and quick hands going and Sneyd can take care of the rest. Think they'll really complement each others games.
  16. That's good news. I'm looking forward to these announcements and really hope you succeed. Do you not worry about the identity of the club though? You'll know more than me as I only studied in the Midlands but I never got the sense there was a Midlands 'identity'. I just hope that doesn't affect support and enthusiasm for the Hurricanes.
  17. Whilst I don't personally like the rebrand (I really liked the Coventry Bears as a brand) I really hope this succeeds. Great to hear that rugby league in the Midlands is not only surviving but showing ambition and looking to grow. I hope this new investment is enough help push the rebranded club and the grassroots scene to the next level.
  18. It is name checked in the press releases. Obviously it has not been built yet and still appears to be seeking the required funding. That is the whole point of asking these questions. It is Eric Perez and the RFL's job to do the due diligence/business plan, not mine.
  19. Transparency is going to be key if this is to get the buy in from fellow League 1 clubs/ the wider rugby league community. Is an agreement in place for the club to move into Stadium for Cornwall upon its completion? What is the club's plans for grassroots and junior rugby league in the region? What discussions have taken place with key regional stakeholders (Cornish Pirates, Cornwall Council, Exeter Uni etc)? What is the strategy for player recruitment? Local union players, existing League 1 players, mixture of both? I'd love this to work but, for it to, the RFL must have done their due diligence and be able to present a business case to more sceptical members.
  20. The fact the RFL Board seem to have approved this without consultation is madness. If it was part of a strategy to develop the sport in the wider south west region with All Golds/Gloucester/Bristol then I could see the thinking but as it stands I'm quite baffled to be honest (and that is as an expansionist).
  21. I'm sure the self-evident pathway that has now been established between the Salford Red Devils and WWE will result in Moor Lane becoming the Smackdown vs Raw Arena as part of a lucrative naming rights deal. And people say we should stay at the AJ Bell...
  22. I largely agree but the other stadia aren't a negotiating tactic, Paul King himself has called them a 'last resort'. That doesn't mean they are unviable, but obviously the Salford Red Devils playing out of East Manchester is not preferable. Of course economically we have no leverage, but politically we do. Gary Neville isn't going to want to be the local(ish) lad who shafted a community club, especially if he is considering running for GM Mayor in 2024. It wouldn't do much good for Paul Dennett's socialist credentials either... Money talks at the end of the day but we do have levers we can pull to try and get the best result possible.
  23. Nope. Other stadia have been mentioned (I think the Etihad Campus was one) but that would require a relocation to Manchester and is clearly not the preferred option. I agree with your previous post that this is likely a negotiating tactic though. The current board have earnt the right to be trusted based on their track record so I'll reserve judgement on anything until there are some material developments.
  24. We'll find out more at the fans forum but I trust the current board to get the right deal and make the right decision. Whether that be Moor Lane or elsewhere. I get other fans will have their tuppence but we are moving (slowly) in the right direction as a club.
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