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  1. Hope so for you guys but very much doubt it
  2. Any chance of getting Joe Bullock back I wonder. ??? Now that would be a signing !! Very happy with Ben Evans though
  3. Riley wont help you. Was awful at Barrow
  4. Yes just read on google. Disappointed as I thought he was really good for us. Best of luck to him and hope he gets game time there.
  5. I have. Waste of time probably but got it off my chest
  6. Alrhough it is great getting the games online now every week can I make a plea to the two commentators. Please commentate on the match and not waffle on for ages. Regularly we start a set, they go off piste and it is now 5th tackle. Very annoying. No idea what is happening half the time. Please guys get your act together.
  7. Phew .... what a great win. Was tense listening to the radio. Fabulous effort and a well deserved break.
  8. Does anyone know ifis he still with us ?
  9. Not a copy and paste. Just fact
  10. As much as I thought the worky fans were really good in supporting their team I can honestly say the language of a few was disgusting in front of women and children. Even the women from Workington were apologising for the minority who let the club down. Not acceptable sorry.
  11. Why cant they learn. Penalties penalties. So frustrating
  12. surprised no one has mentioned how he is after his valiant try saving attempt resulting in what looked like a worrying injury. Any news on this ?
  13. Back to crowdfunding Escare. I think I would rather crowdfund Alec Susino back. He was awesome, reliable, good off loader and just the type of player we need now, not another flair player like Escare.
  14. I agree with all the above comments apart from the Sunday League players bit. If we said before the season started we would be as we are now with 9 points and had a good cup run we all would have taken it. However, from the off Batley were far superior yesterday. We looked flat and tired. Carrying a few knocks I think as some were not themselves. We do need a couple of props which would enable Gillam to move outside a give us more options. A difficult few weeks ahead but the main thing is not to get relegated and finish in a comfortable position so we can build further next season.
  15. I think Salford have their own injury issues at present and they both played at the weekend against Wigan.
  16. The point I was trying to make was there are lots of good amateurs out there and you guys have some great clubs up there. Also only Gillam of the ones you name was in the 17 Monday. If you include the ones left out on Monday you can have another 5 locals in the full squad. Dowsett not signed this year either. Barrow have actively looked to sign the best locals for years and with the Academy bringing at least 4 through to first team squad it is working.
  17. If you look at Barrow s 17 on Monday there were 9 cumbrian and 10 if you include Stack, who has lived here forever. So the locals are there if you look hard enough. All of Barrows are from Millom, Askam,Barrow,Ulverston, all good local amateur clubs. With the strength of the amateur game in north Cumbria you should have some good ones around. Barrow have nurtured them over a number of years, hence you ing but now they have the experience to cope.
  18. great win today in atrocious conditions. Fab start to the season and already 4 points better off than the other two cumbrian teams !! May be the difference at end of season. Did Sammutt not play?
  19. I also can't wait to get the League underway. With no game last weekend hopefully we will have a great squad competing. We need to win our home games against teams that will be around us, Sheffield being one I think, and get the odd away win. Bring it on
  20. I thought Newcastle looked great for 20 mins of first half but we really stuck at it and were way the better side. Not many mistakes or penalties makes a real difference. Sammut and Langtree outstanding. Miloudi of the Richter scale. He worked his socks off and I dont think he knows what hes doing half the time. But hey , he is always prone to errors but the magic always comes through
  21. Excellent column by Steve on the Mail website today re Walne brothers and other players in regard to fitness and covid. Hopefully everyone recovers well and keeps safe. I think we might need a couple more experienced players as some of them sound longer term.
  22. Any news on why no one is mentioning when they will play or what if anything is up. ? Others mentioned coming back this week against Newcastle but no mention of these two. In my opinion we will need their experience this year and really do hope they will be playing at start of season.
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