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  1. I think as a mark of respect for this tournament being postponed the IRL should not allow any internationals to be played in Aus/NZ after the G/F this year. If they do then we know they are the puppets with the NRL pulling all the strings
  2. Maybe NZRL can hire someone who understands participation agreements in the next 12 months
  3. Me personally I think SOO has killed international rugby league progressing. In Australia its talked about during NRL games. Even in the offseason they talk about emerging Origin camps to net as many eligible players coming through. To me SOO reached its peak during QLDS recent dominance - when Cronk,Slater,Smith & Thurston played. With Smith / Thurston almost guaranteed Immortal status down the track. That's why the NRL are keen to keep on flogging it as its there major cash cow & anything that gets in the way is just collateral damage - thats why they went to all lengths to play it at the end of last year instead of touring (remember that darn COVID again) What is more insulting is they call it the pinnacle & the best of the best which is insulting to 40% of players in the NRL not eligible or I guess the ones that aren't they find a loophole where they can. To me its just a glorified club game now & while i will never say game 3 was rigged, QLD were given the rub of the green during the game. I mean its hard to sell the concept when NSW get a 3-0 whitewash. The NRL can't afford International Rugby League to take the shine of if. It means SOO goes down the pecking order or suffers in popularity. Even in the 80s/90s NZ/Great Britian played tests during the Aus League season/SOO season. No chance of that happening now. So lets compare the world cup in the Australian mainstream media. A story to say AUS/NZ have withdrawn & now another story to say its postponed. Its chalk/cheese & part of the reason International Rugby League is like the poor cousin. Until that mindset changes I fear its like banging your head against a wall as the cards unfortunately will always be stacked against International Rugby League & in Australia's favor.
  4. Can you blame him he is guaranteed to play an international for his country? Something NZ league players can't do. Instead they watch there fellow sportsmen on television representing NZ at the Olympics,Cricket,Rugby Union etc. At best he may not play league for NZ until the end of 2022 & that is if NZ understands the piece of paper they sign next year leading up to the tournament starting.
  5. At least Australia can play SOO next year & work on there combinations to be ready for the World Cup. Then we'll hear the commentators say 'Australia is rolling through there opposition today like a well oiled machine.' Well if you play SOO 3 years in a row and no one else it does give you a leg up
  6. At the end of the day if major sport is played in the UK this year at the same time as the Rugby League World Cup was supposed to then we know who we can thank for that rushed decision. Morally it was wrong to back out with no notice. Then instead of taking a breath to come back to the negotiating table they back peddle further & strengthen there position. They then get the clubs onside which made it almost impossible by then to get the players you need. If your product is damaged to that extent I guess its hard to sell to the public & why they had no choice but to postpone. We will never know how much work went behind the scenes to try to rescue the event but in the end it seems it couldn't be. So the NRL have assured the competition in Australia starts on time in 2022 with no impact - well aint that a blessing. People will make there own minds next year if its worth attending or supporting. It has opened up peoples eyes now to the attitude that the NRL has to International Rugby League & it sure isnt pretty. What is also hard to comprehend is this all happened during an Olympics when sport is played at the highest level during a COVID pandemic.
  7. Congratulations NRL you win I hope the players will be super fit now next year & can play some mickey mouse trial before the season starts
  8. if they play a pacific series in australia at the end of year - while union is getting played before sold out crowds in the uk then that would stink
  9. If the tokyo olympics can pull it off with over 200 countries competing surely we can do it with 16 Where there is a will there is a way as the saying goes. Get the players that you need & you have the tournament - Let the NRL sit in there castle surrounded by there moat & let the rest of of the world get on with things & running the best RLWC in 2021 Bring it on.
  10. Isn't it ironic the NRL are locked down in QLD Australia (at this stage to Sunday afternoon) playing to empty crowds while trying to do a backroom deal with a State Government to host the GF for the most $$$ - still not knowing who will be open for business then It would be pretty sweet if the RLWC comes out & says its still on during this week.
  11. I am just so fortunate the investigative, leave no stone unturned, Australian media have been able to talk to anonymous senior players & an anonymous biosecurity expert & also the 16 clubs getting involved now. This all makes sense now & I can understand the decision now not to go
  12. Troy Grant comes across like a good person from what I have heard from him so far. I hope he sticks around & keeps on fighting the good fight. The shock & horror of it all to the NRL/ARL plotters that he didn't back there call. I mean the money already spent to them must of been like Monopoly Money & they can just spend more & more of it like drunken sailors next year.
  13. I just heard the 3 remaining NRL subscription holders in the UK were devastated when they woke to this news today.
  14. Well knock we down with a feather - the clubs don't support there players going to the World Cup this year. I was just so shocked when I heard that after they promoted & supported sending there players all year. How amateur to pull that ace from your sleeve? I mean "Cry me a river" guys - this boo hoo about why there players will not be able to go. You'd think Covid started last Wednesday & they thought Geez this doesn't look good we'd better bunker down this year & protect our players. Again it also wreaks of desperation they play this out publicly. If you treat your supporters & fans like idiots then I'm afraid you reap what you sow.
  15. I'd hate to be the person with the job to tell Jason T that he is not going. In fact if Tonga put a statement out saying they are still going with all the potential players signing the statement then that would send a message they won't be bullied into withdrawing
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