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  1. Second game golden point. Paradise.
  2. A bit more “union will be great in the future” if…
  3. Great first game here at Suncorp. Still heaps of rain but the stadium is 3/4s full already.
  4. I’m sure they don’t want to rock the boat. Disappointing but expected.
  5. Very damp in Brisbane atm - days of straight rain. Luckily lots of seats pre-sold for Magic Round. Saturday night Penrith v Melbourne should still be a full stadium (sold out despite the predicted weather) and hopefully the best game of the year (though lots to play for for both sides). A little worried about the effect of the weather on the quality of the contest.
  6. The same problem exists. Super League is not of the same week to week intensity as the NRL. When you add in the effect of Origin, Australia gets a turbo powered preparation every time.
  7. The NRL fail to understand that rugby league is not a domestic only product like the AFL. They are yet to get the balance right with international football still.
  8. If anyone remains in doubt, my position is that the tournament has always been one of the preeminent occasions in world rugby league, but that it is very sad to see it continue to become less important almost year on year. The RFL has been asleep at the wheel (as per).
  9. Obviously. That's my point. I'm the one here who defends the history of the tournament. Whichever way you cut it, going from a tournament that sells out, inter alia, the Final to being 2/3rds full at Wembley (at best) is very sad. It needs to be fixed ASAP.
  10. Belief means atmosphere. It will all be needed.
  11. You’re still getting over Mal’s comments.
  12. Quite well put. The NRL are pretty backward in their thinking as well.
  13. I wouldn't be putting all the eggs in any basket marked IMG.
  14. If he is, your old boss was a bit of a twit as circumstances have shown. May he RIP.
  15. England hasn't got a chance with that attitude.
  16. I think you need to buck up and support your team up there.
  17. I just answered your second point. Memo to the northern hemisphere - the Pacific includes the dominant two political countries in it. You missed the irony of the rest.
  18. I was knocked down by the elegantly argued defences of the English position.
  19. If you live here, which I do presently, it is pretty obvious Australia and New Zealand are part of the Pacific. Hence why SI is in the news. Apologies for any cross hemisphere confusion.
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